Fortnite - Darkfire Bundle Gameplay Video

Joylandi 5-Noy, 2019
Heat up the battle with the new Darkfire Bundle!
The Bundle includes the Dark Power Chord, Shadow Ark and Molten Omen Outfits.
Also included are three Wraps, three Backblings, three Pickaxes and the Unification Emote. Grab it in the Store now.
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  • I loved this video but not have enough money to buy this bundle :( . Epic Id HauntedJ0ker

  • Bring Jarvis Back Every like is those who agree with me :)


  • pls pls bring back the soccer skins in the item shop tomorrow or the next day fortnite please

  • Why did you ban Jarvis bruh he is sorry he wasn’t doing to for life he was doing it for content please unban him

  • Definitely copin this on christmas day

  • Can you unbann jarvis if he doesnt use aimbot anymore please epic games

  • Fortnite brings out fortnite for hwauei P20 lite please

  • Free jarvis


  • Epic: I feel like I forgot something. Also epic: if you forgot, it probably wasn’t important. Ice legends pack: *forgotten about*

  • I like save the word not battle royale

  • Oaaaaao

  • can you add Back the Bandage Bazooka

  • Your not fair to Jarvis epic Like if u agree

  • Unbann Jarvis

  • I can't find the bandage bazooka

  • Fortnite plz gave me skin can I have black night and 6000 vbux

  • Pls just unban JAVIS you don’t under stand how hard it is just pls

  • Hey, this is message from for epic games, when are you releasing the next game mode, I mean, I’m getting a bit tired of the normal ones, plz answer (Do not like this comment Plz)

  • You guys are so mean

  • Free jarvis

  • Epic doesn’t even care about Save The World anymore like its been out for like 3 years but they still don’t have a trading system meaning that scammers can scam the guns and then sell it for money which just sounds unfair right (sorry for the ranting)

  • Give us the updates that China has

  • Jarvis should be able to make another account like fortnite is his career you just cant end someone’s career

  • fortnite:has challenge for bandage bazooka fortnite:disables bandage bazooka me:WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! fortnite:i dont care i will ban it and not remove challenge


  • Boo

  • I got scammed I had my ikonk skin and it’s not their I wanted now user lilninja. Alan plz

  • why dont we just all spam their pages saying "gimme patch notes" ... they cant stop us all

  • When will this deal be over...?

  • Dear Fortnite I’ve been looking for the Band-Aid Bazooka to do my last challenge but of course I can’t find it so if you want to help me find it this is my user name empirevadrnick

  • For challenge add bandage bazooka

  • Add bandage bazooka back

  • Not gold in fortnite

  • Epic games I want to have a creator code

  • How long have you been playing fortnite 0-4 5-11

  • this is the key to happieness

  • Bring back the bandage bazooka, please

  • 👍

  • That is so cool bro an epic can you make a Sonic the hedgehog skin that would be super funny

  • Free RedSama!

  • Hello epic games I want to tell you that I lost 150 Vbucks thank you for seeing this post


  • اللي سعودي ولايدري وش مكتوب بالتعليقات😅😅 يصف جنبي يعني حط لايك

  • This game is cancer with its 12 yr old creative warriors

  • FORTNITE!!! Could you make somehow drift,peely,ragnarok,... and other un bought able characters in the item shop? pls thank you for reading.

  • Like so Jarvis can get unbaned

  • This was leaked in the GameStop website

  • Hey EPIC GAMES can you add bandage bazooka i need it to have green style for skin please

  • Hä Old map

  • When Go you live of yt

  • Guys I am here to talk against the indian players playing fortnite using USB thetering and getting 100 ping in pubs and if u guys make us get atleast below 50 ping more than 10 thousand indian players are gonna be happy and one more I had 100 indian friends in fortnite because of the ping they left in season 10, RIP me and my brothers, we would be so happy if u make us get good ping please please😭😭😭😭😭

  • Can u bring back food fight with team taco

  • why do you band jarvis plzz give him his fortnite liberety

  • Can you Bring back launch pads and grapplers back?!!!

  • Add back patch notes plz

  • Me:Anybody got extra cash? Everyone else in the room: :(

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  • フリーメイソンみたいだな