Trump defense continues arguments in Senate impeachment trial Day 6

Joylandi 28-Yan, 2020
The impeachment trial of President Donald J. Trump resumes Monday, Jan. 27 as Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts presides over the U.S. Senate. Trump's defense team will continue opening arguments at 1 p.m. ET. #FoxNews
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  • The Republicans SLAUGHTERED the Dems! Trump 2020!

  • Thank you, Alan Dershowitz for your non partisan testimony

  • Trump will get my vote !

  • whats happened to the separation of church and state? Having this praying BS shoveled down our throats at the beginning is majorly discriminatory to those that don't believe in that irrational god Myth crap! Gov't needs to represent everybody including the rational thinking citizens of this country and leave religion/god out of it!

  • Its really sad to see that so many people go along with wrong. How can we not call this man Donald Trump on his lies.

  • Democrat fail again. Conservatives Keep winning democrats Keep losing. They are losers

  • Why did not ROBERTS ask Rand Pauls legit question?

  • This is so sad and the stock market answered they knew this was a SHAM I am leaving the party I need my grandchildren to know this is not how a trial is suppose to go it should be fair for all what you do in life will reflect on you be it fair or not and honest if wrong is done take of and protect the USA

  • Sick of Democrap congress wasting taxpayers money on this scam

  • Traitors care more about giving our money to Ukraine than struggling small business who is being threatened with extreme poverty because of Chinese imports and desperate illegal alien workers!

  • NY Schumer is just more BACKWASH from NY political COLLAPSE of ORG CRIME kingpin Sheldon Silver, pervert Anthony Wiener, FELON Gov. Spitzer, Clinton carpet-beggars, Coumo Oligarch Family now add PSYCHO Bronx bartender missy Cortez ... this is why people are FLEEING NYS!

  • Talk about how both Iran and Iraq people are protesting their government after we fought to free Iraq, after previous president delivered to them billions in cash, and then 2 of the countries Obama gave cash have business flying Ukraine Planes to Iran? Isnt it obvious by now that the democrats are the deep state? So obvious when you look at how hard they worked to oppose our president, blocking funding on the wall, saying there is no border crisis, how long will you let this go on before you start arresting these obvious traitors! 3rd Impeachment attempt!

  • Oh Lord show these conspiring democrats trying to undermine our government thy words are true: "He that digs a pit for thy neighbor shall be the one to fall into the pit". Amen

  • This comment section looks like a zoo with all these Trumpanzees.

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  • Read the Ukraine-Trump Impeachment Inquiry Report published by the House in December 2019 or the Articles of Impeachment. Google the documents. Find the truth for yourself by going to the source.

  • these idiots seriously have nothing useful to do with their lives or even say let alone a tiny spec of truth...

  • I said it before farce some have sworn to tell the truth... the truth... all of it... NOTHING but the truth.. the WHOLE truth... not leaving out damaging info to their case... to swear... swear by penalty ... and then they lie and hide the truth and NOTHING happens. it is so frustrating because then it is a farce..... sometimes the Republicans expose the liars... but it is done in such gentle and respectful manner it like... it doesn´t matter. :(

  • tyranny of a minority masquerading as a majority, shifting majorities no less, or rule of law

  • “I'm going to whine so much. You're going to get tired of me whining. you’re going to say, ‘Please Mr. President, I have a headache. Please, don't whine so much. This is getting terrible.’ And I'm going to say, ‘No, we have to make America grate again.’ You're gonna say, ‘Please.’ I said, ‘Nope, nope. I'm gonna keep whining.’ " - Donald Trump

  • The democratic socialist should be prosecuted for treasonous acts against the American people

  • What a complete hoax waged on our President to try and unseat our duly elected President that’s kicking butt and doing business for America all during this mess!

  • Santimonious RINO MITT ROMNEY. Vote all RINOS and Democraps out of office wherever they lurk! The "current" Senate impeachment trial really sucks.....Worthless format and questions. Only good thing is the light being shined on the Bidens. VIVA PAM BONDI! VIVA DERSHOWITZ ! VIVA TRUMP! VIVA AMERICA!

  • Impartial senators huh? Ok boomer

  • And I was just wondering if they would give some of the Democratic senators some of the questions to ask them so they can bring it up and get on rant about Trump in this hearing

  • The questions that were given to the Democrats and I don't know why but it seemed like to me that they kind of the questions were written the bring out certain things for the Democrats to bring up which is only speculation and hearsay

  • You go Trump. I'm proud to be a American with Trump in Office.

