what i actually do in a day.

Joylandi 17-Noy, 2019
i did NOT go grocery shopping
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-emma chamberlain


  • the dog was running in the MIDDLE of the road ?!!!! 😔

  • ily

  • Wow

  • I'm wondering what you would be like in Europe during the Middle Ages... or England during the Industrial Revolution. Wow, you really lucked out, having been born in 20th century America.

  • Is she really this stupid and has no common sense? Cause god she just sounds dumb af, dropping out of school bc “it made my mental health bad” like stfu geezus.bc school is soo hard and unbearable u obv should have stayed bc for 18 your like a child

  • I bought merch!!!!

  • "I don't wanna workout TODAY" Me: I don't workout anyday

  • next time go to 7/11 store to take out the money

  • I 💝 U

  • your life is interesting when i look at my own life 😂

  • Trying to get more views huh

  • Wish you the best no matter how jealous I am. Lol keep being awesome

  • Must be nice to be raised into guaranteed money... Coming from a homeless man

  • Credit cards? At 18? I'm guessing you're on your parents credit card accounts

  • lol I wonder what she bleeped out in the convo w her mom??

  • Sup

  • Like..like..like..it was like..shit like.. bye.

  • “my life isn’t interesting” goes to nyc for no reason 5 times

  • Someone's a little stoner🤣😂

  • Her sense of humor and comedy delivery is actually really good. Subscribed.

  • I love her trousers. does anyone know where they're from?

  • i laugh like emma's mom

  • I would brush my teeth next to you while you're pooping.

  • What happened to Curology girl LOOL also I LOVE U ur moms so funny HAHA

  • that ending was a mood

  • does anybody noticed those cute laughs her mom did wtf im soft whahshahahahahaha

  • Nobody cares about your mote cycle stfu 😂

  • Lol she wasn't wearing her seatbelt at first

  • Declan is soooooo cute

  • Emma sounds like my friends annoying grandmother