China coronavirus goes viral: What's true and what's fake? | DW News

Joylandi 28-Yan, 2020
A transmission in Germany may be the first person-to-person infection of coronavirus outside Asia. Officials say a man contracted the virus from a Chinese colleague at a conference. Other confirmed cases of the viral outbreak in Europe have so far involved patients who had recently been to China. Other than Germany, more than a dozen countries have confirmed cases of the virus. In China, the death toll has jumped to 100, with more than 45-hundred cases confirmed. Scientific studies suggest each infected person passes the virus on to two or three other people, on average. Entire cities are already under quarantine, and now the government has asked people to delay foreign travel. For millions, worrying and waiting are the new normal. Spreading almost as rapidly as the coronavirus itself are false information and conspiracy theories about it. So what's true and what's fake?
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  • If this was the real deal all International flights would be on lock down. Planned. US elections coming up.

  • I thought the idea of this virus being engineered was all tinfoil hat conspiracy theories until I started to do my own research. Look up research papers regarding "Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) proteins of different bat species confer variable susceptibility to SARS-CoV entry." There are research papers investigating a SARS-like coronavirus dating back to 2010. The research was done at (you guessed it) Wuhan Institute of Virology.

  • In a few weeks, this will be swept under the rug like zika, Ebola, and all the other diseases we no longer hear about

  • Why dont they just fking call batman then....

  • The virus broke out in Wuhan, the place where a Chinese biolab is known to be. Bioweapon, you bet your butts it is. Influenza has killed more than this little bioweapon. Maybe Chinese needs to just spread that instead.

  • It’s so much more fun to read the comment threads than watch these videos I guess that’s how we’re gonna have to get our news we sure can’t trust the media to give it to us straight...get your Bible out now clocks tickin

  • Man made virus or SARS type vaccine that escaped or infected someone.

  • Why do I have a sneaking suspicuon that the likes have been manipulated by UZtorrent? If I'm incorrect then that means only about 700 people are capable of critical thinking skills or free thought. Those 700, They're my people. I say to them.., stay paranoid my people, and stay alive and unite!

  • Dont trust anything online; i guess this video is not trustable too.

  • any white people dead yet? Don't you find that curious?

  • I don’t believe You! Mr Rolle-Dahl! I want to see everything people have to say, not just mainstream news! Right or wrong, it’s the people’s right to freedom of speech! Who are you to decide what we can and cannot watch in regards to the coronavirus!

  • It is manmade One of the most prestigious schools in the world, the Kusma university of biology and health sciences did a paper stating it was a manmade virus and had a uncanny 92% match to a manmade vaccine. Also showed the gene sequence. There is a biowarfare facility 3km from wuhan market. A French company was supposed to build it, China ended the contact saying they’d build it themselves. This was in 2017. Even people working there said no one regulated it, they also said it wasn’t well maintained and something easily could have gotten out. Senator Cotton of Arkansas already states that it didn’t originate in the market, they have proof. All they know is it went into the market and came out People need to start looking at facts and adding it up, it’s insane to me people are following a narrative of mainstream media. They’ve jailed whistleblowers, and told anyone if they make this statement it was manmade you get 70 years in jail 780 million people are quarantined themselves or forced. This isn’t just a flu The biggest tech company tencent put out the real numbers 3 TIMES! Thankfully people saw a photo, someone is trying to tell the world how bad this really is

  • THESE NEWS PEOPLE wiLL Tell YoU whaT THEY wanT YOu TO KNow.... anD THaT's NOT THe TRUTH.....listEN to The PeoPle.......noT the NEWS. TRuST NO "GoverNMenT"

  • THESE NEWS PEOPLE wiLL Tell YoU whaT THEY wanT YOu TO KNow.... anD THaT's NOT THe TRUTH.....listEN to The PeoPle.......noT the NEWS. TRuST NO "GoverNMenT"

  • Lies lies and more lies from the media wouldn't believe anything they say

  • We need to curating China and ban traveling there before it's too late.

  • I truly hope and believe that the people at WHO are stepping up to the task at hand. #WHO 🙏 but be safe people be ready to take care of yourself and the people you love this is not the time to depend on any organization or government.

  • If bat soup were to be consumed in the United States, it would be an extremely ideal Halloween food apart from candy. Drinking bat soup may cause infections with coronavirus which is near flu. What a match! Halloween is the primary autumnal holiday part of flu season, not exclusively football season.

  • The bat snake market story was made up by the same people who manufactured corona virus in their secret labs.

  • video start at 4:00

  • Conspiracy theories are good things not bad. Every exposure of corruption started with a theory. Since when have theories become taboo except by those who don't want to be exposed?

  • #populationreductionagenda

  • The label racist creeps into every thing. people are keen to attach it wherever possible.

