House Republicans erupt over Nadler delaying impeachment vote

Joylandi 13-Dek, 2019
Judiciary committee member Rep. Andy Biggs reacts t o House Democrats' latest play in the impeachment battle on 'America's Newsroom.' #AmericasNewsroom #FoxNews
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  • Nadler needed more time because he was sleeping in the middle of the scam impeachment.

  • Hey house republicans can you do me a favor! Epstein yourselfs!

  • Most Americans see right through this liberal parade. Trump 2020.

  • Nadler Always looks like he pooped his pants

  • Everyone is talking anti Schiff .... I agree with you all ... But by the book a petition is all its needed to get an impeachment on Schiff ....

  • House Republicans erupted over everything. I watched many hours of the Articles of Impeachment inquiry and I thought Jerry Nadler did a fabulous job.

  • Wow thought they for a real crime... time to vote and impeach these congress men and women. They are abusing there office to do better then "Russian interference" they should call it "Russian democrat assisted election interference"

  • What Schiff meant to say is, "I am done hearing anymore, it only makes this look worse for Democrats the longer this drags on."

  • He will get reelected and the only option for the dems is to assinate him and blame it on ms13

  • "The tree of liberty, must be refreshed, from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants alike. Nothing is a more natural manure... " - Thomas Jefferson

  • Put Schiff on the stand...

  • Articles crafted so broadly that every president has been guilty of these...

  • why cant it be a legal based trial in goverment ? laws and breaking laws ARE GOVERMENT decieded, if this was legal at all shitty shiffty shiff would be arrested for slander and so much more impeachnadler ,impeachadam impeachnancy

  • "Focus tested" that is straight from rush Limbaughs mouth...

  • Until is really reaching...

  • Bye bye Fox!

  • Can’t wait to see the look on Nancy’s face 😂

  • "They are not after me. They are after you. I am just in the way". -Donald Trump.

  • Lady in red looking good 👌🔥😍

  • I see an expensive Democrat Clown show. Shameful bunch.

  • This is what you do when Joe Biden is your best candidate. The whole impeachment is one huge circle jerk.

  • After the fall of the left, mainstream media will be next.

  • Schiff is such a bald-face liar it is almost literally breathtaking

  • Bunch of whingey fckers, aren’t you lot

  • Nad's a fake politician.

  • Bring in the whistle blower, lyin Joe, coke head Hunter and shfty Schiff to testify under oath. American people have the right to know.

  • American leftists... lol what a joke

  • Wow even Republicans want to impeach him?

  • All are money being wasted for this bs.

  • History repeats itself! Definitely how another cold war would start. My American history course is very helpful!

  • I see noone is saying Trump is innocent.

  • Adam Schiff is not only a bare faced liar and criminal but he actually has no shame as he has no moral compass.

  • Remember the Alamo ! Remember San goliad ! Remember Democrats failed coup attempt

  • The Angry Mob of twitter shouting excitedly over public officials being railroaded by these collusion tactics is just disgusting. Never in my life have I seen such a dishonest pack of liars.

  • Term limits for all of Congress !!!!

  • so seems like these days congress owns the judicial branch? Seriously the judicial branch is a puppett for the congress.Owned.

    • I thought judges had nutz, pffft. Live and learn.

  • It might cost but the Senate needs to draw out EVERYONE that had a hand in this and make them testify inthe open finally. Expose the entire operation.

  • UZtorrent sucks!

  • The Dems are just sad. Like a group of middle schoolers pretending to be adults

  • I want a long ordeal in the Senate, o want them to parade this dog and pony show out in the open for the people to see. So we can see just how ridiculous all this is.

  • Getting my popcorn ready for the Senate trials.

  • Putin must be laughing it up !

  • If the dirty CIA really were interested in protecting our country they would have quietly dispatched the likes of Soros and his offspring long ago rather than attempting coups, installing their Presidents and leaders and supporting the Globalist new world order over our sovereignty.

