Joylandi 8-Yan, 2019
My first video of 2019...coming at you with a BANGER!! My entire sneaker collection video!!
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  • Rip Kobe

  • Rip Kobe Bryant

  • Kobe dies

  • Does he not have a pair of vapormax’s?

  • Qias: i wont say its the best Video title **best on the world**

  • You can’t even see the cream white yeezys😂 there too bright

  • Do you even wear your shoes?

  • I don’t like the 700

  • And I though that I had nice shoes

  • why most of the sneakerheads in youtube is self-proclaiming that they are the "UZtorrent'S BIGGEST SNEAKERHEAD COLLECTION"

  • Union 1's😎

  • Go to philippines the off white's are seating on the shelf

  • I'm a big fan of youre channel and lebron and I love sneakers to and theres something that I want to say but I cany

  • 1:04 song name?

  • You ready

  • Closet

  • Ho saw a face in his closseo

  • Where does he get his shelves for the sneakers?

  • those orange kobes are too hard

  • The fact that your unborn child is going to have off white Air Force ones makes me so dang jealous even though he or she isn’t even born yet

  • Yeah qice go warriors golden state all the way

  • 15:37 it’s Jordan 8

  • how many do u have

  • We care about your sneakers.Keep them Clean with us.!

  • where are the nike cements

  • Why do you have yeezy cleats

  • Got my kid the off white airmax 90s for his 1st birthday, yes my kid got more heat than me

  • dude your coleccion is fire

  • When your boy has a child. Mina in the background oh god. BELLA

  • I would legit only wear the OFF White blazers if it dindt say OFF white

  • Now i dont have 5 favorite sneakers now i have 23654218

  • All of a sudden bro?

  • You have some dope shoes!! So lit, so hi! I'm from philippines and I am a solid fan of yours, wish I could have crep protect from you its a dream come true!!! Godblees bruh!

  • yeezy 350 look the best tbh

  • Low top sneakers>>>high top sneakers

    • I got 8 pairs on highs and 3 lows so like both

  • What do you think about jumpman 2020??

  • Give me one plz😪

  • Question,if it's the end of the world what are the 3 shoes you would bring

  • How do you gain all these shoes ? Raffles ? Luck ? Buying them without the bots getting them ? Please tell me 😭

  • What your gona do if your shoes burn

  • Lol highbart is bigger hypebeast than y

  • Where can u get these shoes racks

  • He said Kobe 8 instead of Jordan 8 and he said he is a Kobe fan

  • R.I.P. your grandma

  • I have the off white air Jordan 1 Chicago’s

  • it is 2020 now, intro music

  • Can I have your bape 5s

  • your garbage

  • Bruh what is your job and if it’s UZtorrent how much do they pay you

  • The pine green 1’s are so fire

  • I can't even afford a pair of off white af1

  • U got only fake shoes

  • The 700 look like grandpa shoes

  • I made glow in the dark ultra boosts they're actually insane

  • What size is your v2 frozen yellow yeezy

  • Mater

  • Zebra yeezy meter there fire

  • Make a new shoe collection or pick ups video

  • anyone knows that song?

  • What’s the “I’m so caught up in my feelings that I never show” song called? Been lookin for it