High School Musical The Musical The Series is hilariously dumb...

Joylandi 21-Noy, 2019
High School Musical The Musical The Series
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Lemonade Mouth is kinda dumb...
My Babysitter's a Vampire doesn't make any sense...
Tall Girl is kinda dumb...
Descendants 3 doesn't make any sense...
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  • most of the time i agree w these but i can’t even act like this show doesn’t fucking slap hard bro it’s cheesy as hell but i enjoyed it way more than i expected to

  • Ok. Lol if you want to review shows that are so dumb they're painful to watch, review miraculous ladybug. Bleugh 🤢 Lmao it's so dumb. I just don't understand why some "adults" enjoy it. ... Like.... Huh???? 😐🤢


  • i'm 18, i study drama at university. none of us TALK LIKE THAT, this is a mess


  • “Designated sassy black friend” had me rolling 🤣

  • RIP Kobe Bryant

  • It’s dumb but for some reason I love it

  • Nini doesn’t know “temporary” means

  • This is a brand new thing for a brand new generation. Stupidly looking at this strictly from a Millennial view point and not seeing the Gen Z value to this is incredibly ignorant. HSMTMTS is its own thing that happens to pay homage to the original franchise while still doing its own thing. Closed mindedness is just moronic.

  • I disagree the show is actually grate in my opinion and I can tell it took them awhile to film


  • OHHH COME ON I loved it

  • the way he said sharpays fabulous adventure

  • Alex on every movie/series: • kinda dumb • the dumbest • pretty great • does not make sense • how is this even real? • HOW IS THIS *STILL* REAL????

  • "I'm dying, I'm deceased" is pretty accurate, which gen z is not dying and deceased?

  • i genunley completley disagree with this, cuz im such a big hsmtmts fan

  • I hate you

  • Btw, if i saw my ex taunting me like that, id **SLAP* him.

  • 4:22 Edit: just keep clicking on it.

  • Hannah Montana is better than this offs cause it has an acctual meaning and just all the originals are better

  • Wow didnt realise i was 13 when hsm came out! I used to watch them all the time no wonder i didnt grow up to be a real man

  • ok the first episode kinda sucks but in the last like 3 or 4 episodes are actually really good like i almost cried😂

  • You missed the boy who tried out for Sharpay

  • 4:21 earrape alertttt

  • As soon as I heard your voice, I said “No one gives a crap”

  • Nothing like telling random teenagers about how you’re a millennial

  • Did you do princess protection

  • it’s literally not that bad...

  • Watched the actually show it was kinda good

  • Please do a part 2 video

  • Where having girls night tonight want to come? 🤣🤣🤣 I’m dead.

  • 7:22 yup, and apparently neither could the directors of the 2019 film.

  • I feel really affected about how he talks about Ricky cuz rickys literally the cutest

  • DO NOT ATTACK MY SHOW. Im actually a big fan 😂. So don't take it too seriously

  • this is the best yt channel and no one can argue with that

  • But like it makes sense. She's going to camp so it's sort of normal that people may do some things that they might regret. Honestly I'd probably do the same thing. I know that I would do that. I actually think that there is at least one situation that that actually happened. Also watch the rest of the show it gets a lot better.

  • ok but i actually really like the show

  • If they did this I think they're going to camp Rock series or something camp Rock

  • I watched one episode of this show and I hated it

  • What kind of name is Nini? Sounds like one of those names that I used to give to the barbies I really hated when I was a kid.

  • They might be teens but still look dusty and cant act for shite

    • okay loser

  • Ummm you may or may not have graduated the year I was born.... cough

  • This is like HSM and the Office had a kid

  • Ur wrong

  • I actually was a background person in this. The actors are supper nice 😊

    • @daily dose of dumb yeah it was fun...i just really did it for 100 bucks a day. But also the free food. I haven't even seen the show. Not gonna cuz I kinda dont like it. But I like the actors. My mum and siser were also in it.

    • Lilz Bug really🙄

  • I hate the fact that it's only on Disney+

  • I use to think having adults playing teens was wired but having teens playing teens feels even weirder

  • I dont like the knew one 😬 And that's my opinion

    • Itz_ kriistella * new*

  • honestly i think the show is really interesting, the actors are great and it's not even those trashy remakes

    • trinity I agree yeah i see why people wouldn’t like it but i think it’s entertaining and has good actors

  • This is so true 😂✌️👌

  • Do another one for the last episode

  • Low key love this show.

  • i hate nini

  • WTF are those drawings

  • People like the show I know that's your opinion but it's kind of a little rude to the show HSMTMTS FOREVER 🤗🤗🥳😊


  • I don’t care what people say, I’m in love with it

  • This show is the best show ever and you need to mind your own business

  • The teacher: your probably a chad Me: she’s racist