Watch LIVE: Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump day 7 - ABC News Live Coverage

Joylandi 28-Yan, 2020
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  • 45 2020 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • This should happen - Trumptwit loving Americans should vote him back, then by 2024 he should sucker up to his master and hero Putin, and learn his tricks, and let Russia keep interfering in the elections in trump’s favour....AND then like Putin, trumpet should declare himself President for Life! The American senate has shown itself to be a weak sham show. Trumpet Tantrump for life Yeah!! Fuck you USA, you deserve him if you love him.

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  • If America still wants the Trumpet they fully DESERVE HIM! The racist, bully, coward, divisive, narcissistic freak, pussygrabbing misogynist, hateful, mocks the disabled, Muslim hating, white supremacy loving ugly orange bastard! Dumbass can’t even read or spell better than a 4th grader 🤣

  • THEFT BY DECEPTION with the aid money is the crime. Thumbs up if you agree.

  • india becomes superpower in cricket

  • Richard Osborne is a WEAK little Bitch Boy

  • Democrats are trying to compromise chief justice Roberts. They are telling him his court room , the senate is involved in a Cover up, dems are done !!

  • Classified documents? U are d most powerful institution there is! Why are you afraid to expose d "classifieds"

  • Wr are witnessing a republicunt cover up if they vote too not allow witnesses too testify.or allowing the documents be released a sad day for America and the end of democracy

    • what you are witnessing here is the Democrooks gettin the elephant C*CK rammed up their donkey poop shoot OOHHHHHHWICH heres your TRUMP2020BUTTCREAM4COMMIES LOL!!!!

  • Asian american not stupid. Not taking part in impeaching president of u.s.a because it will go down in history and asian people do not want to impeach any president.

  • Trump will win by 80 % thanks fake news thanks only retarded people agree with you .

  • Democrats can’t win this by defending Biden. They need to clarify that investigating political rivals isn’t an issue. The issue is stepping beyond investigating when Trump clarified he didn’t want the investigation but actually a public announcement on national tv networks in a way that would maximize the political damage to Biden and the benefit to trump. The other issue is why trump wanted it to be a secret and used his friends to communicate with Ukraine when he has appointees whose job is literally to do this kind of thing. If he thought his actions were fine, why did he try to hide them and lie about them? Also why doesn’t he want witnesses and evidence now to exonerate him? It’s too many questionable actions. I’m a conservative but trump looks guilty and I still care about having honest leaders. I’m all for investigating Biden’s son too but don’t treat me like I’m stupid and use him as an excuse for your bad judgment and deception.

  • Andrew Saul, S S A commissioner needs to be removed, now!

  • Trump was once a Democrate, but ran as a Republican. Now you see why and he said it long ago. Because they are the dumbest people in politics. Welcome to one truth from 45. Let that sink in.

  • This guy is a complete joke. He's taking EVERY point and addressing it completely out of context. Sorry Jay Sekulow, you aren't fooling anyone.

  • Trump, respond to the largest move by your high school buddy, the S S A commissioner, whose latest action will cost the American Taxpayer 8 million a year. You know the one..The one that never goes to work but collects a fat paycheck, the one who impersonated cops.. Come Trump, explain it!

  • Finger crossing for trump to be out of office...During trumps presidency is just too much drama..his tweets are dramatic & immature. Lacks empathy & removes people who stands by their views & against his. A man who can not relate to all walks of life to understand. Not motivational & definitely not someone that is an insperational leader

    • @Willie Boyd 🤔yeah this concerns me about how you view a definition of a leader?? I dont seem to find a positive since Trumps been president & what hes done to make a difference...the homeless is sky rocketting & the need are more vulnerable then ever...R.I.P USA

    • Monalingling Tausera everything you just said perfectly describes warren,sanders and Biden 😂

  • Trump won't be impeached, he'll WIN A 2ND TERM, according to the Bible Codes & visions... Check out these searches... &

  • Flashback: Schiff Says John Bolton Has "Lack Of Credibility" As Resurfaced Video Clips Ruin 11th Hour Hail Mary


  • Sekulow dyes his hair so much it has seeped into his brain - they all know they are talking crap - they even folded up early its so weak.

    • Richard Osborne your just like all the rest of the twitwat democrook cowards,hide in your mommies basement lol! you and your do nothing democrook party

    • come talk to me while im here im waiting

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    • @Richard Osborne is a Weak Ass Punk

    • thats all you got? you are F*CKIN WEAK Richard Osborne

  • Trump has done nothing wrong all you lefties are just stupid

  • We want witnesses!!!!