  • Peter Rolle Dahl saying conspiracy theories to foment fear and cement hatred. No, There are conspiracy facts that are meant to inform people that they shouldn't believe everything government says. Remember all the times government has lied in the past.

  • We will find the truth. We don;t need the MSM. We are the news now...

  • There's some kinda conspiracy connected with American politicians and CIA to undermine China's economy and stop their progress and bring them top their knees. Obviously that cannot happen as the Chinese are resilient people and they always prevail as they have the experience of 5000 years of history. Long live the people of China. May the foreign saboteurs be caught and charged.

  • game over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for the viruses cuz THEY R BILLION

  • flu)

  • flue in Spain kills every year 15k people

  • Why did they let that woman from Shanghai attend?! This is being spread strategically and on purpose. You won't change my mind. Agenda 21.

  • I've got two friends, one in Thailand and one in Arizona. They both confirm the same thing. More than a hundred and twenty thousand deaths so far estimated and crematoriums incinerating bodies 24/7.

  • After China might India or US for the next virus target... The aim is to control the human population ...

  • Ncov 2019 is a Bio weapon made in china

  • why are only asians contracting it?

  • his example for bs lies, is that it's come from bats.

  • U.N. Agenda 21

  • Racism only kills people when its one with an ideology, and millions of people only when it is one with socialist ideology. In itself it just evolutionary way to simplify recognition. And here it works in many ways. Common Chinese do have have unhygienic habits and impolite behavior in public. They do not believe in soup, viruses, bacteria or modern medicine. Western person can more easily recognize possible Chinese person, than more high resolution character traits among Chinese population. Of course there is going to be racism here, as long as this corona virus epidemic ends, and so what? The real problem is the virus, not racism. And let's not forget that Chinese themselves are in general very very racist.

  • I'm not sure the Corona virus is even real. I mean it's a pretty efficient way to get all those protesters scared off of the streets no? And I certainly don't trust media outlets to tell the truth sooooo I'll just continue to speculate and hope the Chinese people haven't forgotten when this blows over.

  • i cant trust any of this !!!

  • Just drop nuclear bomb and erase china

  • For those who still don't know that the china government is lying, search it up

  • i hate china

  • Why all the hysteria this date ... Around 10 000 000 dies in cancer every year. 650 000 in flu. 800 000 suicides. Why dont people scream in fear for that ???.

  • The only one that has been suppressing information has been the Chinese government!

  • Eating wild animals is gross

  • DW= Propoganda

  • Ya really looking forward to Netflix original documentary about Wuhan

  • Coronavirus = Common cold

  • What we know is don’t just blindly trust the CDC or the WHO or any of these other “health” “experts”. They are making a literal killing selling vaccines. Don’t let their scare-tactics affect your critical thinking. They lie all the time.

  • Diseases BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTION by the lying government and lying media ➡️ Ebola, swine flu, bird flu, AIDS, the common flu, and now ""the corona virus"" !!!!! I hate the LYING MEDIA !!!!

  • The cure is lysol read the back of the bottle and coronavirus is there of viruses the lysol eliminates

  • USA China trade war, USA China financial war, Hong Kong anti China government protest, the Death of Iranian General Suleimani, US biological weapons program in wuhu

  • Classified information on CIA the spy agency’s Corona Virus operations ?? DW we need answer now.

  • Coronavirus (erroneously named since MERS and SARS are also coronavirus strains) is being overblown and exaggerated for obvious benefit of news media and medical industry. Its infection rate is not significantly different from other kinds of flu-causing viruses and the mortality rate is lower (2.5%) than other strains (MERS has 35% mortality rate but only 858 cases, while SARS has 9.6%) making it less lethal. Most deaths are attributed to complicated infections (Pneumonia, etc) rather than Coronavirus being the sole cause of death. And most infected individual reported are either old (40+ years old) or has existing medical condition.

  • So they developed this virus in a lab. A virus predicted to kill 30 million people years ago by Bill Gates and the Simpsons. My logic tells me the scientists created this deadly virus and then they exposed the public to it. I don't trust everything online but I don't trust this guy pissing on my leg and telling me its raining.

  • The truth is people we all know will die becauseb their lives are less important than the tourism industry, the corporations profiting off globalism, and political parties that must import new voters because their ideas are that unpopular. Your government will notb do what is necessary when the time comes. Too many profits and feelings would get hurt. People have a right to borders

  • Don't eat everything that moves

  • Corona virus came out after the revolution they were upholding but their dictator leader decided to kill all of them. How plague them with biohazard outbreak.

  • Sounds like a biological toxin is being tested by the globalists, they've made no secret that one of their goals is to reduce the population of the world by 2025 , my god they're scheduling it god damn them all.

    • Bullseye ,you hit the target dead center, thanks for the input.

    • Event 201 is just a clever way of saying 21 as in Agenda 21

  • Isn’t it a coincidence that this disease was started in the same city as the Illuminati🤫