David Dobrik Does the Grossest Thing With Gum | Expensive Taste Test | Cosmopolitan

Joylandi 6-Noy, 2019
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David Dobrik, Casey Neistat and the Vlog Squad dropped by our offices to try on bras, crash remote control cars and put on lipstick - it was a wild ride. David tries a lot of stuff he’s never done before and was a surprisingly good sport about it BUT does the Nickelodeon and UZtorrent star have expensive taste? Um, check it out for yourself. PS: he is cute and we have a crush (minus that thing he does with his gum. 😱

Tell us in the comments who we should invite to play with us next and watch America’s Most Musical Family on Nickelodeon!

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  • This was such a good video lol 😂😂😂

  • What lipstick is it?

  • :)

  • yeah david is a solid double d

  • Can we get kylie or cardi b on this pls?

  • Suave needs to sponsor this man

  • they did give you the best drugstore lipstick tho.. maybelline killin it

  • Why do you guys keep adding more diamonds? You just make it impossible for anyone to beat Iggy cuz she got 6/6

  • Brassière is bra in French.

  • David: won’t drink after anyone Also David: eats his gum from off the floor

  • I love how Dave is getting more and more comfortable filming with Cosmo lol

  • Ouuuu another point for Liza 🥴


  • I just wanna know what water brand got bleeped

  • This one smells like a brand new baby -david dobrik, 2019

  • Hi

  • David takes bite out of burito: What is this, its not steak is it? recorders freaking out thinking he cant eat it or something : David: no no i can eat it

  • "This smells like a brand new baby." - David Dobrik 2019

  • there is nothing more scary than David trying to apply lashes with his eyes wide open

  • 6:35 It sounds like the type of thing Liza would say lmao

  • 3:38 props to him for putting them on with his eyes open

  • david saying new york has the best tap water made my kentucky self (with the cleanest tap water) cRY

  • i want this with jackie aina

  • “A brand new baby” 😂

  • How do you know what blood taste like David..........

  • Please have Mariah Carey do this!

  • David's everywhere recently

  • Both rc cars were crap oof

  • DAVID DOBRIK a fucking millionare finds a 75 dollar t-shirt expensive!!!!!

  • he is such a cutie!!!

  • This channel's other videos dont even reach 1 million views and this video is the only one that does 😂

  • $75 is crazy for a Tshirt but buying multiple Teslas is no problem 😂😂

  • Hey Cosmo, who is going to have the best bulge of the japan Olympics? Really wondering. Also men are evil and disgusting

  • 6:22 -there is two is one for a friend?😂😂😂😂

  • 6:35 Well yes David, babies do tend to be new

  • David exudes so much adorable chaotic energy I’m in love🥺🥺💓💓💓💖💞💕💘💝💝🎀🧸🧸💓🎀

  • Why on earth everyone who do this says that New York has the best tap water? it makes me really wanna taste it

  • He asking for paper straw when he drinks water bottles every day

  • It’s funny how I get an ad with Liza before the video starts

  • Things I learnt with Expensive Taste Test: NeW yOrK hAs ThE bEsT tAp WaTeR

  • David: “I’ll pay $30 for a hoodie” Clickbait hoodies: $45

  • Nobody: David: *tries to put fake eyelashes on with his eyes WIDE OPEN*

    • Cheyanne Hein i flinched when he did that i hate things that are close to my eyes

  • This smells like a brand new baby 😂😂

  • Smells like a new baby _ David dobrik

  • The more expensive lipstick will probably stay on your lips all day. The cheap one might be more fun to apply but it probs comes off very easily

  • David putting on eyelashes😭😭

  • 2:28 What was the other one like 1.99

  • Please go listen to DUDUDU !!!!

  • he so weird on and off camera

  • Casey standing there helping David looking like a dad is everything

  • Nobody : Guest on expensive taste test : *umm this one is tricky i heard new york has like the best tap water*

  • “These are more bushy, and people like bushy eyebrows...... *EYELASHES* “

  • Shane Mendes

    • why is he so good at this

  • Are they both.. cheap? Had me dying

  • David is so fucking hot !

  • David Dobrik: The newest beauty guru

  • "I hope these are paper" said no one fucking ever.

  • Lipsticks that are harder to apply = will not rub off easily

  • An $8 lipstick is expensive af to me 😂

  • "If im wrong, then the industry is wrong." -david 2019