Do All Teen Dads Think The Same?

Joylandi 11-Dek, 2019
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  • Being gay can be a bless sometimes ;-;

  • these kids dont know bow to pull out

  • Man I had a baby with the wrong guy.... cause hes nothing like them. Bless their hearts

  • Love this video, love it even more because all the teen dads are different races it gives you a wider opinion, like teen mums it was 2 mixed race girls and 4 white

  • Who’s here for Logan Dominick? Love his fam🥰

  • I loved this episode because we don't talk enough about teen dads. Not all men decide to stay but those that do deserve all the help they can get. Our love and support.

  • It’s called learning a trade. Those pay well.

  • Ok, I know I’m probably either gonna a lot of flame/hare for this or totally ignored. But can we all just please stop going oh hey this guy was more honest and realistic. Or oh those guys were less realistic probably not being very honest. Like seriously?! Who the hell cares?! These are very personal experiences to all of them and heck, we don’t even know these guys so why judge them?? And who cares if they’re not being completely honestly or outright lying having a kid that young is hard. And often highly stigmatising and isolating. We should be glad they even decided to take responsibility for their kids much less come out here to share their stories. This is hard for them. So let’s all just please respect that and them and be Glad they are in the position they are today. Because there are many others out there who weren’t dealt the same hand.

  • It is like they all made a mistake and they are all still trying to convince themselves that they made the right decisions. 😂😂😂

  • kids raising kids...

  • Why did these dad have a sex in their young age in the first place? Why did these dad spurt their sperm in the first place? Don't they think about education?

  • Everyone except josh had a planned pregnancy. Tf? Don't do that, have a mix between everyone. Josh is the only real and honest person in the video

  • this so boring cause they all planned it other than josh I was expecting more diversity :/

  • In the Thun nail they cut one of them out because he wasn’t holding a baby and just a picture and like one of them is holding the twins so I don’t she why he couldn’t hold one and show the other baby on the phone aswell

  • What is with Toylor’s hair?

  • Josh the guy in white was the only one thinking from the mind set of a regular teen point of view

  • "I think thats one of the shittiest thing you can do" Cuts to a closeup of the kid in white

  • Now do a uk version Ahah my baby dad could never

  • Edgar saying he planned his pregnancy threw me off

  • These people are so MATURE. I could never at this age 😂

  • For me 18 is an adult not a teen, and so it is folmally, legally in Poland

  • 23 year old woman and never went on a date and here people are having kids at 17 😪

  • bro getting married and knocking her up before deployment boy howdy good luck homie

  • These are all such good men, staying with the woman after having gave her such a commitment

  • My ex would’ve left me with the baby if he got me pregnant

  • Did josh dropped out of college?

  • Edgar planned it because hes actually gay

  • This video was so honest and vulnerable 🥺 warms my heart

  • absolute chads

  • Is it just me or is this video promoting teen parenthood a little too much???

  • Why do you all hate Tylor? I feel like he’s the most real one.

  • Thank god im gay, I ain’t tryna have kids at 17 tf. I wanna live my best life, I’ll adopt later in life.

  • why are so many people saying josh is the only one telling the truth? just because his seems more realistic to you doesn’t mean any of the other men are lying. we’re all different and we all have different circumstances.

  • i watched the one with teen moms and i was wondering if they’d do this one. yessssss

  • At 17 even my eyes were virgin 😂

  • My 22nd Birthday was a few days ago and I'm celebrating another year not getting pregnant 🎉

  • I feel like everyone in comments judged Taylor, Zenon and Edgar hard cause they wanted babies and knew what they wanted. They are not lying like mostly people are implying. They are just different then what you mostly hear about. Also because they are not famous teen youtubers

  • Tylor: "to not only ruin her life but the life you created" Me: You ruined your life by getting that haircut Tylor: tf you staring at Me: that god awful haircut

  • Bro, they’re really going after Josh, they’re making him seem like a bad person Edit: go watch Sophie Gonzalez to see more :)

  • *“you have a nice baby”*


  • Why there no black dads tho?🤔

  • My mom had me at 19 (unplanned) but my parents were already married 🤷‍♀️

    • Most of the people are ridiculing guys who have done that

  • What’s wrong with Taylor’s head?

  • Is that weird that i almost cry out loud when i heard that many od them said "my wife" ?

  • unpopular opinion: i appreciate tylors confidence

  • They were all open and honest from their life perspective. Some of these comments are incredibly shallow and immature.

  • 1:01 look at him (the blad guy) His girlfriend shaved his head because of making her pregnant 😂😂

  • I gave birth to my girl when I was 18. Everything is okay after that. I'm also continuing my study now. My girl is almost 5 now she is growing up so fast

  • I'm just so happy that all of them excepted their children and that they are in their lives

  • I love these guys but who in the world plans to have a baby in highschool????

  • I respect u josh the struggle is real

  • Kendra if u need a babe all u had to do is ask i got u text me

  • I love Tylor and Edgar and Brandon and Logan and Zenon

  • Josh is the only one who is REALLY telling the truth lmao

  • damnnn edgar :P

  • I had my daughter @ 15 years old it’s honestly a crazy life story 😪

  • Why are they all so sweet

  • It's not about wanting yeah a child is a gift but also a responsibility condoms and the pill are there for a reason. Don't believed in abortion then then take better care and response of yourself

  • Woah I just realized Josh was with Sophie Gonzalez