Joylandi 24-Avg, 2019
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  • 4:17 ummm I thought you was a sneaker head

  • The end scared the fuck outta me

  • 4:19 “Gold 6s” I deadasss jus jumped up out my bed

  • 4:18 called retro 7s “6s”

  • Fakes

  • who has a better collection bigboycheng - like this dude - comment

  • Most of those shoes are ugly af

  • Yo Qias what hat is that??

  • Y’all yellin at him for makin a mistake for sayin 6 instead of 7

  • My eyes melted looking at all that heat...omg

  • Wake forest Chris Paul

  • I would not let em touched my shoes like that 😂

  • The man can buy dope expensive shoes but can’t buy a better store smh

  • Dunks are about to be huge...

  • What’s the dude in the vid called

  • The fact he didn’t say “another one” when he pulled out the Khaleds hurts me

  • Lol u must see bigboy cheng collection

  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🔥

  • When Dj BBC saw this.... Those are cute🤣

    • xtian gap This collection is better lol

  • 6? nah

  • My eye popped out...I have to glue it back with my supreme glue

  • It makes me so nervous that all these shoes are worth so much but they aren’t all displayed in like glass boxes. Just piled on top of each other

  • T.S. bx all day. Shout out joe and r.i.p. pun

  • aye qrew, I'm looking to buy a pair of the 350 v2 zebras and was wondering if you could possible legit check them?

  • Lmfaoo he said Jordan 6s when they were jordan 7s

  • Definitely not 6 mill buddy

  • Did he call the 7 -6s 💀💀

  • In the title I forgot to add fake

  • #bigboycheng you must to see this and get some stuffs here ☺

  • Is this the same guy who sold pj tucker his cheetah yeezys

  • Am I the only one thinking man all these mother fuckers best have washed they hands before this 😂

  • Rayray has the best PEs. Especially those black/green Boston aways

  • You’re all hype and it sucks how you old and don’t care about the history at all or even care to know

  • Bro how do they even get all these un seen shoes

  • He sniffs the shoes 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • What hat does he have on?

  • Bro is so dumb. He said 6’s while holding 7‘s.

  • Fire the camera man, wish they would replace him for someone that would actually appreciate the significance of those shoes!!! Like me!! Lol!!

  • dang. Movie worn 🤯

  • Damn some of those are sexy

  • Guy says he got offered the ONE OF ONE yeezy prototype’s 🤦🏼‍♂️ it’s called ONE OF ONE for a reason

  • omfg

  • 4:18 he said 6s when he pulled out the fucking 7s I thought he was a sneaker head

  • the dude in the red shirt looks like my dad when i go out and buy expensive kick

  • Sorry man but am not buying that this dude gots movie worn space jamz.

  • Dude like how many samples does this guy have

    • Not more than perfect pair or big boy cheng

  • Why you randomly smelling shoes

  • stop sniffing the fucking shoes

  • 9:57 is no one gonna talk about how they're touching Michael Jordan Space Jam movie worn shoes with their bare hands....better yet they start handling Kobe worn shoes the same way

    • lucaschepis they were worn by Michael Jordan.. in the actual movie...

    • whats wrong with that lol

  • Do they make kyrie 5 friends anymore?

  • I can’t believe this room is real. Also smh for picking Travis 4s. Near sighted

  • victims of the industry ...congrats ...

  • And not his own cool the Internet’s version of cool a.k.a. hypebeast poser

  • So you would totally change your whole opinion on a shoe just because it has an hidden owl on the inside of the pool tab that’s how you know these dudes are clowns and not the guy who owns them he’s actually a sneaker head you can tell he’s passionate for them where Kai’s Just wants to be a sneaker head and tries to study but really could care less he just wants to be cool

  • Kai’s your not even old enough to know about half then shoes don’t act like u was bumpin rap music when terror squad was hot gtf!!!

  • All his collection = Just 1 pair of "Perfect Pair's" collection

  • Jd3-4-11 😍

  • This channel is trash, fat dirty hindu

  • Dumb ass called 7s 6s 😂

  • You need to check bigboycheng