Joylandi 23-Dek, 2018
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  • The kid hypebeast. His shoes look like watermelon!!! 😂😂

  • Jajajaja I am number 6 xdddd


  • What’s the music in between each hypebeast

  • 19

  • Who’s watching this when they don’t even know what HYPEBEAST Is?

  • oui

  • Why he look like h3

  • Yeezy slippers

  • Whats the adidas shirt your wearing at the end???

  • Kanye release the yeezy in India if u want everyone to have a yeezy

  • Uni-qlo box

  • Background music song?



  • My mum just buyed me Nike Air Force 1

  • 6:28 killed me lmfaoooo

  • What is that youtube pic

  • Which tee is jacob wearing? i like it :D

  • I'm a kid hypebeast got those nike red October fam

  • Number 2 is so FAKE

  • You forgot about the hype beast that wears a supreme hoodie with ripped jeans and yeezys

  • Supreme box logo 🔥


  • Yo that beat is hard

  • Kanye I don’t have yeezy’s you lied

  • im number 10 😭3:20

  • Don’t blame the kid not knowing who Madonna is

  • I am type number 19

  • Poor red October's 😥

  • The kid hype beast shoes they made made me choke on my water

  • 3:48 yikes that hurt

  • You look like a mix between Ethan Klein and Jimmy Kimmel

  • sick

  • THe VAlUeS gOnnA Go DowN

  • More like the autistic hypebeast

  • Relatable lol

  • Me to

  • 5:50 No... please..

  • 1:20 Dam it got me 😂

  • I’m number 14

  • You got the ny hype beast all wrong

  • Energy drinks are bad for your heart .

  • What is a hype beast

  • There was low key alot of drip thrown at us in this video lmao

  • People who wear off white look like a fucking bar code that’s needs to be scanned at the grocery store all love no hate

  • 0:33 me when my mom gets me a power ranger for my bday

  • 10

  • I mean I don’t like the hype beast thing, but I feel like the reason people hate them is because they can actually afford expensive clothing

    • Alma well said

    • To each his own I guess, not a big fan of brands that are associated with "tools" like supreme and whatnot, but I do own a couple of valentino garments. Definitely not cheap, but I'm not a fan of hype culture at all. Just wear what you like

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  • #9 and #10 why are they talking about me?

  • I thought that yezzys are dead

  • The artistic hype beasts are the best they neat and they can design nice things

  • Number 5 is me

  • Qias looks like a young h3h3 Is he Jewish?

  • I’m from New York and that accent is wack

  • Were really like that in new york

  • 2:48 “ah shit here we go again”

  • He looks like h3h3

  • When the kid hypebeast was dancing I was dying