This Boss Crushed Us - Boss Fight Simulator | JeromeASF Roblox

Joylandi 27-Yan, 2020
Today we play Boss Fight Simulator
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  • Make a part 2

  • I completed the game noob

  • i am the lorax i speak for the grass THE GRASS SAYS STAB HIM IN THE A- nevermind

  • why is there like... no comments about 9:32 ? its the best part!

  • lol there scared of felipe... just look up flamingo on youtube...

  • FLOWEY!!?!?!?!?

  • Jerome you need to go watch flamingo and you will understand him.

  • The head that Jerome calls scary is called "Felipe." It is from the youtube channel Flamingo

  • iv beat this game trash bot pleb

  • Instantly clicked when I saw omega flowey big fan of Undertale

  • me: looks at thumbnail me:is Jerome playing an undertale boss? video: has no undertale me: having a bad time

    • Sans: You wanna have a bad time ‘megalovani music starts’ oh wait you are ‘sans laughs’

  • Where is omega flowey

  • If you play this again pets are pretty meta

  • Yeah that's just sad

  • ya weak im at the warlord witch is 500 billion

  • Jerome that is felipe! the "ugly" one

  • do an ark series

  • 12:13 “Legends never die”- Jerome Me: i agre- News: Kobe bryant has passed away in a helicopter crash Also me: ;-;

  • I can one shot the pirate boss 👌 visit airbot plays I will make some boss sim videos Username: airbot231

  • I Advise Getting a good bag then keep power and use bosses as income source

  • It's FLOWY

  • this is not the same person from hide n seek because the last guys name was XxphantomxX and this guys name is dkmorigh

  • That's Felipe from flamingo

  • Play dragon ball z

  • I like your hair

  • Clickbait

  • the KNIGHT!!

  • I made you hit 1k likes

  • Can you do more island royal plz I loved them vids

  • 0:06 THE NIGHT

  • im rightonlogan77

  • hey jerome if you need help with bosses in boss fight simulator i can help

  • Duhduh duh, duh duhduh duh duhduh. If u want u can say if u understand

  • Play undertale

  • In Roblox tower defense Can you do the zero zero challenge No towers over zero

  • These cluck baits are getting off hand

    • @natorgator4969 lol it was a good idea not editing my mistake

    • cluck baits yeah...

    • ako si jj like your bad comments

  • Can U pls play King Simulator

  • Omega flowey :)

  • get pets asap i got the most common pet and it gave me over double its insane

  • Not first not last but 739 liked


  • theres a code that gives you 500 runes it is: TonsOfRunes

  • play more of this

  • You should play undertale

  • Legends never die They become apart of you Can you hear them screening out your name

  • Camp dropsy

  • Jerome Play Super Cube Cavern on roblox

  • Felipe is taking over roblox

  • Now this is a game I think you could go back to lol

  • I am over a million power

  • Me when I hear the knight. *stands up, head does 180, * then........ THE KIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I got click baited I thought they were playing the original boss simulater that actually had omega flowey in it not the fake boring new one


    • Over 900000 only steve know

    • I bet he doesn't even know what is undertale xd

  • I hope this comment can eat spaghetti 🍝

  • Click baited by omega flowey


  • *Omega flowey*

  • on Roblox

  • play a horror game

  • I one shot the grim reaper