you HAVE to make these cookies! *very tasty*

Joylandi 26-Yan, 2018
introducing, the “minnier” whisk
the recipe:
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  • It’s episode oofer gang pie pest And a fuckin oofer fuck

  • Hi I love you :3

  • *Laughes in babysitter* yes, only stay at home moms watch baking videos

  • Wait my grandma used to make these all the time now i have the recipe?? Thanks

  • I really really really miss heeeerrrrr

  • Green and black is from London lol 😂

  • 2020? ‘,:(

  • 4locos and beer pong ayeeee

  • I love your dog it’s so cute

  • So funny how the ad at the end is Hershey’s chocolate lololol

  • 2020! People rewatching??

  • 11:07 putem indie ahhvin lmao i love it when emma can't say words correctly. it reminds me that i'm not the only one who is supposed to know english but doesn't.

  • She should have said taking a whisk😂 12:00

  • This was brilliant!! Perfect editing, Ema!!!! I love it.

  • *LEGIT THE DOG LOOKS LIKE A LIGHTER VERSION OF MY DOG-* ours is catahula leopard dog and yorki mix tho.

  • anyone else here in 2020 lmao

  • 2020? Am i the only one?

  • I literally rewatched this part like 10 times and laugh at it every single time😂😂😭😭 (it’s not even funny maybe I just like watching people suffer😅 makes me fill less dead inside) 2:21

  • Uhm, hi, yes I would like to order 5 hot pink bagel guillotines in bulk... yes ok thank you

  • Peanut butter blossoms- name of the cookies

  • I’m fine I can do this

  • Made these cookies a month ago and this just popped up in my recommended ?? Fbi was late on this one

  • Please do more cooking with emma!! They r so entertaining and funny😂10/10

  • your so awesome!

  • I’m doing good Emma!

  • This needs to come back.

  • I’m now watching her old videos and she reminds me of Joanna Cedia I don’t watch anymore

  • So who’s gonna tell her... They do have a name🤭

  • 2019?

  • Emma is like Bruh Zach

  • They're called peanut butter blossoms

  • Good Emma

  • James: Everything? Emma: not everything Lol

  • i laughed so hard when she just zoomed in on random things😂

  • This was on my birthday 😂

  • Did you drench french fries in maple syrup??

  • What do you use to edit?????

  • 10:47

  • I just realized I am Emma

  • December 2, 2019 who else misses these videos

  • OMG EMMA UR FUCKING VOICE IS SO HIGH ( speaking in 2019)

  • I Love You Emma ❤️💕 You The Best.....

  • This bi*** really testin me

  • I also hate Hershey chocolate

  • Im polish yay

  • 11:20 i thought she had two huge cookies on the counter... 💀


  • emma's subtitler is messed up as always. it's "get demonetized" not "get to monetize" somebody's trying to learn English here or imagine i forget my earbuds and stuck with the subtitles. imagine that

  • I am so craving those cookies right now

  • No Emma we can’t see your nipple we don’t watch ur videos for ur flat chest. Jk love you emma 😝

  • 7:54 i am not doing good. I have a test tomorrow and i am clueless....

  • Joanna Ceddia calls them nipple cookies

  • anyone here watching in November 2019

  • 👍 yep 👍

  • My mom makes those all the time for Christmas, the are delicious we call them peanutbutter kiss.

  • Love ya emma!

  • The amount of me watching this is very very unhealthy 🤣

  • wowzahs i miss cooking with emma. the best series on her channel don’t @ me

  • snickerdoddles by the way

  • Why u gotta be so rude like WE KNOW u dont have patience to teach us but that doesent explain why u didnt write it on the title,"I AIN'T TEACHING YA'L THIS RECIPE BUT you should try this *so gooood*" like that would be better than SCREAMING AT US that, " i dont want to teach u guys cuz like whats the point of that, i dont u guys CRYING back to me to teach u because if thats what u were looking for, then why did u click on this" like plz say it on the title so people dont have to hear u scream at them. 😢😥