Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player No Monkeys Challenge | JeromeASF

Joylandi 29-Yan, 2020
Today we play Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player No Monkeys Challenge | JeromeASF
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  • P1 mortal monkey daunrud P2 ice monkey midelrud P3 duruid midelrup P4 darat monkey No banana farm

  • Do the only monkey challenge. That means no bomb shooters, tack shooters, monkey village, banana farms, spike factories.

  • W

  • I’ve made it to 145

  • I’ve mad it to 145

  • I like to think that there is a monkey in the tackshooter and spikefactery

  • Haha a fellow Astros fan

  • You should have used a robo farmer

  • fire and ice challenge

  • Why does every one doe banana bank it gives less between all farms u might aswell do 2-0-3 that's way better already bank gives so less almost nothing just do the last upgrade with the first if u dont want monkeyfarmer

  • Round 151 is my highest round

  • Can u pls. dont finish the video until you lose

  • She sed the f word at 3.37

  • light and dark challenge 2 P1=prince of darkness jerome= legend of the knight P3=adora P4=sun temple(can get tier 5 and should place a few cash drops to be safe) farms and villages allowed people who are on one side cant give money to the other side, so money can be only shared between two people on the same side

  • My favorite caveman lawn mower is the one in Australia

  • I don’t think Jerome knows about smart mode because he doesn’t have a smart mode😎

  • Permaspike = insta win.

  • Pretty sure it said p3

  • All rounds after 100 are controlled by RNG

  • my highest round is 200 in bloons td6

  • I said 157

  • it was 3 spikes wasted, not one

  • The dart challenge

  • The most common dad joke is "hi hungry I'm dad"

  • My dad never did the check one, but the best will always be. Dad I'm hungry! Hi hungry I'm dad!

  • Super Challenge True Sun God THE KNIGHT ANTI BLOON BOOMERS Booonanana FOOOOOORMS

  • turn off your game hints

  • Ok so speed good actually is Anthony just wanted to point that out here

  • Good video

  • 👽👻👻😹🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻😼✌️😼😺👏👹✊👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻😹😹😹😾😹😹😹😹😹

  • One max tower: Every one Get max tower Baffert allowed And hlisms is allowed

  • 7:41 You should do that for a video. #1 trending

  • Team Fortress Challenge Spy:Ninja Top Route Engineer:Engineer monkey Sniper:Sniper Top route Pyro:Gwendilin Demoman:Bomb Tower Any Route Scout:Dart Monkey Bottome Route Rocket Launcher Guy:Captain Church hill Map: KartsnDarts or DownStream Healer:Any Route on Monkey Village


  • Go to the newest map then multiplayer

  • No the classic dad joke is when you tell him you're hungry and he says hi hungry im dad

  • Do a tech challenge

  • LOL!!! You looked so happy when you lost and more sad that it keept going.

  • Seeing him not put the permaspike on smart is frustrating

  • Jerome with banana farms upgrade 2 to the top before getting another because it will cost less for the same amount of money coming in

  • Jerome why do you get the banks get the market place because when the rounds will get longer and it takes more time to get the income while if you have the market place it still generates more money

  • I’m eating cherrios

  • SUPER MONKEY CHALLENGE The knight: Jerome Vengful True Sun God: steve True Sun God: Vale Robo monkey: Matt Every player's allowed to have farmes. But only one super monkey for each player. And you choise on a map. And try making it to round 140.

  • HTML MEME it’s like we finish each others CHEERIOS Comment if you understand🍆

  • How about Tier 1 challenge? You can only upgrade to tier 1 monkeys. Also, NO TOWERS. Only monkeys. A max level village is allowed though.

  • How come his mortar costs $285


  • No one gonna comment how jerome in the intro explains there will be no monkeys and continues to say no banana farmers. Then emidiatly gets a banana farmer. 1:38

  • Who are u cheering for in the Super Bowl? Like = SAN Francisco 49ers reply= Kansas City Cheifs

  • 2-0-4 bomb tower is better then 0-2-4

  • #tac Shooter dead

  • Do temples v tac shooters plzz

  • Because I said so

  • 6.9k hah

  • Did you know that the monkey village has MONKEY in it 😱

  • MATRIX TOWERS ONLY BANKER. engineer xxl trap. bank farm. dart monkey plasma monkey fan club. super monkey hidden tower dark sun god.

  • Which toser is he

  • 3:36 Dropsy said da f word

  • Do the not safe track challenge with wall of fire, acid pool and spike factory.

  • Perma spikes only lasts 3 waves or 5 minutes, whichever comes first