Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player Overwatch Challenge | JeromeASF

Joylandi 22-Yan, 2020
Today we play Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player Overwatch Challenge | JeromeASF
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  • Elite Defence challenge you:2 0 5 Sniper Vale_Yard : 5 0 2 Heli Sitemusic88 :0 2 5 Heli one other friend :0 5 2 Sniper Everybody can place farms

  • Should of done the rodeo monkey as bastion

  • Monkey ace bottom route could be phara

  • Bastion

  • Captain Churchill could be Boston

  • Naruto a naruto only tower challange like the ninja monkey top and mid path.druid storm path.mage monkey top path.our pal benjemen is allow to everyone.try to make to round 100 get it??!!???!!!

  • Winston is a sinticest

  • Why is pat fusty rienheart, he should be winston

  • Jeromeasf challenge Blade/the prince of darkness Steve/engineer Jerome/the night Dropsy/hot tea sales man

  • benjamin could be sombra but benjamin with his skin on could be lucio

  • Shedder

  • Hope you are well

  • Quincy as hanzo

  • alchemest

  • "Fire's a dark thing." Well yes but actually no.

  • Hanzo = quincy

  • That placement of the wizard is really getting to me

  • Minecraft challenge Creeper: bomb tower middle row Skeleton: crossbow master Zombie: Prince of darkness Btw u can use monkey villages and banana farms as well villages and villagers

  • Fun fact: A 5-2-0 can handle a bfb better than every other tier five cannon. Yes that includes the moabs and the Bloons the Moabs drop

  • You said you might do overwatch challenge 2 if so can you use engineer with dual guns aka tracer and ice monkey aka mei the tank aka wrecking ball and Quincy aka honzo.

  • Avengers challenge Thor = Druid top Iron man = Super monkey middle route Pat fusty = Hulk Quincy = Hawkguy Everyone can use banana farms Get to round 100

  • You could have used torbyorn

  • Builder can be terpen

  • Hi

  • Overwatch part 2 rocket launcher guy: junkrat Engineer monkey: torbjïorn Ice monkey: mei Tank guy: bastion Robo-monkey: orisa Towers that give boosts: mercy Quincy: hanzo Benjamin: sombra Glue gunner: zarya Monkey ace or heli pilot: phara Tack zone: bastion

  • Engineer is D. Va

  • Wrong route for ninja.

  • the pyromanaic could be junkrat

  • Engenire=torbjorn

  • He is taking it from shameless

  • Pat fusty doom fist

  • Hanzo is qince

  • Quincy as hanzo

  • 2:21 not on my overwatch No one laughs or responds

  • Why can't you do that Heroes challenge

  • You should have tried getting both sniper paths

  • Alchemist would be Moira Bomber would be Pharah

  • Wouldn’t hanzo be the crossbow master?

  • Primal Challenge: Quincy (with the wolf skin) Pat Fusty Avatar of wrath Ezili (with the cat skin) No banana farms Can use 2 2 0 village

  • Crossbow master challenge

  • Use the map called Pat's pond

  • Torbijorn as top route on engineer monkey

  • Thank god like why would pat fusty be reinheart like brü

  • Tac shooter could be Torbjörn

  • You forgot engineer for torbjiorn

  • The broken light challenge Jerome THE KNIGHT Blade The glave lord Vale/ dropsy The robo monkey Steve/ matt Prince of darkness Also one of you uses adora You can switch it around if you want EXECPT JEROME he must use The Knight

  • Adora as mercy, Lucio as Benjamin's skin,tracer as ultra boost,bastion as anti bloon and Quincy as hanzo (overwatch challenge 2)

  • It funny you say over watch part 2 cause they made a second one if no one knew that

  • The dark challenge Jerome as the night Blade Druid avatar of wrath Someone can be prince of darkness And of course someone can be the banana farm

  • Jerome you should do 0-0-0 challenge only (you can use banana farms and villages that you can upgrade) :)

  • No mercy

  • No mercy

  • Tf2 Thé sniper The eningener The ninja=spy And the tack shooter=pyro

  • Do the I AM SPEEEED CHALLENGE Any tower that boost attack speed and you have to have at least 2 full auto sniper monkeys

  • Moab alt + delete You can use the bank the main ones are Sticky bomb- ninja Cripel moab- sniper Pirate lord- buccaneer Xxxl trap- engine

  • Mei is babe

  • Gerome pleasse play For Honor. Cause its a cool game and multiplayer

  • Quinzy could be hanzo

  • When you says "i wanna try this challenge" when you remember that you don't have the requirement T_T

  • o/