CRAZY Satisfying Food Stop Motion Cooking

Joylandi 12-Dek, 2019
Crazy satisfying food Stop Motion Cooking food is extremely satisfying and relaxing to watch. Have you ever heard of stop motion cooking before this video? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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  • Does anyone realise she says bone apple teeth instead of Bon appetite

  • How do that how the bread just spawns

  • It kind a looks like cake

  • A single one is a die and multiple are called dice

  • Well did u know cheese has milk and uh I’m not gonna tell u what disgusting things are in it but I still eat it 0-0

  • Can you make a video that is being vegan in a day?

  • Di

  • Uuuuu

  • a single dice is called a Die multiple die are called Dice

  • I need to watch this each day

  • Awwwwwwwwwww so cute they are faces

  • How it feels to cook when you're high...

  • If u could cut any kind of metal and get toonies

  • "diced" cheese

  • Nobody realising the pyramid has a small face??? 4:09

  • lia:i wish poop came out sounding like that me:bk ahahaahahahah im dyeing

  • Dice

  • No body: Not a soal: Question: what is dice plural? Me: *DEESE!*

  • I was expecting pizza but I got Lego now I'm ordering pizza it's still lego

  • Is it really thousands of pictures or is it just low FPS

  • Gordon Ramsay we need your help Ok but where's the lamb sauce

  • 🎲

  • Plural=dice Singular = die

  • Sssniperwolf: HOW LEGO DO THAT!? Me: Hinges... Just.. Hinges..

  • Lego wheel:*exists* Lia:THATS ILLEGAL

  • That’s sushi- Not spam musubi. ._.

  • who else got a Gordan Ramsay ad after she talked about Gordan Ramsay? just me........... ok

  • Your a lego-gend lol

  • Its Eather Cheese Or Tofu

  • That's satisfying and must take a while to edit it frame by frame

  • Don't at me but I didn't really like babybel cheese. It was real funky

  • 6:03 Did I hear a faint sound effect from Terraria or is it just me?

  • “They just take thousands and thousands of photos And just move little by little each time!” Me: *Honey, It has a name. It’s called Stop-Motion*

  • 3:16 it has officially became the dur burger

  • Corn dude: WELP time to die 😀

  • *cOmE hErE, cOw* *i wish poop made that sound when it came out* lia, 2010/2020

  • Lia:"heads or tails for your life" * two face has entered the chat *

  • I just stop motion just like this.

  • Dice is plural die is singular I learned from school ok

  • Lia multiple dice are called die 😏

  • Singular: Di Multiple: Dice

  • 8:31 corn: I hate my life 🌽😢

  • No one: . . . . Not A Soul: O>O ALIAH: "They pulled out the meat grinder!" The Chicken: " I got the picked up!" Aliah Again: (chicken gets put into the meat grinder) *LARGE GASP* "THEY JUST PUT HIM IN WHOLE! WHOLE! WHOLE. ENTIRE. CHICKEN!

  • Aliah, it is die O>O


  • Anybody who's seen Isle of Dogs can appreciate videos like this. Seriously, that sushi preparation scene was the most satisfying thing I've ever seen.

  • Its called stop motion

  • 👍🙂

  • Well f you

  • Singular of dice is die

  • Girl stop making fun of that chapstick I need it

  • Nobody: Nobody in the orals of world: ……… Lia:IS THAT ChEESE?

  • mitsubi? Me: NO ITS TAMAGO NIGIRI

  • Anyone else subtiles say bone apple teeth I I I I I I I I

  • 4:09 Where can I find that version of X-files theme song?

  • 3:52 that turtle is fast...

  • The plural form of dice is di or dye just throwing that out their 1:29

  • Love you

  • I like the ice cream one because you had to eat it

  • Just me or did the bread look like toothless🐉