Skip Bayless reacts to the Dallas Cowboys' Week 10 loss to the Vikings | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Joylandi 11-Noy, 2019
Skip Bayless reacts to the Dallas Cowboys falling to the Minnesota Vikings 28-24 on Sunday Night Football to drop to 5-4 on the season.
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Skip Bayless reacts to the Dallas Cowboys' Week 10 loss to the Vikings | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  • Who is to blame for the Cowboys' loss to the Vikings?

    • Garett. He’s sucked forever.. The O-Line needs to block also

    • Elliott, the clapping clown, Kellen Moore, Byron Jones, Jourdan Lewis, Chidobe Awuzie, Anthony Brown, the cowboys secondary, receivers, Defensive line, offensive line, Prescott and the defensive coordinators. PRACTICALLY EVERYONE!!!

    • LOL Cowboys DUH!!! WTF...

    • The blame rest solely on the shoulders of the Minnesota Vikings. It's completely their fault.

  • I’m here after yet another Cowboys loss 🤭😂

  • Watch CLEMSON. Since Troy there hasn't been a SUPERIOR QUARTERBACK.Give the young man a chance.

  • The Clemson quarterback sure looks sharp. Maybe OSU will pick him up.

  • 6:49 funniest moment lmao SKOL !!!!

  • drip bayless is the man

  • Funny how they call 28-24 crumbling

  • If the Cowboys lost ....what is the point of skips comments

  • Don't cry Skip! Dallas is and has been overrated for the last 25 yrs

  • Great game

  • Ezekiel Elliot's best days are long behind him. Dallas has a way of running it's HBs into the ground at an alarming rate. Have you noticed how long New Orleans HB stay in the league? They almost always run multiple backs with a 60/40 split. Just look at Mark Ingram. The guy is 30, he's balling in Baltimore, and looks like he still has a couple solid years.

  • who has a better passer rating? Kirk cousins or Dak prescott?

  • Lmao, my, we, these mother f*ckers act like they own these franchises.

  • Dallas Cowboys coach needs to go Jason Garrett you're fired

  • A lot of y’all ain’t watch the game SKIP was correct the WHOLE way through Dak Prescott has proven to me not just this past week but this whole season he is making strides towards elite. Carried the cowboys the whole game and even though they wanted to beat themselves the whole game he wouldn’t let them. That very last stand where they got the red zone was the most terrible play calling and essentially the cowboys overruled Daks efforts to win by calling those atrocious plays where enormously underachieved. As a redskins fan if he don’t get paid I would love to have him be the now for Washington

  • The Cowboys will never win a championship with Jason Garett 💯💯💯 .......

  • team sport, skip

  • First Cousins

    • It’s never gonna be Dak Prescott fault for losing any game. You can have a QBR of over 100, but if your team kept loosing games, it’s gonna fall back on the Quarterback. Just

  • Dak so overrated

  • Wow. Qbr ratings equal what??? Nothing

  • Shannon Sharpe at 6:21 “ oh my goodness” LOL 😂

  • Tired of hearing Garrett is on the “hot seat”. His seat should be in flames by now

  • I'll take my quarterback's W over your quarterback's QBR anyday.

  • Anytime Cowboys lose it is sweet, watching Skip react to it is just the cherry on top lmao!

    • Shannon-“what he do last night “ it’s not yo turn to talk. This guy kills me.

  • Skip just go ahead and cry and put your head on shannon’s shoulder. Everybody cries be a man and admit it that your team lost. They are still a good team.

    • hug percentage in viewership. Don't be a sucker, don't take these game serious... take them as they are... WWE type of entertainment.

  • Hahahaha you guys are to funny.😂👌

  • Someone needs to explain the rules of football to Skip; QBR does not figure in the filnal score of the game!

  • The cowboys are trash, they’re finishing 8-8 maybe if they’re lucky 9-7 they’re losing to the Patriots, Bills, Rams and probably the Eagles

  • Dear God I can't stand to hear Shannon Sharpe mouth his mouth!! He makes Southern people sound like a complete idiot with every syllable he uses! Not to mention every suit he has is almost three sizes too small. To be sure he's got the money to buy a $3,000 suit that actually fits!

    • Skip thinks he's Jerry Jones. My QB this, my QB that...

  • Why these to remind me of my bm. Its "my turn" "its not your turn yet" 😂🤣

    • Why does QBR matter? It does not turn into wins Bayless??