Gordon Struggles To Eat A GIANT Sandwich | Kitchen Nightmares

Joylandi 6-Noy, 2019
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  • I swear I've seen one of his burgers on worth it... You can't fit that in your mouth either... Gordon is full of shit

  • 1:44 No way!

  • I'm not evil spirited or anything.. BUT i would love an owner or head chef to be named Karen so Gordan Ramsey can scream at her. Do it for the memes 😂

  • He’s such a drama queen

  • It's boomer

  • At 0:38. Gordan ramsy has become a viliger making her noise

  • That sandwich was *bummer*

  • Me :mmm looks nice Gordon: " this is revolting" Me: yea omg that looks horrible

  • I know what else is to big cookie dough

  • Me, watching this show while eating reheated spaghetti from a week ago: The steak is undercooked and that flan is terrible.

  • Why is there a pirate in the kitchen?

  • what is the full episode called

  • I was expecting another "finally... Some good f*cking food"

  • Disgusting, and the workers are making the food without gloves. Yuck, germs germs germs.

  • 0:20 Ok bomer

  • Who TF they feeding, Scooby fuckin Doo?

  • This guys so dramatic just eaat the sandwich

  • Why take the sandwich apart? The flavors should compliment each other. Gordon is full of shit on this one.

  • Big bay fucking shit, my fucking bomb bay doors have opened

  • "If you serve good food the people will come"..... ....."Well, we continue to serve good food, but the people don't come". *HMMMMMNNNN*

  • Ok BOOMER its baulmer

  • I struggle to look at her giant hair

  • 00:37 ok, boomer

  • Ok Boomer!

  • "served wiff" LOL

  • "This is perfect", just like the trump phone call. Make him eat all of it like he was at the dinner table at home when he was five years old.

  • That's a stupid restaurant for ya. Most restaurants give you too big of portions so you either stuff your self or commonly ask for a box later. It costs more than buying the same food at the store plus you pay tax and a gratuity afterword. Better off to eat at home!

  • *sits in same restaurant* Mmm this is realllly good Gorden: THIS IS DISGUSTING Me: *spits out food* DISGUSTING

  • Love how the description is just a frown. It's hilarious.

  • I'm surprised she didn't 86 it

  • ok baulmer

  • sick of seeing this fucking btitish twat deconstruct every fucking thing then pick at it like some anorexic person

  • Hey ant just called to called the new bring

  • the *menu* is like the 2008 Guiness Book of World Records

  • He did like the Crabs tho

  • Ok boomer

  • Whos here after The WORLD CLASS ad

  • you should try red lakes casino food, it's next level omg

  • It cracks me up to see Chef Ramsay learning to pronounce *HON*

  • I would’ve just ate it sideways 😂

  • This is an idiot sandwich

  • Well suck me sideways and call me susan, he actually likes something!!

  • We had a situation like this before

  • ‘Serve good food and the people will cum’

  • He is dead wrong "that is one tender and juicy piece of elk."

  • Does anybody also thinks kitchen nightmares is addictive ??

  • Take a big bite Gordon , English pussy can’t eat a sandwich ?

  • I am so hungry rn

  • sadly they didn't have THE LAMB SAUCE


  • 86 lady Me: ah shit! here we go again

  • i take a big shit in my favourite hat once a year just to signify that money does not equal happyness

  • I was hoping he was at least going to tell them he liked the crab 🤣

  • A “half-way” like by Ramsey is still an A. Lol that’s hard to pull off

  • what a vagine, idve taken that ho down real quicc also steady chasin each bite w that spear piccol smd fags

  • Yeah I'll only start pronouncing it "ball-mer" when Americans learn to spell colour correctly 😂

  • Is "Bawlmer" Ramsey : "Walmart"

  • Lady, if it were 'perfect', Gordon wouldn't be there. Stop kidding yourself please. Unbelievable. I'm going to request help. I don't NEED any help, but I'm going to ask for it.😑

  • The biggest lesson to be learned from Gordon's shows is that people who think they know everything typically fail precisely because they don't.

  • It looks good until he deconstructs it