Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player Medieval Times Challenge | JeromeASF

Joylandi 3-Yan, 2020
Today we play Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player Medieval Times Challenge | JeromeASF
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  • so he bought Dwayne The Hawk Johnson

  • I’m pretty sure going bottom and middle routes is better because then the cross master will shoot a lot a lot faster

  • Ever since the new addition of the quick shot upgrades sharp shots got left in the dust

  • Go patriots

  • FAT PEOPLE CHALLENGE,PAT FUSSTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 3:01 whoever said that shall pay for their sins

  • I believe in medieval times 'the dark knight' was a champion knight that wore a heavy black set of armour w/ a dark metallic like sword or in jousting they had a black lance with a sharp metal end


  • You lost the challenge

  • You 4 lost on round 40

  • #to pats

  • 2020

  • Star Wars challenge Monkey ace star fighter Pat fusty chewy Crossbow master stormtrooper Helicopter x fighter Monkey Villages are allowed and farms are allowed.

  • Star Wars challenge Monkey ace star fighter Pat fusty chewy Crossbow master stormtrooper Helicopter x fighter

  • Reeeeeeeeee

  • Im a patriots fan and I’m America

  • go patriots!!!!!

  • The canon is frum that time

  • Why did you wait so long to get the third tier crossbow upgrades?

  • The Pyro challenge everything is fire please like for video

  • Blade i mad but you don't even deserve cap locks, your worst then THE BEAN

  • Sick

  • go paitriots

  • You’re my favorite UZtorrentr jerome

  • Can someone tell me why Jerome doesn’t upgrade his crossbows to sharpshooters until round 81

  • Jerome do a camo hitting challege

  • Automation Challenge Scientist: Alchemist (needs to be at total transformation because of lab coat) Frankenstein: Robo Monkey Scientist defense system: Spike factory Scientists partner: Engineer (RULES: 1.NO BANANA FARMS (because machines don't eat) 2:at start you can use 1 cash drop 3:one bomb tower until you can hit leads

  • 15:33 is round 69 i know thats what were all here for Read more

  • No ninja or Quincy?

  • Yes finally go Patriots yes go patriots

  • Go Titian s

  • The cool people challenge Jerome: pat fusty Steve: glue gunner Blade: Druid of wrath Mat: alchemist Dropsy: adora And anyone can be banker

  • Check out my btd6 challange and comment below more challenges !!!

  • Go, Patriots. Like if you are from the New England area

  • EWWW!!! GO GIANTS!!!!! Edit: the patriots trash

  • Jerome why are u not reading my comment

  • Bruh cannons

  • Patriots

  • “Beep” the patriots

  • Ha pats lost to Titans lol

  • What about pirate ships in the moat

  • Astronomy challenge : -alchemist total transformation : Mad scientist studying the planets -druid spirit of the forest : as earth -ice monkey absolute zero : as neptune -super monkey true sun God : as well the sun Map: space

  • Jokes on Blade. Patriots actually lost


  • He said go patriots haha how funny cause they lost 2 games against titans and dolphins haha

  • "we haven't invented the loan yet! this is medieval times!" meanwhile, Crusader Kings 2 allowing you to take out loans of gold in medieval times

  • 0-2-5 is better than 2-0-5 crossbow

  • I am from nz but still go patreits

  • jerome: worries to much blade: doesnt worry enough

  • I immediately unsubscribed when said he was kidding when he said "go patriots!"

  • challenge:routes from btd battles only rules:only routes from btd battles only like for Jerome to see

  • Patriots are amazing.

  • A rift in time challenge:you can use an map like medieval map or a futuristic map and u can use monkeys form different times like 1:THE KNIGHT 2:pat slapper 3:wizard monkey 4:A military monkey Basically monkeys from different ages

  • Those 3 jugs on top of the castle: It’s over now bloons, we have the high ground!

  • Can u play do more minecraft video

  • I got challenged the future Rich stick challenge the Perma charge Robo monkey superstorm and any banana Farm upgrade

  • 21:28 the baby Castle next to the big castle

  • we need better connection

  • Do the real challenge You can use everything that is real so you can use the monkey village because that is real but super monkey is not real so you can’t use Like so he will se this ⬇️