Joylandi 8-Dek, 2019
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  • At 5:12 the cammer was not cut off. 6:30 and the cammer wants to blame the truck driver, 10:23 these punks think it is funny throwing stuff at other peoples cars.

  • @ 5 mins in, of course a cop is sitting there not doing shit.

  • I don't get a fuck whether they are care college students or what speed the person is driving, you don't throw something at another person's private property. They have every right to be angry.

  • And you wonder why we have wars!

  • @4:19 was that a voice? Or a kinky phonesound? Imagine living together with that souicky voice. Do you get mitigating circumstances when you emergency slaughter it? I'm sure it was a sick parrot

  • That last one is not funny at all! You don’t throw stuff at a moving vehicle, snow or not. This stupid ass college kids think everything is funny until someone calls the cops. Some left like the cowards they are but the one recording is THE WORST. I hope they get charged.

  • Throwin shit @ a vehicle no matter weather it will hurt or not, ppl don’t see that shit happening & it could scare them bad enough 2 make them swerve & reck! Js sayin that had every rt 2 be mad!!

  • Wow, did that women seriously just spit on that guy? That is an assault! If she has some kind of disease like H.I.V. Or full blown aids, he could get her 4 murder! May not be a death that happens rt away but probably yrs from now! U spit on me u gone need the cops Jesus & probably a whole lot of other ppl 2 keep me off yo ass! Because the devil will enter n2 my body & I will bring yo ass 2 hell!

  • Hey, be careful of that truck driver brandishing the finger gun, he may shoot u with a blank finger bullet!

  • Ok the 1st clip is real stupid, has kids in the car & ur doin that kind of shit, looks like ur the 1 causing a hazardous situation! Js!

  • Would have been alright if you didn't waste three minutes with a snowball fight gone bad.

  • New York? That's Russia

  • Snow ball throwing fucking morons

  • The care college students don't seem to be getting the care they need.

  • Cammer: "Uh, it's snow." Snow is ice you freaking moron!!!

  • These would be so much better without your dumb ass writing all over them

  • I hope thT guy called the police on the woman who spit on him. That's low and disgusting and assault.

  • Shoulda told the sista that the AMERICAN NAZI PARTY THREW the snowball!

  • 0:45 ".... кусок, блять" 😂👍

  • The last clip was hilarious, talk a bunch of shit when the person is in the car then as soon as they step out no one wants to say anything. Then the woman gets back in the car and back to the snarky remarks. Fuck those shitty kids, see how they like it when someone throws shit at their cars in the middle of the night.

  • So no one is going to talk about the semi truck driver that basically rammed a car?

  • Now see the kids who threw the snowballs handled it all wrong. They should have taunted the angry ghetto queens til they got out of the car then ran around making them chase them. They missed an opportunity to have a great game of 'involuntary tag.'

  • This is private property! And I've never been laid, ever ever

  • The more I watch these videos the more I realize people have an endless amount of water bottles in their car

  • from @4:40 cammer totally in the wrong, he didn't cut you off! slow the fuck down you idiot!

  • Just not safe anymore.

  • If that woman spit on me I would have broken her jaw, man or woman, if you spit on me Iits open season to beat that ass

  • also this asaho..... with snow ball thing is kept laughing probably doesn't know how ugly things can get for him so fast.....he clearly have no idea

  • Snowballs can do damage. And throwing anything at a vehicle is a crime. Its assault

  • run em over ... they won't throw snow again.

  • College kids throwing snowballs at cars are lucky they didn't get their asses kicked. Who am I kidding, they're in Texas. They're lucky they didn't get shot!!

  • Watch ridiculous if you motherfukers throwing snowballs at Vehicles stand against the wall and let me throw snowballs at your face see how it feels stupid

  • This is where I have my teenage son get out of the car

  • This is where I left my pitbull out of the car and chased these kids and buy them on the neck and crush them

  • 8:47 I learned by the age of 5 not to throw things at people or touch them when they don't want to be touched. These are college students? What happened to the state of our educational system?

  • Only Texas fuck faces trow snow balls on other peoples property and call it "no harm".

  • The first guy filming is the real scumbag, driving like that with kids in the car!

  • The kids throwing snowballs are a bunch of dumb ass retarded sons of bitches. Good them lucky it wasn't near out of beat everyone's as like their mama never did.

  • When I was 8 we used to throw snowballs at cars but u guys are 20 years old like come on

  • When we were kids in Michigan in the 60's, if a car stopped after us throwing snowballs, once they got out, we went batshit crazy with more snowballs...

  • 10:46 "Uhh it's snow" Uhh wtf does a snowball turn into when packed good? It'll probably still be "snow" to this boomer lmaoo.

  • Throw shit at my car and my homies and I are gonna catch a body like a trampoline

  • Holy shit, the first guy with the kid in his car chasing the Camry is a piece of shit

  • Punk with the camera telling the kids to throw snow balls at cars, should have his butt kicked, a unstable person could shoot! them don’t mess with people!




  • Why would you chase someone with your kids in the car are ya crazy!

  • That one kid laughing needs his ass beat and I would love to give it to him.

  • Stupid ass punk kids ain't so tough when someone pulls over huh?

  • Kids or no kids I will run your children down if they throw snowballs at me while I'm driving I will run them over and they will die as they all deserve.

  • If you don't want to deal with Americans go back to your own country then.

  • 8:51 Anybody who thinks "no real harm could have been done" to a vehicle moving at 20 mph on snow/ice should have their own vehicle launched at that speed into a tree or ditch and pay the "no real harm" cost out of pocket. Aside from respecting someone's property (vehicle), it's illegal in most states to intentionally throw *anything* at a moving vehicle because it's an enormous risk to life and property. Those college students need to take some remedial courses in common courtesy and common sense. A little community service time wouldn't hurt, either.

  • How is throwing a snowball at a car funny?

  • 7:25 The kids were first terrorized and then upset about this the rest of the day" Well stop raising your kids to be over emotional little pussies.

  • My opinion if ur convicted of road rage u shouldn't be able to get or have ur license back

  • Are they supposed to be adults throwing the snowballs?

  • The first bunch of idiots need to be walking permanently just like everyone else.

  • I put bullet prof windows and door on my Truck ! Military grade tires self inflating tires ! I have a mounted Air cannon on my roll bars high psi ! Hold about 3 gallons of muck ! I use dog shit and fish parts that cook in the sun ! I can aim the thing from inside my truck and fires about 30 Feet ! I have a 360 cam as well ! Bring me some rage please ! 😎

  • 9:23 right when that loud mouthed bitch got out of the back seat, they should have unloaded snowballs at her and in the open windows of the car

  • Listening to the guy recording laugh at the people who they threw the snowball at pissed me off so much