Real Doctor Reacts to DOC MCSTUFFINS

Joylandi 6-Noy, 2019
You have been hounding me to watch this rockstar of a Doctor in action and boy is Doc McStuffins an absolute legend of a Doctor! This was surprisingly fun to watch.
Shoutout to the homie Z-DoggMD!
Check out his review here:
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches Doc McStuffins / Real Doctor Reacts to Doc McStuffins . If you want me to continue making this doctor reaction series please give it a like and leave me a comment on which tv show you'd like for me to review next. I love you all!
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  • omg please give me another one of these episodes. this was the best thing ive watched lol

  • I have another question kinda weird . When I run at school for short distance ( 100m ) after I am at the finish line I generally have a really dry throat and I begin to tear up because of how dry my throat , is this normal ?

  • Hey , I have a random question 😅. I was wondering how old approximately should you be when all of you milk / baby teeth fall out ? Or should I ask a dentist ? 😅

  • Dragon not a dinosaur

  • Lol i Remember that when i hade to take a shot the Doctor said she would give me a lollipop if i let her take the shot but when i let her she never gave me the lollipop ;-;

  • Those dance skills at the end tho

  • For that secret, I sorta trust my doctor for saving my life twice when the other doctors were like “nah she’s gonna be fine”

  • I remember this episode

  • This cartoon was part of my childhood

  • A)SGS syndrome Or B)Can’t popitis Comment for a and like for b You can comment anything even something like ttototo Don’t write that I am asking for likes because I’ll tally it up as a 📚📚📚📕📘😅😅😅😅😂😂

  • *child hood enters* *Aye long time no see*

  • I honestly prefer “No Battery..... Itis”

  • This is out of the blue but Doc Mcstuffins is better than dora

  • why did i enjoy that so much


  • When Doc Mcstuffins’s more educated that any other doctor or nurse I know lol (at least...)

  • I always thought why not she wanted to be an engineer...


  • So Mike just reacted to kind of my entire (young) childhood

  • doc mcstuffin: h- mike: oh how beautiful

  • I loved doc mcstuffins when I was younger, I don’t have cable anymore though so I stopped watching it

  • * is sipping water * 2:15 Did he just dinosaur...when it's a dragon

  • He’s a dragon not a dinosaur 😂😂

  • I remember watching it and I was kind of embarrassing watching it because I thought it was a girl show

  • I just realized that this was posted on my birthday

  • You’re the hottest doctor *I’VE* ever seen! 😏

  • *is nobody gonna talk about how ricardo exists*

  • He should watch some more I have a little sister who's obsessed and I want to know what else Dr. Mike has got to say about Doc McStuffins

  • 2:08 - 2:17 That's a dragon not a dinosaur. It's ok though, they're both cute so I can understand the confusion.

  • *When she can fix problems AND cars* Dr. Mike: 😅....

  • I think doc should be a mechanic

  • Doc McStuffins is a favorite in this household! My small person played doctor all the time because of this show. She wants to be a biologist now.

  • I feel the mems coming on...

  • I can't believe that somebody I watch is reacting to something my little sisters watch lol XD

  • Dr Mike: ...that Dinosour... Me: HOLD UP! *DINOSOUR?!*

  • Dr. Mike, can you recommend a reliable medical source for thesis, research, and stuff?

  • Doc mcstuffins is the BEST seriously reduced so much fear that my LO has about the dr.

  • i hate it when i get shirto gear stucking syndrome. happens once or twice a year, it's really frustrating, good thing it goes away with a little jiggling

  • Imma be honest when I say Doctor McStuffins is more medically accurate than other medical adult shows.

  • My kid loves this show. I'm glad she's learning something real(ish).

  • Ahhhh this is the best video ever lol

  • 8:30 Ok Boomer

  • Doctor! Ur such a beautiful soul. May God bless U everyday with your wonderful talents👨‍⚕️💝

  • I used to watch her all the time when I was a kid 😂

  • *I watched this when I was young and got a doll of her, I loved this show and I don't know if it's over please tell me :(*

  • my 1 and 5 years old son loves doc mcstuffins very much🤣🤣🤣.. baby will dance when they start singging😂😂😂

  • “Shirto Gear Stucking Syndrome”😂seems legit🤷‍♀️

  • I remember wanting to be a doctor because of this show. I look back and wonder what the hell I was thinking

  • Hey Dr. Mike. Have you ever experienced horror while staying up late at the hospital? I mean, you're a doctor, met any spirits?

  • I’m sitting in my head in the toilet after seeing this.

  • why do i feel like he's way into it?

  • It would be AMAZING if you did a reaction video to a British medical drama like Holby City. It would be interesting to see what you think of the differences and similarities.

  • Its a toy doc, it doesn't have jeart or lungs lol

  • What about his heart and lungs? It's not in the song so.. 😂

  • We definitely need to see more Doc McStuffin Vids!!!

  • I expect to see a weekly review of Doc McStuffins, this is brilliant content!!

  • Ok I have “sick itis sickness disease”

  • i love how much he enjoys this video, he's smiling through the whole video

  • That aint a dinosaur thats a dragon

  • Her mom is actually a doctor