Bray Wyatt unveils his Universal Championship in the Firefly Fun House | WWE BACKSTAGE | WWE ON FOX

Joylandi 6-Noy, 2019
Yowie wowie! Coming off of his title win at Crown Jewel, Bray Wyatt showed off his Universal Championship, complete with his custom side plates, on the debut episode of WWE Backstage.
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Bray Wyatt unveils his Universal Championship in the Firefly Fun House | WWE BACKSTAGE | WWE ON FOX


  • What did you think of Bray Wyatt winning the Universal Championship?

    • Fantastic

    • Totally suck..

    • Have a beautiful day

    • Why no custom belt? and pls don't let Roman Reigns be teh first feud. So many other interesting and potentially amazing feuds

    • This is good for him. I love Seth, but its time some other wrestlers get some time with the title. Bray deserves this!

  • Love this character l!

  • the Fiend is a breath of fresh air to the Title - thank God!

  • Cmp vs ese cara de mico

  • So many episodes , soon will be boring to watch

  • Never take that title off him! Bray should hold that belt for well over a year and demolish all those who face him.

  • Aaaaaaand this would be why your ratings have declined like they have. Uncharismatic, overweight slobs being pushed as champions.

  • I really have to give him credit for this character, its dope, and its so different than his last one. His attitude towards it, and how much he puts into it totally gets it over with me. Is it the right time now for full blown Broken Hardys? Or did we already miss that train?

  • Hes a fucking idiot

  • Yup, federally I think Alex will Take Superman from the Mummy

  • People are going to tell you your stupid your whole life but you can overcome all of that everyday Your a dumbass but your going to grow Your so stupid now I couldn't describe the long amount of Assault on eyes you've caused but I know you could change any day. That Russian guy did deserve to die sucker he hit me in light speed to Lobotomy me and trued to prey investigation money from it. booooo. Ew I dated my own daughter all hit EWWW don't hit people Ew. We gotta get to the Gulch on Fox away from this Cas Alex

    • Did you do German Gene with Tyson's Stats Draw ?

    • The Riddler from me in like 1919 or something was wierd though. Like my city turned on me for a Top Notch Hooked Up Hoe so I Kidnapped her into "We're gunna go under my bed and play my Video Game" "This is riddling me about Accidental Hostage Care"

  • If you make the red light go away that would be cool. I just did Radio sound listening. *yawn* I wouldn't make that drastic a random unscheduled change. I just browse it. Reminds me of all sorts of stuff but that's on WWE Network for 9.99

  • I would've loved this but cm punk back so yh bad timing lmao

  • The fiends face on the title is sick if the belts were actually affordable and this one was for sale in would definitely get it such a nice looking tittle


  • Es increíble que esto me lo haya recomendado UZtorrent Kids.

  • I don't like the super human portrayal of the Fiend, but Bray Wyatt is the most talented wrestler in the WWE who deserves every bit of success that he gets... nobody in the WWE is more deserving of the Universal Title.

  • Lms if you glad Bray Wyatt is universal champion 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Why did I think he was going to have a custom belt.

  • Years overdue. At least a month overdue for sure. I'm not watching WWE anymore because of HIAC, but I'm happy to see Bray get some recognition for a damn change. INCREDIBLE talent.

  • Gold Bray is gold I tell ya

  • Damn wrestling is so stupid now

  • What Star will they recruit to take down the Fiend?? Or is it anti hero time??

  • And bray officially has the sickest sideplates ever.

  • It's weird to hear the intro without cheers and applauses.

  • Bray Wyatt should not be universal championship because he is on smackdown and raw

  • What does let me in mean?

  • Now here's hoping he'll completely destroy his next opponent instead of this half arsed fued he had with Rollins. Because that was such a let down, loss after loss after loss... booooring!

  • at the end of the day he is bray wyatt who looses against anyone just by changibg name to fiend doesn't means he become a good wrestler lmao

    • Boy what are you talking about he beat seth and finn

  • Let Me In!!!!!

  • This guy will be amazing at jokering

  • I thought him being champ was too fast but there was no other better outcome. It works and I'm happy for him as a person. He doesn't have the bod or crazy wrestling abilities but hes a mad genius

  • thats why brock went to raw cause bray has the universal title they got a world title on raw don't worry about it

  • I love this guy

  • I ain't gonna lie, but the fiend is the best wrestler in the wwe rn

  • GENIOUS MADMAN Sex symbol

  • This is so PG that I became a pedophile

  • No thanks

  • One of the most creative and well thought out characters we've probably ever seen. And I mean that. Well deserved title run, and hopefully it lasts a while to really establish him as a legitimate threat.

  • So.. It's just basically his side plates.. Just like every other wrestlers get.. Same old jammy dodger belt. Well done WWE 🤦‍♂

  • Too early 🙃

  • 00:15 that 2019 Joker laugh

  • So I know for a fact that Bray Wyatt watched the movie Split and got his idea for the Fiend from that movie. His character is like Hedwig and the Fiend is like the Beast.

  • Interesting choice of "Let ME in" vs. "Let HIM in". Its like the fiend is now fully in control.

  • Trurly deserving!!!!

  • Bruh the design of the title with the Fiend's face on both sides is honestly the best one yet

  • I`ve decided that two things need to happen for me to not give up on WWE The Lashley/Rusex cuck angle has to go and Bray has to keep the universal title for at least a year.

  • this is so silly

  • I love the sideplates

  • I'm so happy for Bray. WWE did right by him (finally and for now;).

  • Yowie wowie

  • you guys have got all the money in the world, but you can't upload in 1080.....

  • A red champiomship in smackdown... Pathetic.

  • I quit watching WWE months ago but I try to keep up with Bray Wyatt. He's easily the best thing they have going for em right now

  • How could anyone not like this! LET HIM IN!

  • The Firefly Fun House became a... blue wall. Fucking cheap ass Vince.

  • It is embarrassing how many adult watch this shit and think WWE is good now? It's literally for kids.

  • Why is he on drugs

  • I believe Satan made him win the Champion. Way to go Fiend!! :)

  • Bray Wyatt legitimately seems really nice as long as you don’t piss him off.

    • Welcome to his mind