Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player OK Boomer Challenge | JeromeASF

Joylandi 30-Dek, 2019
Today we play Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player OK Boomer Challenge | JeromeASF
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  • The science versus magic challenge. 2 people do alchemist Top and middle paths 2 people do Monkey apprentice top and middle path. Tier 5 for each, banana farms are allowed and so is the monkey village. Bonus challenge. you can only talk to and hear your teammate. Round 130

  • Ok boomer

  • Military Force Advanced Edition: M1 Abrams(Captain Churchill) Mortar(middle route) Assault Rifle(Sniper Elite Defender) AC 130 Spectre(Flying Fortress) USS Nautilus(Preemptive Strike) Eurocopter UH‑72 Lakota(Apache Prime) USS EnterPrise CVN-65(Buccaneer top path) And Farms are allowed(not optional) you will need it.

  • The evolution challenge :Pat Fusty, Stone Age, Ice Monkey,Ice Age. Engineer Monkey, Modern Day. Quincy, Future No Farms or Village

  • Ok boomer ok boomer ok boomer

  • 11:45 pat plays with his ducky

  • The Burn In Hell Challenge Jerome:THE NIGHT Someone:Prince of Darkness(the person kan have as many warshipers/necromancers as he or her wants) Someone:Wizard Lord Phoenix (as many Phoenix as he wants) Someone:Druid Avatar Of Wrath(as many poplusts as he or her wants) 4 banana farms for each person

  • U are dumb Jerome,u should have place the glaives lord in mid

  • Boomerang monkey: am I a joke to you

  • The other ok boomer challenge: The 5 original towers 1.dart monkey 2.tack shooter 3.bomb shooter 4.super monkey

  • JEROME! Glaive lord can also see camos

  • To be fair, Batman uses batarangs which could qualify as boomerangs, so technically it doesn't compromise the integrity of the challenge


  • Jerome you are my favorite UZtorrentr. You keep me up when I’m down because your videos are soo funny. I was having a tough time today with school and I watched your video and it helped me with depression. I have watched you for 6-7 years now


  • Jerome the Night technically have boomerangs because the Night have batarangs that is a boomerang

  • The night could be a boomer because batarangs could be a boomerang

  • The submarine challenge Jerome uses the third Steve uses the second Mat uses the top

  • Yeah, MOAB Domination lets the tower shoot at literally any MOAB-class bloon on screen.

  • The Explosions Challenge You can only use: Bomb Tower Monkey Ace Mortar Captain Churchill or Striker Jones

  • What happend to ohhhhhhhhh budddddddddy

  • ok glueer

  • Banana village? 4:22

  • Jerome the knight literally shoots rangs like boomerangs

  • Y is there the Winter., The Night, And The Morning

  • the jerome challenge Jerome picks every tower that every one has to use jerome has banana farm and monkey village

  • Do the super challenge 1 vengeful sun god 2 true sun god 3 anti bloon gunner 5 knights

  • The supercharged hot rangs is the highest DPS boomerang combination


  • Challenge powers only

  • You could use the night Because he use bata RANGS

  • When Jerome said "MIB" did anyone thing of GTA5

  • 5-0-2 is better then 5-2-0 hot rangs pop 2 layers instead of 1

  • Ok boomer

  • Jerome you changed from lead to faster throwing.... lead is better as fire ranges give double damage.... big dumb

  • The millitary only challenge

  • The audio is off

  • Clicks on video The only thing I hear GAINT BURP


  • Jerome be the banker

  • How bout the Anti-You challenge. You pick your least favorite tower/route you usually do. So essentially Jerome is not allowed the Night and must be the The Morning (Sun God) and if Jerome puts down The Night himself it's an insta loss. Though someone else could have The Night.

  • The knight throughs Bater "rags". Which is like a boomer "rang".

  • R. R He cry

  • the night throws baterangas and those are just batman boomerangs so he should be able to put down the night

  • Jerome said perma sh*t at 16:19

  • Steve is not being a jerk Jerome, you are being the jerk.

  • The glaive lord I super good at popping balloons the perma charge is good for Moab’s and Kyle boomerang is umm good for what again?

  • Okay boomer

  • Master challenge: You can only use monkeys with master in its name such as: Bloon Master Alchemist Master Bomber Grandmaster Ninja Crossbow Master

  • Does anyone else want to see them do Impoppable or C.H.I.M.P.S. or is it just me?

  • Try to decide which balloon is better. Is it big balloons or small balloons Small Balloons are given to you Big Balloons need 10 different maps win with type of game mode with Pat Mc Fusty Like so Jerome can see

  • What is boomer

  • I know it's stupid but.... What's a boomer??

  • uhhhhhh buddy best inttro ever

  • Ooooohhhhhhhh buddy

  • at 6:38 , jerome just got a cursed number of cash

  • 0:01 “OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH BUDDY!” I actually got scared because I was watching tv

    • 3:52 shuuuut up

  • Bloons: Make it on to screen Everyone: That’s further than I expected them to make it

  • ok boomer

  • btw it uses about... $158,000 to fully buy all upgrades for a hero