Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player NEW Hero Adora Challenge (Best Hero) | JeromeASF

Joylandi 14-Dek, 2019
Today we play Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player NEW Hero Adora Challenge (Best Hero) | JeromeASF
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  • If you have a max adora in the radios of a venful sun god adora will become a venful adora

  • The forest challenge 1 bruid spirit of the forest 2 sniper cripple Moab 3monkey ace Comanche commander 4obyn Greenfoot

  • Under the sea challenge you can only use the submarine and the buccaneer you can go any rout and have as many as you want

  • You are so fucking clapped Adora is the second worst hero striker is worst

  • Idea btd swone only use the towers from btd 1 and only there upgrade from the game 3 towers Bomb shooters super monkey Ice monkey And one person on banana farms Top and middle paths

  • Hot tea ☕️

  • Di marahin santa tu boss ku

  • Jerome when they died the 2nd time: quick we only just made it to 10 minutes continue bois

  • She-Ra?

  • i got a challange and i think you cant beat it here is the code KZLUKYS

  • Try chimps mode

  • You should link up with mitch again Jerome. He just recently started playing BTD6 and it would be cool to have some vids with the benja and bacca back together

  • llib refic si gnihctaw u (Read words backwards to decode)

  • The more money you spent on the sacrifice it get more xp

  • Nvm thats ezili

  • Jerome the 2nd ability for adora drains lifes tho

  • CEO of noses

  • Bomb towers only!

  • Adora-ble hahahaha XD XO IT MAKE ME LAUGHT

  • You deserve a million subs

  • Jerome I just wanna say your such a good guy

  • horabledora not adora

  • Cheap upgrades only (you can do all monkeys) You can only do cheap upgrades only And use hero's for endless upgrades (and supermonkey) Adora is good but Benjamin is great You can use mortar for inf upgrades

  • Pls sub me

  • hey jerome did you know that if you get the vengeful monkey god while u have adora. adora transform too

  • Hi uncle jerome UwU

  • I tested how much xp a tier 5-2-0 bomb tower will give her and it levelled her up to 15 from 7

  • Jerome are you from New Jersey?

  • he should only use the ice tower in the next vid that would be insane

  • I think the exp thing is when you upgrade a tier when u unlock it

  • Jerome do a hero only challenge or do a tech only challenge

  • from she-ra

  • I got to round 96 on this map

  • Do THE LIGHT VS THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The thumbnail image is the Romanian flag

  • When ever I think of Adora I think of She-Ra

  • Ack

  • Adorable looks like sun god’s wife

  • Privilege VS Nonprivileged

  • Hi

  • If you position adora well enough you can put 2 villages up to mib and higher with some berserker brew alchemists and that alone can solo on impopable

  • The adora sacrifice ability is based on the sell peice of the tower

  • Jerome can you play a game called terraria plsss

  • Wheres drop

  • do this again with churchill

  • jerome:did someone not use their ability? also jerome:(doesen't use ability)

    • Stop stealing comments for likes

  • Someone asks me:do you like bloons td6? Me:yes

  • 4xp 1$

  • Can u do a Huge Shooting Challenge. (Big Projectiles) Jerome: Druid Top route Dropsy: Mortar Monkey Top route Steve: Glue gunner Middle route (Steve gets glue gunner because he eats glue and glue storm) Vale: Bomb Tower (Primary) (Any route is fine) Or a Zen Challenge Jerome: THE KNIGHT Vale: Ezili Blade: Adora Dropsy: Alchemist

  • sub to ssundee

  • That adora thumbnail looks like a level 5 life on an sun god

  • Jerome:SO OP *here comes the nerf*

  • Adora.... Hola! Soy Adora! And this is boots

  • The more money u put into a tower the more xp she gets

  • 7:11 Jerome:THE KNIGHT Me:Just buy it already

  • I got to round 102 with one adora, one village, one alchemist, and an overclock. Adora had 2 mil pops at the end of round 100.

  • I’m not liking it says 4 player right and the video was uploaded 4days ago

  • I thought the same thing when I first saw it

  • Do a fusty the snowman video like so Jerome can see if you like the idea

  • Guys adoras a girl not a him