News Now Stream Part 1 - 01/28/20 (FNN)

Joylandi 29-Yan, 2020
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  • MR. McConnell........ TEAR DOWN THIS IMPEACHMENT!!!!!!

  • c'mon guys if Bolton had *anything* material it would have been leaked loooooooong ago

    • Chris Xavier Bolton will do what the other traitors have done. He'll take his multi-million dollar bribe and launder it as book sales. No one I know will buy his book.

  • A really great show.

  • “There is no way to get anything done other than abusing power unless you have consensus.” Say what.? He is messed up.

  • The truth is, the Senate can have their trial, Trump will be found NOT GUILTY, and the Biden's will be another sure-win court case! The Democraps decided NOT to call witnesses and missed their chance......

    • I think you meant not guilty.

  • I suspect our foreign enemies are on the House's side.

  • Lock up the LIBERAL TRUMP-HATERS!!!🇺🇸😡🛡🪓🗡💣💥

  • Whoops bombshell bombshell here in a bombshell their this blown up the Democrat ship left them right that's what happens when you only report on lies 1/2 ass baked truth like Joe by name woods in vestigate it yeah right he needs to be investigated right only a senate son hunter

  • POS POTUS. Proverbs 6.12-19

  • TY for all your hard work and content contributions

  • TY for all your hard work and content contributions