  • Trump's lawyers must have cheated on their BAR exam.

  • Trump did not ask for investigations into any other corruption except for the one company connected to his political rival. Trump has not asked any other countries to investigate corruption. So it was not about corruption

  • what the hell? Why was this shortened to 4 hours?

  • Why has half the video been cut? This was an 8.5 hour long video yesterday, now only 4 hours? Noticed a few of the other recordings of this day in the Senate have been cut in half as well. Why?

  • DONALD TRUMP SUPPORTERS 👹👹👹🙊🙊🐽🐷🐖🚔🚔🏀🇬🇧🇬🇧🙊💣💣💣🔨👇👇👇

  • You know when the Democrat is elected president, he or she will in no doubt look forward to implement.The Democrats have set the bar so dam low that it the president tarts he or she must be impeached..

  • Five litter ducksb

  • I don't hear 👂👂👂👂the Traitors & Socialist reciting the Pledge of Allegiance!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • I bet the dems Senators hate saying the pledge😃😃

  • 8:00 for my notes

  • 75% of Americans want WITNESSES!! 89% of Americans have already made up their minds about REMOVAL from office!! This must be one for the HISTORY BOOKS!!!!!

  • In the last 3 years, the do-nothing Democrats have proven only one thing. That the people of America can do without them. Hey, my paycheck is looking pretty good with Trump as President. I'm voting for him again!

  • Trump tweeted against new witnesses Wednesday, falsely saying no Republican witnesses testified in the House trial. "Witnesses are up to the House, not up to the Senate," he said. "Don't let the Dems make you tell the truth!" The brouhaha comes as Trump's trial moves to the question and answer segment, soon to be followed by a vote on witnesses and documents. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., acknowledged to Republican senators during a private meeting Tuesday he does not yet have enough votes to block witnesses, a GOP aide familiar with his comments told NBC News, though Republicans appeared confident they would ultimately block any witnesses from telling the truth in new testimony.

  • Enter Bolton’s manuscript .... 💥

  • This is all mainly opinion and speculation it seems. It doesn't refute much legally and rather just "disagrees". On to the last ..

  • What goes around, comes around. I don't think nex time Rep will wait for a soiled dress to surface before impeaching next Dem president.

  • Lol. They keep rubbing in the pens image 😂

  • Dershowitz clients: O.J. Simpson. Jeffrey Epstein. Donald Trump. Do you see a pattern?

  • Best President ever only one too take on the child trafficking and child snuff issue he is amazing no other President ever did as much as he did he should be honored.

  • It may be this impeachment has only further strengthened the president's position

  • Trump 20 /20 maga

  • A Clinton Admin Treaty obligates all Presidents to investigate Uk4ànian Corruption.

  • Smooth Obama

  • Democrat party of corruption.

  • Call the 18th witness!

  • Nice to see that the rigged trial is nearly done. Now all intelligent people know that the Republican Party is dead.

  • Lol at the prayers give me a break you sneaky snakes

  • We all watch all the evidence on the Bidens and we chuckle on the inside. Because we all know that, even now that there seems to be overwhelming evidence that there was something fishy going on between the Bidens and this huge oil company in Ukraine, the "Deep-State" controlled media will find some crazy way to sweep this under a rug and just continue their factless attacks on our President.

  • Robert Ray is awesome. :) The others were great, too, but he was so spot on.


  • All i can gather from this video is i do not have the patience or give-fuckiness for politics.

  • The most corrupt people in the world is the democratic party today. Robbed the us and colluded with foreign countries to dismantle the country from the inside out the Ukraine has nothing on the democratic party. Even this trial is a part of their corruption they have illegally spied on and harrassed the president no due process behind closed doors coaching witnesses and paying off and offering lies for protection to protect their criminal intrest against the people of the country. Vote every dem out its the only way they'll learn They should just acquit don't give any creedence to this farce of a trial. And immediately investigate biden right after looking into the fbi cia and irs after clean hous3. American people vote them out of the house and senate do our job clean the usa house. And if the republicans don't do better vote them out aswell

  • The stuff on joe biden is so damning it would be irresponsible for trump not to include him is any request for honesty in Ukraine. Think about it bidens got billion while the country citizens lost billions and jobs, think about it they pay the biden family and we look away while china militarize the islands in the strait of harmuse. What russia pay to buy our uranium rights its really bad.