Load management has gone too far, West will come down to Lakers & Clips - Broussard | NBA | THE HERD

Joylandi 6-Noy, 2019
Chris Broussard joins Colin Cowherd to discuss Kawhi Leonard, load management, LeBron James and more. Hear why he strongly dislikes load management and why he believes the NBA Western Conference will come down to the Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers.
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Load management has gone too far, West will come down to Lakers & Clips - Broussard | NBA | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd


  • What should the NBA do about load management?

    • @Raisean W So that whole drama with Kawhi vs the Spurs medical staff didn't happen? What about when Kawhi got Finals MVP in 2014 vs Heat? Pretty sure Bucks and 76ers are happy he went back to West conference. He has nothing left to prove and shortening the season has been proposed for decades.

    • Adam Silver is the worst thing to happen to the NBA.

    • JayyCee4 !! Blake is coming off of an injury .Most players usually won’t do back to back games straight off the jump .

  • L J just did a back to back at age 34

  • Fans should get discount seats on days the star players dont play.

  • your a fool if youll compare a basketball, a team sport, to an individual sport gold..an athlete can opt not to join an invitational tournament and decide on his/her own since he owes nothing to fans..

  • Load management is nonsense. Some of the highest paid, privileged people in the world taking time off because time off! Garbage.

  • Kwahi is not on lebron's level

  • LeBron has done load management in the past, it effected his legacy so he stopped... it like I’m in a parallel universe and everyone has forgot this. www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/15084974/lebron-james-cleveland-cavaliers-sit-game-tuesday-rest

  • NBA players don't play in the olympics

  • Why do you think 80+ games it's healthy? It's not a mental block. It's common sense. 85 games x 10 year career = 850 games 30 mins/game x 750 games = 22,500 mins How long do you think human joints can last? Not to mention the countless minutes played in AAU. You guys are salty because the dropped ratings. You doubt give a damn about these player's health. The NFL plays a 16 game season... once a week.

  • it is disrespectful to fans Title or not

  • As a sports fan, I totally agree with Chris. It’s pretty bad when you can pick and choose the games you play and it’s not how that works. MLB has the longest season of all 4 sports and you never heard about jeter sitting because he was “tired” unless you’re hurt you play everyday. Period!

  • Why does he not just play less minutes instead of sitting out games

  • It's cuz the nba has guaranteed money. Nfl no play no pay


  • Utah is getting the same disrespect the Raptors got last year, also Kawhi Just getting started with LM wait until PG is Healthy.

  • I'm with Chris... it don't make no sense taking off games already

  • I was told by somebody in the building...some rumor Management would be good

  • Great discussion. To me, teams should have the right to load manage if it leads to better results. You load manage within a game, why not within a season? And games are not less interesting without Kawhi . Maybe it's more interesting to see a different starting 5. I'm all in for load management.

  • “Why are you sitting when your healthy” FACTS

  • Lol smh lebron started it

  • Lil man sounds like a B

  • He'd met that team good

  • Making dude better than he is.

  • just play him for 4 minutes a quarter and let him chill the other 8, stop sitting out perfectly healthy players.

  • I am with Broussard on this one completely, I wish I could take days off from work, I am going to try it and tell the company it is load mgmt lol


  • The only the only reason Kawhi Leonard won the title because Kevin Durant got hurt

  • You can spend forever trying to figure out Kawhi and it'll never happen.

  • Why is Colin constantly interrupting Chris? Let the man make his point. Smh

  • I can see now the Clippers are replacing the Warriors as the team to hate anything that poses a threat to ESPN/the media's "golden egg" lebron

  • why do they keep calling brusard on this talk shows . he is just terrible

  • Everybody cracks me up! All this talk from people who are not running any, Any, ANY court are talking all this smack! Massage scalp daily for hair health! #Share4Hair www.Humide.net

  • Wow! These nba players get compensated extremely well.. Somebody call David Goggins to see what he has to say.

  • Load management for blue collar folks= calling in after your manager denied your time off

  • The NFL also play a lot less games ... this arguement is so stupid

  • Season has been to long. Should have been cut back years ago...

  • Professionals show up for work everyday. They don't make excuses.