    • you already had the witness's are you not paying attention this has been dragging on for 3+ years did you not watch them cross examine the witness's? i did its on youtube look it up

  • Everyone he’s hired to his administration were “Perfect, doing a Great Job” UNTIL they called BS & disagreed with him. Now he doesn’t know them or discredits their integrity; something he’s NEVER had.

  • This is the ongoing shit we have to deal with because the criminals are NEVER arrested. Its the worst 2 tier justice system on the planet.

  • #ImpeachmentTrump

  • He did it. It’s obvious. So much evidence against him. The republican’s defense is he didn’t do it cause... he just didn’t we don’t need evidence

    • Frank Rottach ha that’s funny. You literally don’t care about facts and you blindly follow trump. You are the problem

    • LOL! there is No Evidence!

    • Willie Boyd how is that possible. Have you seen the president, or a mirror.

    • Cole_ 337 you my friend have won the award for dumbest person on the planet

  • They look like.. the muppet show reunion.

  • Non ci sara’ nessun impeachment ! I democratici hanno perso prima di iniziare. Il senato non ha accettato. Anzi avrà il mio voto è molti altri ! Non vedo l’ora di vederlo rieletto !! Molti politici andranno in galera. God protect us from evil Trump # 1

  • What a joke. Trump 2029

  • Leave him alone get off your ass and run this country like you are paid to do!! Stop this stupid S...!!

  • George is a American traitor! Won't watch any of his crap!!

  • Witnesses Don’t Matter? ??Obviously facts and TRUTH don’t either with this administration.

    • they already had 17 witness's they didnt bring their A+ game they said they had overwhelming evidence Forrest Gump wouldve presented this case better than any of these democrook boobs they lost GAME OVER

  • As a standard to live by those who cannot be trusted with little things should not be trusted with large things, those whom make little lies will and do make large lies. A child that is allowed to make lie after lie will become a monster to deal with eventually, those whom foster lies eventually will be caught. Let the witnesses come forward all of them.

  • If they take the rights away from the American people to have the president they voted for than the American people will take back there right by force. The asshole Democrats will not win the time I promise

  • Adam Schiff for president!😊

    • he cant cant even run his own state look at san francisco,look at any city,state,thats run by any of these democrook idiots, and you think this buggeyed fool could run a country?he couldnt even run a lemonade stand LMAO!!!

  • 5:25 Sounds like a fucking cult chanting..

  • do you know why I like Donald Trump he should not get impeached do you know what I like Donald Trump he should not get impeached we need to keep him in office because we need a president like that that will stand up for our country and said nuclear missiles over to a country that hits our Air Force Base first most of you people misunderstand Donald Trump but he is not a liar and he's extremely good president I am a republican myself and I believe in if somebody was to shoot at you you shoot back at them if somebody was to make threats on United States and hits in the Air Force Base in Iran first then Donald Trump did have the right to send those missiles over to you Iran or Iraq wherever you sent them to teach him a lesson not to f*** with the United States and try to start a war because that's all they've been doing over there is fighting with each other over oil and women in their country don't even have rights at least women in our country have our rights

  • Impeached now Removal of this lying sack of Crap!!

    • you talking in the mirror again? do this country a huge favor and deport yourself nimrod

    • move to another country Trumps Not Going Anywhere,LOL!!!

  • Trump for 2020

  • America is hypocritical in our action, God will judge this nation and it will be destroyed. We are becoming weak before other nations, God is bringing secrets spoken in the ears open on the rooftops. Those without SIN cast the first rock at the woman caught in adultery Jesus saiid. We all SIN and come short of the Glory of God.

  • Don't worry Trump will come out a WINNER for sure

  • The Big Bolton Book Sale Danger, Danger Danger.

    • they found damning evidence of Trump returning a VHS tape to Blockbusters without rewinding

  • Isn't this whole trial going off only the hard evidence submitted by the Dems, surely if that submitted evidence doesn't hold water in itself the Senate wouldn't waste time moving forward with it.

    • the point is there is no evidence, they have hear say and suggestions and opinions but no eveidence, even the so called victim Ukraine has said nothign wrong so this is simply a witch hunt because the Dems didn't get it and they have been after Trump ever since. I so hope Trump gets in for a 2nd term to really piss them off

  • God Bless President Trump and God Bless America.

  • Stop this $hit Show NOW!

  • Hola Dems--go to a Trump rally and GET SAVED! Yes you can extract yourself from the corrupt & evil Democrat Party and get on the TRUMP TRAIN! See--you feel better already! Thanks Prez for fighting for a sane and common-sense America!

    • democrats are walking away from their shamed party everyday

  • A complete wasted of time, unless u like recapping history. What part of abuse in power people dont understand? If u kill someone is murder, period. When the criminal get a slap in the hand for 10yrs n a felony, then is a messed up system 🤣🤣🤣

  • Trump's team never, ever talk about the facts, it is an admission of total guilt.

