David Dobrik Goes Undercover on Reddit, YouTube and Twitter | GQ

Joylandi 12-Noy, 2019
On this episode of Actually Me, David Dobrik goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from Reddit, UZtorrent, Twitter and more. How does one do a David Dobrik smile? Why can't he leave the country without getting deported?
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Check out David's account here:
Reddit: www.reddit.com/user/actuallydaviddobrik
UZtorrent: uztorrent.info/PsW3wqok3w7KNNTsGg9gOwQ?view_as=subscriber
Twitter: actuallydavidd
Instagram: actualydaviddobrik
Quora: www.quora.com/profile/David-Dobrik-27
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David Dobrik Goes Undercover on Reddit, UZtorrent and Twitter | GQ


  • “you’re a millionaire and,” david: *well.. yeah*

  • What video made Dobrik famous and did he have a normal job?

  • Wait, so he married his friends mom? Doesn’t that make it so he could leave the country as he married a US citizen? Am I missing something??

  • 5:16 so he wants to get with Natalie?

  • He said he can't leave and reenter the US unless he gets married but did he not say earlier that he married his friends mother for a video????

  • Didnt david go to brazil??

  • 5:16 WTF "Natalie and i are not engaged, fingers crossed" !!!!!

  • Hol up... if he married Jason’s mom can’t he become a citizen?

  • Yes never think of what you will be in the future. Just take it day by day

  • Spends $10-20 on clothes yet charges well over $20+ for his merch...that is how you stay rich

  • In 10 years we will be watching him hosting his own talk show. I can see it.

  • My school is called DACA D***** Aldridge Community Academy David is protected by my school

  • 5:17 /EXPLAIN/!!!!!!

  • Korthom in het begin😂

  • is he wearing make-up

  • Why does every celeb i love lr used to love live in ohio and i never knew ab it (thats where i live)

  • he is such a humble soul

  • 0:17 that’s korthommm I love his school tours.i hope he’ll come to mineeeee

  • Andrew Yang David the Borek 2020. For the mayor of Vernon Hills and president of Hawthorne maw

  • The depressing laugh after he said he wasn’t dating anyone LMAOO

  • He married Jason Nashs mom, doesn't that give him a green card?

    • @dylan ramos well I meant to to type "oh ok", but I guess I didn't notice lol

    • You obviously didn’t read his comment😂 headass

    • @Brenda Rodriguez ok ok

    • Joshua Hergon the citizenship process takes about a year just so you can apply. 6 months after that to receive your residency. he wasn't married long enough

  • How I give out cars you ask? Welllll seatgeek is an amazing app that helps you buy tickets in literally the easiest way possible

  • Does anyone else think it’s a little weird that they type EXACTLY what he said?

    • I Stole Your Pig completely agree with you

    • No. It’s not weird.

    • I Stole Your Pig that’s how its supposed to be, as they write down his exact words

  • 5:25.... Thank you been asking this had to Google it. 😑🤷‍♂️😌. Not hating but thought he was a movie star or something the way his vid(s) flooded my recommended.

  • 3:25

  • "how are you giving out cars" me in my mind: its seatgeek

  • Definitely some other reasons he watches the videos with Liza....

  • Fall Out Boy Rihanna Drake Lil Wayne Britney Spears Chris Brown T-Pain Katy Perry Dua Lipa Avril Lavigne Halsey Lana Del Rey Madonna Ariana Grande Hayley Williams Jennifer Lopez Melanie Martinez Bruno Mars Camila Cabello Justin Timberlake Selena Gomez Jessica Simpson Ashlee Simpson Justin Bieber Twenty One Pilots Every Member of 1D Miley Cyrus Taylor Swift Lana Del Rey Camila Cabello Billie Eilish Amy Lee Brendon Urie Actually Me PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE GQ

  • Who else went on Instagram to find the account he made?

  • this is irrelevant but it's weird bc i didnt know David till yesterday, youtube has been recommending me a lot of his videos/interviews and, being bored and in holiday, watch them all, and discovered i smile the same way as him for the same reason