When you see your teacher in public

Joylandi 19-Dek, 2018
Big thanks for Miles Brown for being in this video!
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When you see your teacher in public


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  • 4:50 he kicked him so hard that his hat turned back around

  • hshahahahhahahahahhahaha so funny

  • 2:15 OMG 💀😂

  • Do part 2

  • This is super true

  • You got the 6ix9ine body type had me dying

  • Dats the kid from blackish

  • My mans from blackish.

  • “At least I didn’t fail 3 of my marriages” Oh you will

  • You're so fat you could sell shade

  • I'm not insulting you I'm describing you

  • Merch they got Miles Brown in there video

  • How you gonna be 14 in 6th grade?

  • Op

  • That poem was so good

  • Weird conversation between teacher and a student😂

  • Are we gonna ignore this mans in 6th grade but is 14

  • Who else wants to rip his face off

  • I have a story: One day i TOUGHT that my class will end at 12:30 so i didn't go ,so my mother sent me on to my cousin cause she 's a mother ,my cousin needed to shop something so me,my cousin and her son went to a shop when we finished shopping i sit on a chair and i drinked coca cola ,THEN my teacher saw me. Then in after the day my teacher said to me to stand up and said to me that he saw me not on school and drinking coca cola then she went to the bathroom and then my classmate looked at me and all said :-did the coca cola taste good?- 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂and i was like😑😑😑 Heheh🤣😂

  • Up to 1:38 is always what happens when i see my teacher in public. The rest..... 😂😬

  • Kid: I hope he doesn't recognize me Teacher: keeps looking at him

  • The thing is the teachers try to avoid you to

  • That's how it goes everytime

  • COCONUT WATER SLAPS YO! Whatchu talkin about 😤😤

  • 14 and in sixth grade wow

  • "Don't recognize me Don't recognize me" I Felt That

  • "You threw a rock at the ground and missed"!" HA HA HA HA HA!

  • Thats lil boy off blackish

  • Wow u are the most 14 looking person I ever met! *sarcasm intensifies*

  • Who else had feeling that this was gonna be a goid one after reading the title

  • Me like coconut water:(((((

  • This is me when I see my enemy I roast her and then give her a beat down

  • out of all ur vids this is the most relatable

  • 2:02 dang ok I see u 2:32 wtf this kid is going ham on this man

  • 😂😂 funniest video I’ve seen today. The fact that the teacher wanted to fight a 14 year old kid made me burst 😂😂

  • So you get in a roast battle with you’re teacher He almost fist fights you You call someone for help and pretend you’re being physically hurt by him You kick him in the balls and he gets arrested. Wow, very relatable, happened to be yesterday.

  • I dont know bur doesnt the teacher look like myth in fortnite

  • I swear I know that kid

  • Yoooo is that Baby Bugaloo!

  • This is my first time watching this channel and I just had to subscribe

  • Have fun with 6ix9ine in jail I’m ded

  • ..... oop was a ZZ

  • I agree I hate seeing my teachers

  • 1:36 he ain’t wearing dem glasses

  • Look at the height difference between them in 1 36

  • Is he the boy from blackish

  • hhoo

  • My mind: *f--- you, you are one of those people who give homework* Me:Hi Mrs John!

  • Isn't this the kid from "black- ish"

  • I like coconut water.

  • Im a police officer *Takes out a packet of Listerine cool mints*

  • Sooo nobody ganna talk about him being Jack from BLACK ish

  • Are we going to ignore he said 6th grade math teacher but is 14 years old

  • Isnt he the boy from black ish

  • At least I didn’t fail 3 marriages

  • Wait cant the teacher get arrested

  • “I’m 14” sadness he looks 9

  • The kid was in blackish

  • When I see a teacher in public and they try to talk to me I make the situation as awkward as possible.