    • @Richard Osborne he was charged with Obstruction of Congress and abuse of power. He was not charged, despite your ignorant pleas to the contrary, obstruction of justice and perjury.

    • @Steve Parr - Brianne Gorod (Judge) Obstruction of justice occurs when you corruptly influence or endeavor to corruptly influence a pending or official proceeding. That can be a court proceeding or a criminal investigation or a congressional investigation.

    • @Richard Osborne the articles of impeachment state "Obstruction of Congress". If it was "Obstruction of Justice", it would say that, just as it did in the articles of impeachment against President Clinton. furthermore, the articles of impeachment say nothing about lying, perjury, etal. Continuing to insist they do is only making you look stupid.

    • @Steve Parr - no one except you said he was- but he is being impeached for obstruction of justice - that is a fact - try reading the impeachment articles again (lying is just a sideline he has)

    • @Richard Osborne the charge is not "Obstruction of justice". You're wrong. Own it.

  • Wasted money for those attention-seekers.

  • The voice of the past are haunting the conscience of the democrats now...will they have any moral and integrity left in them

  • The democrats called President Trump a criminal but yet they defended a criminal name Clinton back in 1999...are you confuse people

  • Investigating a 'suspect' potential political rival, even if they are a future presidential candidate, must be less offensive than investigating a sitting president-right? Then it is the 'abuse of power' due to the aid being used as leverage that is the issue. If so, then is it right to impeach Trump if indeed he has the right to investigate anyone at all, where no immunity need apply to the opposing party? While the problematic method used by Trump to withhold-Aid, may be suspect, it is only so because it was more akin to a "business like approach' rather than a "political one". It is therefore the height of mischief to propose that the difference in approach is entirely unbridgeable, and therefore a grounds to remove him. To argue opposite to this is spurious, and fails to consider that some other less indignant, disciplinary framework could be successfully applied to Trump, in response to and acknowledgement of, any inappropriateness the suspect means chosen by the President, may have contained. This is really a story about career politicians, taking offence to a business man crossing over into their world! America is at a turning point. Will the Presidency be open to the public, or only those groomed for decades within its chambers? For this reason, the impeachment must be stopped. To preserve the principle of freedom, lest they foil him on a technicality, that is about superiority, rather than ethic!


  • God bless Trump 😇

  • The aid was released, and released in time manner, and in time manner plundered by corrupted neo-nazi regime of Ukraine. Btw, it is agains international and US laws to supply any government with lethal weapons when that government fights against any part of their nation. Ukraine army together with nazi battalions fight Donbass people to gain territory w/o protesting against nazism and thus unwanted population.

  • This whole impeachment trial is a travesty to American Democracy! How can a trial against a corrupt President Trump happen without calling any witnesses or presenting any evidence like the Democrats say. It makes America a hypocrite in front of the world that corrupt leaders like Mitch McConnell and the corrupt Republican party are backing a guilty President despite overwhelming evidence of a quid pro quo! SHAME SHAME

  • Burisma hires a guy, H. Biden 83K a month, who can't speak russian or knowledge of gas energy but daddy VP Joe is alleged to have the Ukrainian prosecutor remove who started to look into Burisma/Biden connection.........looks like Joe Biden should be on trial and he did it under the blessings of Obama Admin. ...wonder what else Obama allowed?

    • @Stephanie Petit Yep, questionable birth certificate. By now altered documents although his granny said, you are not going to beat up his old granny.

    • Haha ...still on the Obama train 3 years into trumpet’s reign😂. I suppose you still believe Barack Hussein Obama was not born in the USA coz your lord and master said so, and he showed all the great evidence! Listen you freak , Obama didn’t get impeached....this racist freak show Trump did.

    • Obama is not being Impeached. All of your Republican Trump children are piggybacking Off of Donald Trump's name.

  • Can't be vague can we...... That's why we have "High crimes and misdemeanors"written in.

    • There are no crimes! Only allegations from a corrupt bunch of Democrats! The Democrats are trying to convince their sheeple all of this is true! Since the Left are emotionally driven they are the easiest to deceive. Very very sad!

  • Yikes, reading the comments section is depressing. So many lost Americans.. All I'll say is I hope EVERYONE does there own research on BOTH sides views and not just believe word of mouth or what's said on TV...

  • Trump's legal team is using empathy and emotions like hell!! They have shown no arguments but trying to move hearts of senates and people.

    • LOL I don't see emotion and empathy here, but more on facts, unless you will blame the Democrat supporting media to be liars and just spreading fake news! Pam Bondi DETAILS Hunter Biden Ukraine Connection -