Denver Nuggets vs Brooklyn Nets - Full Game Highlights | December 8, 2019 | 2019-20 NBA Season

Joylandi 8-Dek, 2019
Denver Nuggets vs Brooklyn Nets - Full Game Highlights | December 8, 2019 | 2019-20 NBA Season
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  • Ima tell my kids spencer dinwiddie was Brandon roy and he back from injury

  • Brooklyn playing better with out KI.

  • Dinwiddie is the fucking man

  • That's krazy how the nets still winning without kyrie

  • I love watching Dinwiddie play. I'm trying to steal his moves but he makes shit up on the fly it seems.....LOL. They should be nice once they get all the pieces but I hope Kyrie can fit in and not dribble the air out of the ball. Pass and cut, pass and cut.........and shoot the open shot. He seems to be concerned with getting 40 points, fancy dribbling, making the all-star teams and getting MVP and whatnot. He is a mis-match but he hogs the ball and he's too little, he needs to pass it more. If he can take a page out of the HOFer Isaiah Thomases book he should be OK.

  • Love Gary Harris' yellow shoes here! Anyone know what kind they are?

  • If I ever have a kid I'm naming it Dinwiddie

  • My nuggets looking like pretenders

  • Oh boy here come the they're better witout Kyrie comments, guess their better witout Durant too seein how they got into the playoffs lass year 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Brooklyyynnn #BKN4life 🖤😁🗽🍎👍🏾💯

  • Kyrie- Joe Harris- Kd- T Prince - J Allen Spencer- G Temple - Levert - Musa- D Jordan When healthy we the deepest team in the east and we play hard brrroooklynnn!!!

  • *The Nets are playing with chemistry until Kyrie comes back.* Kyrie : I'm the man!

  • They need to get RID OF KYRIE, idk why they traded D Russell stupidest move🤦🏽‍♂️ and the truth is they’re doing better without kyrie there’s more chemistry going on

    • they were afraid KD wouldn’t sign if they didn’t go after Kyrie. Funny thing is KD would’ve joined the nets even without Kyrie 😝



  • oh man, left out the crucial play at the end!

  • Dimwiddie clutchevskii again

  • God Dinwiddie is just so fuckin crafty with his drives, you never know how hes gonna finish this guy literally came outta nowhere and is as 20ppg scorer in excellent turnover efficiency. Hes literally the perfect offensive pg

  • We fly high, no lie and you know diss? Brooklyn!!!!!

  • I was there lol

  • the stuy jerseys fire but im from the east so.

  • can denver just trade murray for beal already. murray is such a fucking choke

  • Murray should have passed the ball to Barton or Grant, and there would have been 3 seconds to get a wide open shot. That was a terrible, forced shot.

  • With kd and kyrie next season nets going to be 🔥🔥


  • I like the Barclays center court the best looks nothing nice

  • It’s all good till kyrie come back hogging all the usage, lol

  • bed stuy jerseys?! oh lord. as if everything in brooklyn comes out of the bedford-stuyvesant projects. that's clearly jay z's influence. lame.

    • Jay Z is from the Marcy Projects

    • Ok Boomer...

    • Its Biggie inspired not Jay Z

    • its supposed to be for Biggie... thats why they have the coogi pattern on jerseys and court and the biggie crowns in the corners

  • What tf going on denver fr?

  • Joe Harris can shoot the basketball!

  • Nuggets taking Ls like crazy

  • Those jerseys should say Newark

    • Dread head... Stop hating u lost that and Will Never get it back..... brooklyyynnn Shit

    • Why they aint in NJ anymore

  • brooklyn

  • January was unstoppable wow.

  • Denver needs to get back to the drawing board

  • Boston's still better :p

  • Nuggets are not the same team from last year well they are but don't play as hard

  • Anyone notice DeAndre Jordan dropping dimes & then "picking them up?" Example at 3:00 🤣🤣🤣

  • I was there good game

  • i like kyrie---but the nets really are a better team without him.

    • @Nodnard - does sound casual. let me explain then. kyrie plays his game in a bubble. by that i mean as good as he is---his talent does not impact a team the way you would expect. he does not make players around him better. this was even more obvious when he was at duke. when he was in college he was always the best player on the floor. he could score pretty much anytime he wanted (kinda like now in the nba). but it always looked like kyrie and 4 other guys. he never played like he was part of a unit. rajon rondo is not as gifted a talent as kyrie, but if you put rondo on the nets----i guarantee you the nets would a problem---definitely better than they were last year. rondo makes teams better...flat out. the lakers were good before they put him in the lineup. if you watch the lakers with him now---they literally look like a team that has been playing together for years. that's the impact rondo has on a team. and he has had that effect everywhere he's been---celtics, mavs (without the personal conduct issues), new orleans and now lakers). rondo just makes teams/players better, he makes pieces come together. kyrie simply does not have that ability/trait....period. d'angelo russel was able to bring that to the nets last year. which is why i feel they were a better team last year. the celtics are better without kyrie---not because kemba is a better player, but because kemba works better with the other pieces.

    • Casual

  • i really like jamal murray's shot. but, he is horrible on defense....bad instincts. and he's slow.

  • Where's Waldo, I mean Kyrie

  • When are people going to realize Kyrie didnt come here to be "THE TEAM" he came to join the 6th seed Brooklyn Nets and be apart of an already playoff team. Media was talking out their asses like Nets had no talent. This team will be better with Kyrie its obvious we're missing scoring when Dinwiddie is on the bench or not shooting well.

  • I went there today yktv😭

  • great game. Couldn't help but want to root for both teams in the saga. But I really do like these Nets. Dinwiddie really has captured my heart.

  • Congratulations Nets 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Out in Brooklyn, we do more with less.💪✊

  • Ugly ass Net jerseys and don’t even look like NBA.

  • “God given abilities,” bitch that’s hardwork!!

  • Why does no one talk about Murray ? He’s nice asf

  • Kyrie doesn't think it's fair he should have carry the team without KD. He thinks he's better than that

  • Nets are the most underrated team now.

  • So Kyrie just said Fuck the NBA huh? 🤣

  • Dinwiddie got that gold slasher badge 💪🏾

  • Nuggets not playing like they want to contend this year

  • I’m at wizards versusClippersgame right now

  • If the Nets gonna come with the BedStuy jerseys then they gotta wear the Brownsville & Flatbush ones too or it's showing favoritism

    • Might as well only rep the bad neighborhoods lol

  • Dinwiddie was just blowing by everyone 😂

    • That’s what happens when you’re quick, with a nice handle and long as hell

    • Swankadelic 47 he’s one of the best iso players in the game

    • and attacking Jokic dude can't keep up

  • i like how the brooklyn nets play basketball, no ego! everyone is sharing the ball, having fun and a great time.

    • @Memoirs Of A Legend and you just a fucking salty ass clown who is secretly gay for kyrie since you think about him all the time... kyrie is better than your fav players FACTS it is what it is

    • @Craig Hauser nope. He is what he is. I said this for years. Nothing to do with Brooklyn

    • @Memoirs Of A Legend doesnt hating on Kyrie get boring? Cant we just enjoy the Nets

    • Without Kyrie

  • This team reminds me of the hawks few years back! If we can make it to the playoffs with our starters coming back we might have good run