Terrell Owens confronts Stephen A. over Colin Kaepernick criticisms | First Take

Joylandi 21-Noy, 2019
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Stephen A. Smith and Terrell Owens debate Colin Kaepernick's efforts to return to the NFL following Kap's private workout.
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  • My guy Max!!!

  • 4:30 was Molly laughing in the background 😂😂

  • T.O, your speaking out of your rectum. Caperbitch dug his own grave, then shat on all opportunities to compromise. Although he has a right which I support, he has to accept what comes afterwards. You're drinking the chaos Kool aid. YOU, are part of the problematic mentality. Get yourself right.

  • Can we all give max credit for keeping it chill when TO said that🤣🤣, that had to take the mightiest of inner strengths

  • What Streets are they talking about? Because we all in the Streets now the hood is a different story.

  • Black vs Black wow

  • To only voted for Obama because he was black

  • Max's skin starts to change hues bahahah.

  • I find it odd that players who assault a woman or commit another crime get a second chance but Colin "stands-up" for what he believes and he hasn't gotten another chance. Colin's message is good I just think there would have been a better way to express it. The problem is that by kneeling during the anthem the average person in America ignores his message and only thinks about him disrespecting the flag. So they completely miss his point.

  • Stephen A is a joke.. a small man with a large platform.

  • RACE CARD!!!!! Get over it !!!!

  • I agree with Stephen A.

  • The full workout, wasn't good enough! See ya KAEPERNICK! Boo Hoo!!!!!

  • I like how most of the comments are about TO saying "Max almost seems blacker than you" instead of anything about kaepernick lol

  • Neither one of them are in the streets & that's a good thing..the streets don't love you

  • Steven a is a Uncle Tom

  • T.O. made himself look like a fool by saying max is blacker than Stephen A. Not a good look!

  • Get Him T.O! He dont know S***!

  • "Max is blacker than u;" TRUE THAT!!! SAS GIVES ME A HEADACHE!!!

  • None of y'all in The streets y'all millionaires let's keep it real

  • Max is blakker than you Steven A

  • Stephen tell it like it is he done cross the line

  • Shaun King is blacker than Kapernick...

  • Man on the right... Child on the left

  • Wow. T.O. is out of pocket for that one. So disrespectful. And to do that on live TV, in front of another Caucasian? SMH. SAS hooked T.O. up with some air time, and TO did him like that??? Straight up foul on so many levels.

  • Why is “being in the streets” considered a good place to be. I’m sure there are a bunch of people “on the streets” who would love to trade places with Stephen and TO.

    • cause it makes them feel hard and seasoned. They may have grown up in a rough neighborhood but that's far in the past. Live for today you peeps

  • These two should fight for the "In The Streets" Belt.

  • Calm down Stephen A. T.O. was just saying (in another way) that Max's view about this situation was more pro-black than yours. He didn't say Max was more black than you. Neither did he say you weren't pro-black. Listen again.

    • @Dwyane Rose I'm not suggesting that it was. T.O. was asserting that point.

    • Name 1 way in which max views is pro black

  • Lol... Max blacker than Stephen A.. true 😂. He in what streets? Stephen A... Teenage years don't count.. don't he live in Hollywood ?🤔

  • Tbh I’m with Kap for the movement, but he was outta pocket for that move