Mob VS Tatsumaki (Mob Psycho 100 VS One Punch Man) | DEATH BATTLE

Joylandi 6-Noy, 2019
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Mob VS Tatsumaki's Bloopers!
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  • Check out the Bloopers of this episode here!


    • Pretty sure we all just did watch the bloopers. More and more often you guys are disregarding your own analyses and rules, then handing it over to the underdog.

    • Hey! Can u guys do a video with father from full metal alchemists vs Kaguya from naruto

    • @Victor Cartagena my boy mob strikes her in the head like 5 times and hits her with a car including twisting her body and she still didn't take damage XD

  • Meh... Why did I even bother thinking deathbattle was credible...

  • Unas de las muy pocas peleas en las que el mas fuerte gana

  • is anyone excited for the next match

  • Magic carpet(Alladin) vs. Cloak of levitation(Dr. Strange)

  • Nice

  • Mob would never hit a woman

  • With Tatsumaki’s manga feats, Mob never stands a chance.

  • Where is Reigen when you need him?

  • Mob attacks and defends at the same time, was outpacing her at the end of the fight, and she just had a near perfect defense anyways. You guys have seriously lost your way. Im out for good.

  • Even one said that mob would win against tatsumaki if he got serious

  • SUGGESTION: Max Rockatasky Mad Max vs Rick Grimes The Walking Dead.

  • Here's an idea for an episode. Alucard from Hellsing versus Abel Nightroad from trinity blood.

  • This so called “hero” just killed a citizen who tried to go to school

  • The Mask: Like Deadpool: Comment

  • Death battle then: scales explosions and collateral damage Death battle now: measures broccoli

  • Onslaught vs. Batman Who Laughs (Professor Xavier with Magneto's mind vs. Batman with Joker' s mind)

  • My suggestions for Death battles 1.Serious Sam vs Duke Nukem 2.Jenny Wakeman VS Astro Boy 3.Harry Callahan vs Paul Kersey 4.Jason Voorhees vs. Michael Myers 5.Bugs Bunny vs Mickey Mouse 6. Space Battleship Yamato vs The Death Star 7.Godzilla vs Sachiel (Evangelion) 8.Mothra vs an Ohm bug 9.No Face vs Stitch 10. Doug Masters (Iron Eagle) vs Maverick (Top Gun)

  • Make a death battel in saitama

  • Saitama: Those 2 lost child’s are fighting

  • Who brought this sassy lost child to a DeathBattle

  • Deadpool vs The Mask? I'm stoked! This better be a real death battle and not some pinkie pie crap. If Deadpool can't get that mask off he's F-U-(-K-E-D

  • Yoooooooo please make this death battle. 7 DEADLY SINS VS FULL METAL ALCHEMIST DEADLY SINS. 😫🙏🙏. Please guys. Please

  • Literally says that head trauma weakens her powers. She gets hit hard in the head WITHOUT BLOCKING IT and somehow has 100% power?

  • This fight makes no sense! ONE himself said that mob was as strong as saitama!! C'mon DEATH BATTLE better than that!

  • Okay here head was bleeding and hurt and they said her powers get weaker when that happens so how did she moves that rock from space mob should of won like if u agree

  • One punch man vs Goku. Plz

  • Meliodas (seven deadly sins) vs Asta (black clover)

  • Death battle: tatsumaki wins Me: what I call BS ! Death battle: explains logically why MOB lost. Me: I Still call BS ! *Reigen self defence Punch !


  • As usual... you guys calculate things literally without knowing his limitations at all. In the anime, he wasn't at his full power when he was absorbing all of that energy. They even state IN THE DIALOGUE "Is there even a limit to his vasal?" when he was in ??? mode, which you did have him fighting in, in this video. You gave him the limitations of 100% in the form of ???% I love Tatsumaki, she is best girl, but Mob's powers just aren't revealed nearly enough for you guys to conclude this at all. It's like you guys thrive off of being wrong, both analytically, and with your pronunciations.

  • lol mob is omni's in manga

  • Mob >>>>>>>>>>>> Tatsumaki Mob Wins

  • I guess mobs ability to erase realities is out right.

  • Eren Jaeger vs Spiderman next

  • MOTHERF**KER! My money was on the kid! Raw power all the way!

  • Imposible Mob ??? % Lose... because he can destroy all and no effect with anything... even Mob no use ???% for fighting with Bos Claw ...

  • Nah nah anha nahanahanahanahanahamahanahanahanahanahanahanahanahanahanahanahanahanahanahanahanahanahanahannahanabanhanahanahananananananananananannanananananannananananananananananannananananananananananannananaanaanahanananannanananananananananananananananananananannaahnahanahanahananannanananananananannanananananahnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah REEEEEEEEMAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTCCCCHHHHHHH

  • This is unrealistic, mob would never hurt a girl

  • Killua Zoldyck from hunter x hunter vs Luck Voltia from Black clover

  • Anyone know where the different sketches of the One Punch Man comic are from?

  • Iceman Vs. Princess Elsa

  • I'd like to see Sadira vs. D'Vorah. Who is the superior fighting insect hybrid?

  • They said getting hit in the head would dampen her peer I saw her get pushed throw two building head first lol

  • Please finally do ... BAKI HANMA vs. OHMA TOKITA

  • I was not expecting that

  • Tatsumaki: No one bea- Me:I punched a black hole and punched superman Tatsumaki: *JAW DROPS* and*dies*

  • Make a death battle of light yagami

  • Any time i see them show the math for one character's achievement but leave it out for the other in a similar category i already know which character will loose.

  • 18:00 Tatsumaki: You should've gone for the head. **use her power to break Mob's shield, and meteor crash onto Mob**

  • Wank

  • I'm saying nope to this video. No way MOB would have lost here!

  • “sUpErMaN iS jUsT wRiTtEN tO bE oVeR PoWeRfUl.” Also..... Mob would lose

  • Unicron vs ego the living planet

  • I haven't watched this yet, but if Mob doesn't clan her there is something wrong here Edit: Are you guys ok?

  • "She has more experience" Yeah cause Mob has only fought people who just got their powers. Not an entire organization or anything. Or people gathering energy for many many years. That's never happened before.

  • 1 thot woman

  • Oh never mind

  • Mod had better physical feats though

  • There's so much salt. I wonder if it is still very valuable as of today.