iPhone 11 Pro vs Original iPhone!

Joylandi 7-Noy, 2019
Looking back at the first generation iPhone refreshes the way you see new tech. Next level Throwback Thursday.
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  • What is that mechanical keyboard called in the background @ 0:10

  • iphone 3gs white

  • my first phone was the Galaxy S Duos that look crazy asf at the time :")

  • 1st Phone was an HTC Panache 🤢🤢

  • Smartphones should change every 2 years not 1 year.

  • I got the OG iPhone after the craze died down a bit. I was on Verizon so I ended up getting a prepaid line just to get the iPhone. Ended up switching to att shortly after when my Verizon contract ended.

  • I had an xperia J it was a shitty phone after a half a year but if I would compare to my pocophone thesedays it's I would not use my old xperia even if you would pay me a lot

  • samsung solstice 😂

  • At the beginning, there wasn't even an appstore

  • HTC Desire was my first

  • my first phone was Nokia 5230.....

  • Literally every phone today in some ways had been influenced by that original iPhone.

  • 2011-Samsung galaxsy gio gt 5660 2k17-Acer z6 plus

  • EverythingApplePro made a video about using just original iPhone, but only for a day

  • Lg optimus p970

  • My first smartphone was some sort of blackberry with a touch screen that was one giant physical button. Then I got the iPhone 3GS. Basically the iPhone 3. The 3g was I believe the same as the first but with 3g capability, not sure if specs were improved at all. The 3GS definitely had a better cpu.

  • Nokia 3310, it was my first phone.

  • My dad bought the iPhone 3G when it came out and he had been using it till the iPhone 6s came out. When he finally switched phones, the iPhone 3G was all mine and I still use it till date as a secondary phone. In case something happens to my primary phone (Also an iPhone 7 RED) but to be honest, after 10 new versions of the iOS. One can clearly see how far apple has gotten but what you forgot to mention was that the icons have the same symmetrical design till date. The iPhone 3G has been my trusty sidekick for ages now and it still gives me the same talk-time, same voice clarity and almost the same battery life.

  • Iphone 11 pro, my dream phone that will saty as a dream forever😢, from philippines here

  • My first smartphone is xperia x10 mini

  • Makes me think of my good ole iPhone 3g. It was amazing compared to my old flip phone.

  • The iPod touch came before the iPhone

  • My first phone was the Samsung intercept

  • my first (ik this is kinda late) was the se

  • 5’11 guys vs 6’0 guys

  • Its funny that the first phone you owed was a 5s and that's the phone I use nowI had I iPhone 4 before it

  • OG’s remember that the truly first iPhone was 4GB of storage

  • Nokia 3310 Nokia 3330 Nokia 5510 Sony Ericsson Z610i ------------------------------------- iPhone 3 was my first smartphone iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 BlackBerry Bold 9930 (big like) Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 iPhone 5s ( iOS was booring after Android, but the phone was good / and good looking) Samsung Galaxy S5 (worst phone !!!) Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Nokia / Lumia 950XL (for 3 weeks... WP was too instabile...) Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (for 6 month) Samsung Galaxy S8 (for 2 years. Very good phone) Now i have a Note 9, and i have to use an iPhone 8 (company Phone). (all of my apps are on Note 9, i only use iPhone for the phone calls) Which one was the best (from all of them)? (1st - my S8, 2nd - BlackBerry 9930 (company phone), 3rd - Samsung Galaxt Note 9)

  • Could you please share the wallpaper on that Iphone 11?

  • Nokia 5230

  • Samsung Galaxy Y GTS5360 was my first. Followed by a Kazam Thunder 435. Then a Sony M4 Aqua (never buy Sony). Then a Samsung Xcover 4. Then a Samsung J7 2016 And now a Samsung A5 2017. And when my phone breaks, before buying a new one, I put my SIM in my wife's old iPhone 4s and NOTHING FEELS BETTER. Apple should rerelease in that form factor but updated, with decent file manager and SD card. We gave the old iPhone to a grandad in the family. It is around 10 years old and still kicking.

  • My first smartphone was a Dell Streak. I was mercilessly mocked for having "a tablet as a phone". I constantly got comments like "Oh, are you making another phone call on your tablet?", "How do you even hold that thing?". I feel very vindicated now.

  • I still own the first Iphone -_- FunFact: I am joking but my first iphone was (is) a iphone 6 i got 2 months ago. Yes I am poor

  • 2012: Samsung Galaxy Victory 2014: Samsung Galaxy S5 2019: iPhone 11

  • 10 years from now, the iPhone camera will be so advanced we'll look at people in real life and call it a day! We'll talk to each other face to face, give actual hugs and shake hands. We'll drop the augmented and live "Reality" - free of charge! Welcome to the future!

  • My first phone was the iPhone XR

  • What a fossil!

  • i wish someone would make a small smartphone like the original iphone

  • Still not worth it.

  • My first smartphone was galaxy star

  • I have an iPhone 3G

  • my first smartphone was a samsung galaxy s3 mini that had been passed down from my sister

  • Ericsson 398 back in 1997

  • The 8Bit Guy lived with an original iPhone for a week

  • Kinda feels like a iPhone damage control video, but cool I guess

  • Nokia E71x

  • My first ever mobile phone was the Samsung Galaxy Y (young)

  • 2016: Lanix idk which one but it was Lanix 2017: Galaxy J2 Prime😑 2019:Galaxy A20💛

  • My first smartphone was Goldstar SP-35 (2014-2017). Then the iPhone SE (2017-2018). Now I use the iPhone 8 Plus :)

  • My first Iphone was IPhone 4s. My Current one is Iphone Xs Max

  • My first phone was an iPhone 4s and after that I’ve had every generation of iPhone that came out.

  • that t-shirt

  • iPhone 11 wallpaper?

  • I phone stole lot of things from Symbian os so did android.

  • HTC droid incredible

  • My first iPhone was the iPhone 3G… It's simply the first one to be sold in Belgium. I didn't get a choice. I wanted the original but yeah… Still loved it back then. I upgraded to the iPhone 5 which I once let a friend borrow for like 10 minutes which was about 9 minutes more than it took for him to break the screen. So yeah. I have the iPhone 6 now.

  • Haha nice. Love your comparison along ijustine version.

  • your voice got way more cooler than 2007

  • 2009: HTC Magic 2019: iPhone XS Max

  • Kyocera 6035 Palm phone