  • You go out there and play 82 games and tell us what it's like don't tell me from sitting on a couch what a player should and shouldn't do

  • NBA should fine players every game they miss take money out of their paycheck and they will eventually stop

  • I've never wished NBA players to get injured. Only now!🤣😂🤣😂

  • just let kawhi come off bench lol get like 5 mins a game

  • Clippers are good, but I wanna know when it comes down to it. How they gone be able to guard Lakers Bigs??

  • If I was the owner of Kawhi's team the contract would read, "you don't play, you don't get paid."

  • Name a player that can get his shot? Are you kidding me. Kyrie, Lebron, Harden, Westbrook, Durant, Lillard, T. Young, and Lou Williams are just a few.

  • I don't have a problem with load management I just hate that they act like KD and Klay getting injured didn't have anything to do with the Raptors winning it. Those two or even one of those guys get hurt and conversation is totally different.

  • These spoiled b*tches are soft...I hate them for turning me into the 40 year old talking about how much tougher the players were in my day.

  • The GOAT = NO LOAD MANAGEMENT! Yup, thats right, Michael Jordan = THE GOAT!

  • How can anyone call Kawhi Leonard the best player in the world if he's sitting out games while he's perfectly healthy? To me he's disqualified from that discussion.

  • BS LeBron the best pg? wtf man give me some of ya smoking... damn! like Westbrook, say what??

  • "I'm being told it's between Lakers and Toronto, Clippers are out" - Chris Broussard

    • Palrath1 ye we see where that went 😂

  • God y’all are so dumb the reason why Kawhi is sitting is his knee is never going to the same it’s an Injury for life not because he doesn’t want to play

  • How is it deceitful if you knew the guy was managing himself years before signing him? It's not deceit to be provided the exact thing you are paying for. The media feels decieved as they don't get 82 Kawhi games to cover, everyone else expected this

  • If this continues espn and tnt need to call adam silver and demand that the price be lower to have the rights to nba games when superstars don't play the game just isn't the same

  • Kawhi should have stayed in San Antonio. He let uncle Dennis f it up for him

  • I enjoyed this convo but that was a really half-assed comparison to the NFL that they made. Don't touch the subject if you not prepared to make a full comparison with all the major pros and cons.

  • colin sucks whoever he thinks will elevate his career

  • This is ridiculous, yes he's probably the best in the nba right now but that still doesn't give him the right to only play 65 out of 82 games. So he's just casually going to take off 17 games even if he's injury free hah what a joke. I like kawhi just as much as anyone but I don't see any other stars in the league doing this to this extent. If you want to take off 5 games for rest then okay that's understandable. They need to reconstruct his contract to pay him for only 65 games. His sense of entitlement has gone way way too far. I believe kawhi is an emo diva on the down low smh

  • I think many of these folks are missing the point by being so focused on the end result. I believe it is about putting butts in the seats. I get it, the die-hards will show up no matter what but you are tempting fate with the causal fan. Short story: My sister and brother-in-law attended their first NBA game last Saturday. They invested and entire day to drive almost four hours to Memphis to see Ja Morant play. My brother in law graduated from Murray State so he wanted to see Ja.. Guess what? Ja Morant, a rookie, was not on the floor for load management. Very disappointing.

  • 365 days in a year and most people have to work 5 days a week probably 8 hrs a day and most people won’t even see $100,000 in a year u telling me NBA guys are getting paid Millions and can’t work 82 days in a year for the regular season and remember if a game doesn’t go to OT there work day is 48 mins lol something wrong with the system don’t ask why the youth would rather be entertainers then firemen or policemen or teachers

  • So we all know coach pop started load management for his older spurs players.... but are we gonna act like LeBron wasn't the cause of (healthy player) load management before kawhi? Are we really gonna act like LeBron want doing load management in 2015 , 2016, and 2017... IT HGOT SO BAD IN 2017 THE UZtorrentR @ Oprahside really made a video crying his eyes out because he spent thousands on tickets and lbj sat and it got so much attention the conversation of load management really became a topic on Espn then LeBron came out a day later or later that week and said ty lue was the reason he sat out I believe it was before a lakers game I know he played vs the lakers but he sat out a game earlier that week back in march 2017...