Meanwhile... Is It OK To Say "OK, Boomer"?

Joylandi 6-Noy, 2019
Meanwhile... Is it problematic for people to say "OK, Boomer" as a way to tease older folks on social media? #Colbert #LSSC #Comedy
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  • Yes its ok to say "ok boomer" you fucking boomer.

  • Ok boomer

  • Ok boomer


  • As a 31-year-old, I'm an 'elder millennial', and I have boomer parents. I'm in an odd situation.

  • Ok Boomer

  • You can call me anything you want. Call me Boomer. lol To my face. Go ahead. lolololol

  • Hunting for boomers in the comments section

  • Don't let anyone tell you how you're supposed to feel or if you should be offended or not. If anyone of any color, creed, gender or sexual orientation calls you "boomer", turnaround is fair play. Don't be a victim of their social retardation.

  • Boomers complaining about the generation they parented is a new level of stupid.


  • The funniest part is that millennials don't realize that some day they're going to be mocked and dismissed.

  • No offense but millennials are stupid whiny diaper fillers

  • OK Boomer

  • Can't wait for the millennial and Gen Z generation to become the new "boomer" generation in like 30 years. It's gonna be the same thing, and no one will bat an eye.

  • ok boomer get a young person to take cloberts job hes too old retire already

  • Nope ADL said it was a racist dog whistle.

  • member the football player named boomer? i member.

  • Stephen Colbert is a boomer.

  • Jesus, Plane sound scared the shit out of me

  • McBestos

  • Ok boomer

  • Ok I’ve read the title and before watching this video here’s an answer to the question Yes it is..get over it Got that boomer?

  • Ok boomer


  • Ok boomer

  • Ok boomer

  • ok boomer

  • قفالتتا

  • Ok boomer

  • That's such a cat-move - get all the way to the end zone and then just...stop.

  • Who cares if it's ok. Fuk what people think

  • Everyone born between 1980-1995 are millennial. I was born 1982. Kids born after 2000 (the Z-gen) are constantly called millennials and I'm being constantly called boomer.

  • This is the most unfunny shit ever

  • Trump 2020 y’all!!

  • ...yeah , yeah ... ok boomer ....!


  • Boomers: millennials are over sensitive Boomers when getting called boomers: W A A A A AaAaaaaAaa a A A hhhhh Hh H.

  • Ok boomer

  • To answer your question, yes it is okay

    • Boomers : "go back to your safe-space snowflake" Millenials: "ok, boomer..." /sarcasm Boomers: "did you just call me the n-word?!"

  • I don't even think half of the people that say "OK boomer" know what a boomer is

    • Erik Wawin gottem

    • Nikolas Stoebick ok boomer

    • ceerw buty Bravo

    • Boomer: ‘teenagers are so sensitive. All they do is cause trouble!’ Teenager: ‘ok boomer’ Boomer: 😮😮 ‘ima tell the news’

  • Cats think they are hot shit anyway, now this guy is going to be impossible to live with. You know 5 years from now he will still be hanging in a back ally next to the stadium bragging to all the other Tom cats about his big run. “I know you saw me on the Jumbotron, doing that thing where we stop & let the human think they can catch us, then I made the bolt & shook my tail in the end zone!”😻🐱🐯🐈

  • The generation name calling thing is so petty and stupid. Hahaha

  • Is it not ironic that the generation that has for years been labeling today’s youth as “sensitive” and “weak” are getting outraged by the simple phrase “ok boomer”?

  • Funny. Baby boomers spends so much time insulting and demeaning the younger ones, calling them "snowflakes" and stuff, yet being called boomer, which isn't exactly an insult to begin with, and so many of them get their panties in a twist. Who's the real snowflakes?

  • colbert > gen-x #notaboomer

  • Ok, *B o o m e r*

  • Millennials should know we Boomers grew up playing dodgeball, not wearing seatbelts, falling out of trees, no bike helmets or pads - we are nothing to mess with (also could drink in bars at 18). 🤼‍♀️👶🏻🤼‍♂️🙋‍♀️.

  • ok boomer

  • Okay boomer

  • meanwhile? or bonus meme? 🤔

  • Boomer: We like destroying the planet because our flat earth god tells us. We like disposing of cars like the were dippers, because it is our flat earth god given right. Millenial:"Ok, boomer" Boomer:😡🤬🤬🤬 Im gonna go jerk off to my gun. Cletus, where is my gun my son/nephew?

  • Ok, boomer

  • It's okay to say whatever the fuck you want considering Canadian charter and American constitutional rights 😧

  • Boomer: ‘teenagers are so sensitive. All they do is cause trouble!’ Teenager: ‘ok boomer’ Boomer: 😮😮 ‘ima tell the news’

  • Boomers : "go back to your safe-space snowflake" Millenials: "ok, boomer..." /sarcasm Boomers: "did you just call me the n-word?!"

  • As a member of Generation X, I'd like to tell both the Baby Boomers and the Millennials to go fuck themselves. Each group is equally whiny, entitled, and self-important. They are living, breathing examples of how familiarity breeds contempt.

  • ok boomer

  • There it is you Official killed the meme

  • Why is it that Stephen being one host understood it and the whole panel of co-host on 'the view' didn't?