My Ferrari GT3 458 is DONE!!!

Joylandi 7-Noy, 2019
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  • IG: a_ruiz_13 Toyota Supra!!

  • That’s hot😁😁😁

  • 458 @nolanvannurden

  • lol is that Goldberg behind Tj at 14:38??

  • IG - chris_s2k_eg Definitely the Ferrari 458 GT3 👌🏻

  • 458 @instagrant1988

  • Gay

  • 458!!!!!!!! DAWG IG: uluna97

  • Ferrari 458!!!!! @fz_247

  • ig: @f.gazian SUPRA !! looks absolutely gorgeous

  • TJ, keep it up Bro!!!!! Good “freakin” stuff

  • I would say the GT3, such a clean build IG: jeffreyaviles23

  • also get a laferrari

  • the 458

  • 4:22 that G63 is amazing, anyone know where I could find more footage of it?

  • Hey, my pass was real

  • tj looked so drunk at the end 😂😂

  • How big r the rims?

  • Tj your killing it 💯💯

  • Tj your killing it 💯💯

  • Tj your killing it 💯💯

  • The ferrari. ig; eriicluong

  • Saw the supra and Ferrari in person look way better in person

  • ig: gio.mrgt car: the gt3 458 all day. The british racing green is such an amazing colour and is perfect for the gt3

  • Super sick car

  • The Ferrari! Looked great in person IG: royceriel_

  • Wheels are on point. Fitment is perfect 👌

  • The Supra is my favorite

  • IG: bloomfield_ethan SUPRA!!!

  • A90 micahvsmith

  • IG: Cloudy.Media Car: The ferrrrari

  • supra all day everyday bro! insta - aaron.a5

  • Supra! @tmann_18

  • ig : candywhite.ed30 Definitely the Supra👌🏼

  • Definitely the 458, one of my favorite cars of all time. Check out my IG at Teggymike97

  • The car I was most excited for sema was your 458 GT3 build well-done doctor! #mvmt

  • 458 broski! That green is on point! @ mccage17

  • Congrats but I still don't know who the hell you are?

  • Made the cut at 22:47-22:50. Lol. Thanks TJ for the autograph. Keep it dope my brother.

  • i need to see that supra down at cars and coffee! i saw the 458 there when it was white and you just got the exhaust on! ig:wideasskitty

  • This video really gives me inspiration, and comes to show how just about anyone can make it in life. It's crazy how far TJ has really gotten, very inspiring and huge congrats.

  • iG: Lit_Sight I love the look of the 458 lots of work went into so I’m excited to see it.

  • Ig:moparslowcarsrt4 Fav:458

  • Ig: Pediaterikaka I’m more excited to see the Supra.

  • The Supra IG : elishami_

  • 458

  • Insta @bznallzn Car: Definitely the Supra because of the original wide body kit!

  • Ig: icxp.haziq Car: Supra all the way with that crazy body kit!

  • Hey tj i bought a sticker in tuner evo in miami and it had a mvmt code on it for something free but it never worked i was wondering if you could help

  • Damn I’m late man, the 458 by far, the attention to detail to it and how far YOU HAVE grown by it is insane man. Never doubt yourself. Ig: yourboysantos

  • i was there at sema and got to see your supra live, holy crap what an experience!! keep up the great work man, loving the content

  • That rear wing looks like a dinner tray

  • I'm excited to see the SUUUUUPPRAAA @boosted_john

  • @seeohenenohare the Supra! You’ve been kicking butt on that kit and i was so amped to see it done with wheels on it

  • Ig; rurugobush The ferrari cause it looks so sick and there are wayyy to many supras lol

  • SUPRAAA!!!! IG: Eddyfromhr

  • Check the kid in the fuck jerry sweatshirt at 10:09 he got us all👌🏻

  • supra!!! @travi.x

  • mad probs tj, since the garage with calvin to this just amazing man. big props!!!

  • The burnacan