Diep.io - 4-Player (Max Shooting Damage) Tank.io| JeromeASF

Joylandi 28-Yan, 2020
Today we play diep.io
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  • They aren't homing they just go to your mouse

  • When you said Alfredo I got Scarded because i was eating alfredo

  • Is no one going to mention nexus [gd]

  • There is a Easter egg that if you dont evolve till lvl 30 you can be a "smasher" which you ram people all gun upgrades you can reuse like if you maxed out Bullet damage you can use the 1 to 8 to use for say more health

  • Add me on snapchat @gbuseman3

  • You can kill the missiles by shooting them.

  • why dont diep io uupdate anymore

  • Very strong build i found in 2 teams Machine gun Build 0-0-0-6-7-7-7-0 and what ever points got left distribute between body damage and speed

  • Jerome: I gonna say both so only 50% yell at me Me: that’s not how math works

  • Jerome listen to the song Godzilla by emeinem and I Don’t recommend it to young children it’s for older guys!

  • I got an ad about developing an app someone somewhere is watching

  • Your a noon at this game lol

  • Can you do a Bloons td6 video with only guys that slow guys down I call it the slomo challenge Glue gunner Ice monkey And others that you can think of

  • As a veteran diep.io play this was painful to watch health regen is useless and also i recommend max out damage and pen first go sniper route then build your bullet speed when you max these three out its really good at killing in two to five shots and your bullets are so fast its impossible to dodge this tactic has put me in the leader boards hundreds of times as i used to play alot please take this advice into consideration it is really helpful also lvl45 is max level

  • Try max,reload,bullet damage,bullet pen,and bullet speed with the octo tank. It's just really fun

  • 6-player when Title says 4-player

  • The sniper route has the best upgrades

  • Bullet dmg, reload, movement speed, bullet pen, 4regen, 4max

  • Tip: press "Tabs" for the evolution of each class and there's one tank that start at level 30 instead of level 15 and it's pretty op if you're good at it.

  • Max Movement Speed Then Max your Bullet Damage Then Max your Bullet Penetration Then Max the others

  • Damage and penatration good together

  • Press e for auto fire

  • Why didnt jerome censor peni*

  • There are different builds with different upgrades rammer and shooter are the most commonly used

  • It’s obviously not pronounced diep.io or diep.io. It’s clearly pronounced diep.io, dummy!

  • In my opinion upgrading damage or penetration from first the health then reload then either damage or penetration, whichever you didn't first time then go Regen and for tanks I go machine gun, the 4 barrelled one then streamliner P.S. drones or " homing MISSLES" have speed but not health, upgrade reload to effectively kill them

  • When you push ,, y ,, its shows alll...... do plzz part 2, when you push e its auto shoot.!

  • Can you do deep io

  • Press q! The key not quit

  • Arras.io is a fanmade sequel to diep.io, that my friend was a dev for. There are many different models, and you can also have a private room

    • Wow dude, you must be very proud.

  • dominator just a lvl75


  • This avxry is so startupd

  • uztorrent.info/watch/poBxkpaHbnyUl6o.html

  • no offense, but you needed to max out damage, penetration then bullet speed. Only noobs/ rammers upgrade health regen first. Pros like me upgrade to level 45 in 2 min.


  • Keep playing die.io pls

  • press r

  • they know nothing about this game -_-

  • noob=Jerome

  • It's pronounced "die"p.io

  • Did a challenge thr shadow with the night juggernaut prince of darkness and tech terror

  • I pronounce it like Die-ep or D-ep

  • I love the fact that theyre acting like total noobs

  • It’s pronounced *deip* .io

  • its diep.io

  • Hi

  • You need to go to the sniper route (the worst)to get the seeking missile

  • dude those heat seeking missiles are so not unfair rammers they can be easily countered by max heath body damge and speed

  • i think jerome toked some crack before this video like if u agree

  • you have incountered the boss defender

  • I pronounce it like (dipe-dot-I-Oh) My username is: deip.er

  • Noobs

  • It’s deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

  • Everyone: gets killed by player Jerome: gets killed by square

  • Don't you mean tank game

  • it is said die-ep-dot-io

  • Yeet popsicle

  • I know this is a one-off, but a helpful tip on behavior is that spinning and not shooting is a sign of a friendly. Another helpful tip is that the 'homing' missles are actually following the players mouse, so as long as that player can see you, they can directly target you.

  • Do more roblox