Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player BREAK The Game Challenge | JeromeASF

Joylandi 11-Yan, 2020
Today we play Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player BREAK The Game Challenge | JeromeASF
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#bloons #JeromeASF


  • 2:37 Mmmmmm

  • Summon challache Spialel poperiaten Total transform The temple or banks Wizard lord feanox And see jow long it last need to get to 100

  • What about obin and wal of fire

  • you guys forgot the ninja bottom route i think.

  • You have good jokes

  • my main goal is to blow up is this gonna BREAK the game

  • Do the what ever you want challenge See how far you can get and DON’T STOP AT ROUND 100! I wouldn’t be surprised if you used the KNIGHT!

  • Why not the unit ninja monkey

  • Meme challenge Pat fusty as pat pat pat Glue as started blastin em The night as the night! Ezili as Pokémon

  • Jerome, you should do the 7 deadly sins challenge. Pride: Alchemist - Bottom path - He has the ability to turn bloons to gold for goodness sake, what else must I say. Greed: Banana Farm - Any path - Let's be honest here... If you're using Banana Farms, you being pretty greedy. Lust: Legend of *THE NIGHT* - All other monkeys lust after his power! Envy: Tack Shooter - Any path - It envies the other towers for actually being good. (If you don't agree that it's the worst tower, then swap it out for what you think the worst is. Gluttony: Pat Fusty - He's fat. It's obvious that he eats way too much. Wrath: Druid - Bottom path - It's in the name... Sloth: Spike Factory - Any path - The only reason that the spike factory exists is because someone was too lazy to lay down the tacks themselves.

  • he should have gotten the ninja monkey or the wizard monkey

  • unitttttttt

  • Can I probably play a game with you jerome

  • hi guys

  • You should do 5 tire challenge on all 3 levels and all the towers

  • Do only druid challenge


  • I was drinking milo while he said poop

  • Ninja monkey

  • jerome you forgot the cleansing roam for the engineer

  • He added to cookies name

  • Guns challenge Sniper-any row Super monkey- middle row Engineer-any row And Heros with guns

  • You could’ve used ninga with caltroops

  • Oh Yeah

  • Greek God challenge: Zeus: top route on druid Hades: bottom route on wizard Poseidon: any route on ice monkey Apollo: Quincy

  • No, not cooking 'with' cookie. Just cooking cookie. Might be tasty though?

  • What about Da knight?

  • Ninja monkey caltrops

  • make a challenge where dropsy, jeromeasf, vale, and blade use all glue gunners and bananer farms #camp jerome/dropsy #hot tea!

  • I've watched 19 hours in one day (not good for my health) =w=;

  • The vig shot me when I was psycic

  • You forgot about the ninja monkey caltrops

  • Vals favorite pokemon must be blastoise

  • Challenge: the upgrade You start with a dart monky and you can upgrade it anyway you want. If you get something for example, spikes. Everything with spikes is available.

  • Bloons TD6 is the best game I've ever played. It's relaxing, it's a bit of a challenge, but it's so damn rewarding that I don't want to stop playing it. I really, really want to see the extra content from the swarms multiplayer mode. Rated 5 out of 5 by Gsuberge from A great puzzle game I love playing this game. It is an excellent puzzler that keeps you wanting to come back for more. I have finished the first story, and completed a combined story/narrative mode. It is so easy to get into and play, but it gets really difficult as you advance, although I still think it is very fun. The story mode is a bit hard for some people, but I didn't

  • I broke the game 5 mins ago

  • #nopantsblade

  • The ninja monkey also has a ability to lay spikes down

  • Cookies channelname should be Cokkieing

  • So what If you used Benjamin to get health back and ezilli

  • Im scared of Matts phoenix sound.

  • The ant-man challenge: You can only use the smallest towers like the ninja monkeys, alchemist, glue gun, you can use other small towers just don’t use the routes that make them big you can use heroes as long as they’re small no banks but if you need to you can use them last as long as you can but the goal is round 100

  • Jerome: There’s nothing wrong with playing 10 hours in 2 days Me: What if we play 10 in one day

  • you could've used planes for this cause they drop bombs on one of the routes yes no no yes yes yes no but yes no no yes yes yes yes no no no I don't think im okay

  • The nail rain challange Nail towers only nail storm

  • what about prince of the darkness? I think he puts stuff on the road (he puts ballons)

  • Jerome says "you have to have something that goes on the track" also Jerome places alchemist with out acid pool

  • Cookie's name was way longer on one of the streams a while back

  • What about cleansing foam from the engineer

  • Hi hi

  • A 0-2-5 wizard leaves way more on the track than the druid

  • If this challange was about road hazards why didnt they use fire mages?

  • If you get 1billion pops with then bloon master alcamist you get a secret

  • Bring on the OSRS videos!

  • Purple only change

  • Jerome ninja monkey can pop camo ballons

  • U could have gotten overdrive cause cleansing foam

  • For the engineer you should get cleansing foam. It makes it so you can see camo balloons

  • Why didnt u use clensing foam on engeneer

  • For the cooking with cookie show watch the tucker budzyn UZtorrent channel for how to have your pet have its own UZtorrent channel. By the way I’m not the type of person to bs you, I’m serious.