  • If our educators at all levels were not brainwashing our kids minds with their progressive, liberal, socialist agendas and revised history, and if immigrants, both illegal and legal, claiming to escape their own countries socialist tyrannies and failures would stop bringing those same failed values that were intrinsic to their former social structures, to the voting booths we would not be battling over these issues of control and indoctrination that are divisive and in direct opposition to our founder's intent and our Republic.

  • You have to hand it to the Dems for playing the process game to end and they know nobody will ask for witnesses that could sink their ship for decades to come. They are that careless and have nothing to lose as they have hit rock bottom that they know that they could have Pictures of Joe and Hunter counting the $1.5B and people will just shrug their shoulders and move to the next bit of Hollywood gossip. The time spent deserves witnesses and this is the time to roll the dice and start sending folks to prison. For the sake of the country and it’s political future, the evil doing that has taken place needs to be uncovered, Schiff, Nadler and Pelosi must be brought to justice for this abuse of power. It’s not a joke and voting age may need to be raised and accompanied by a test to determine a voters intelligence and understanding of the system. Countries have fallen with this level of unaccounted levels of treason. America, please awaken from this nightmare and docile slumber. These people want you all destroyed.

  • They want a new KING they will do any they want to Impeach the PRESIDENT, HARASSING .him lying on him the AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE FED up with the Democrats people if only you had Voted those third Graders out we would have had a just and fair GOUVÈRMÈNT and the best PRESIDENT In my opinion 200%

  • NADLER delayed the impeachment vote because the press wasn’t there what a little dirt bag,!the scum of the earth.

  • ARE YOU LISTENING SENATOR GRAHAM? ARE YOU A MAN OF YOUR WORD OR NOT? If Lindsy Graham would keep his promise to open an investigation now that the Harowitz report is in and the Atty.General has weighed in, then We The People and the Republican party could have our cake and eat it too by quickly ending the impeachment debacle without lending it any more undeserved legitimacy . At the same time Senator Graham could keep his promise and open a separate investigation into Biden'/ Ukraine/ Barisma corruption that doesn't involve the administration and will get to the bottom of the so called "Deep State" coup, 2016 DNC, H.Clinton , Clinton Foundation, Uranium One, Schiff, Pelosi, and Obama's connections to all of it. Graham needs to be a man of his word and get off his butt and uncover the truth to restore our nation's confidence, respect and standing. ARE YOU LISTENING SENATOR GRAHAM? ARE YOU A MAN OF YOUR WORD OR NOT?

  • That was democrats plan all along. They knew Trump would not impeached. They just wanted to drag it through the 2020 Presidential election. It's not more then a pathetic smear campaign because the Democrats know Trump is going to win in 2020. The Democratic party is collapsing from within and it's great to watch

  • Adam Schiff and Stephen Colbert, birds of a feather flock together.

  • It's a joke right you people can not be that stupid trump is the best present you have ever had drats are a joke


  • every president can now be impeached on a lie

  • Democrats will lose the house next year. When you throw manure around there will be a smell and people move away from smells they don't like.

  • Democrats leaders should not be elected bad people bad example. Pain in the butt to all of us. Thick face no shame

  • Schiff suggesting the republicans might not call people they don't want to hear from is the height of hypocrisy.

  • The Demonic crates are delaying so they can cheat with the votes

  • The reason why Nadler did it, is because the republicans would have said they held the vote in the cover of darkness. It would add a new taking point against the dems. So this 1 time I agree with the rule breaking to vote later to eliminate a fake talking point by the right

  • Adam Schiff Jerry Nadler Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer Maxine waters the Quid and eany of the and all the other one's doing this to our Great President Trump Needs to be removed from Congress Immediately In Jesus Name Amen USA

  • And Nadler ruled no need to investigate ACORN employees providing advice on establishing a brothel and financing it with government grants, in the U.S. it stands accused of political corruption, election fraud, racketeering, money laundering, and countless other violations of the law. And Nadler is with the Judiciary Committee....LOL