Joylandi 2-Apr, 2019
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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


  • rip kobe 1:47

  • Yo my sisters birthday is on April 1st

  • When he says i cant see any of those colors, its kinda sad tho

  • this vid should be 24 minutes long

  • Fuk u logan

  • Happy Birthday Logan

  • I like how he said don’t litter we live on this planet and yet he’s cutting cucumber on the ground

  • I love Pam

  • the ksi one aged well

  • I really want those boxing gloves

  • What kind of cap did logan wearing

  • All mad

  • O.G mene old gangster

  • Why does it look like his ears were actually bleeding?!😂😂

  • This is how many plantes Logan smashed

  • Ok now I don’t like you 5:39 you two are my favourites including Deji but now... imma not really like ur channels Logan but I’ll still watch them cus they are waky

  • Mine is on April the second

  • Lydiaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Go fuck ur self

  • He should make maverick snow suites

  • At 9:24

  • At 5:32

  • Freak you

  • Loser

  • I’d answer my dm bro I got sum good ideas

  • 0:48 did his pants fall down?

  • WAIT I THOUGHT THERE WAS NO PLANET!!! As Logan Paul says!!! 12:04

  • Hi everyone

  • I wish I was early for this but I’m still gonna say it THIS CALLS FOR A 24 OVERNIGHT CHALLENGE

  • Easy Logan that's the hottest merch in the game too much of it could set you on fire and turn you into the sun in the middle of the summer

  • Cool old long hair Logan has return

  • Logan when is your birthday

  • 00:47 🤣 that’s fucked up

  • 2:37 idk why but the way he said it made me laugh

  • LOGAN ITS MY BIRTHDAY i wanna meet you today and i will be a Maverick Logangster forever so plz i wanna meet you Edit: on november 27 btw

  • watching this again......and i just realized this video should be 24 minutes long 😛

  • You guys can’t have nice things

  • Ksi fuck u pussy lol

  • Logan: *gets hit a couple times rlly bad by Evans paintball* also logan: *in a lot of pain* nobody: absolutely no one: literally no one on the face of earth: Evan: *Smiles*

  • 1:26 daemon plate returns


  • It have nothing on the site

  • i used to like his channel i feel like it crashed all of a sudden

  • Ksi...................... Fuck you pussy lol true

  • Rip

  • It’s called being nice Logan you might not have felt that when you filmed a dead person

  • so its buy one get one free

  • This is my favorite video so far 😂

  • He has on black Air Force 1s

  • 5:30

  • Rick bitch

  • Kis fuck you your a pusse

  • How many people ask Siri or google how much is 24x24 in 12:43

  • My birthday is April fools too!!

  • Why the hell it has so less view.

  • logan should have made this vlog 24 mins

  • 3:37 nice voice crack

  • Happy 21th Birthday savage

  • Kong is the savage in Logan Doughy Place Thug as dog gucci savage

  • dude when I saw Logan breaking pleats I got hella existed! Plus where's my OG Logang at?