What Happens When A Ball Is Filled With Helium?

Joylandi 5-Noy, 2019
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In today's video we're filling soccer balls (footballs) with three different gasses- sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), helium, and carbon dioxide. Will the different gasses affect how the balls react?

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  • What about throwing them instead of kicking? Seems a bit closer to precise 👍🏼😀

  • Your not supposed to inhale helium from the tank

  • Welp, you will not become a football player 😆

  • See you guys again in 4 years after this is put into our recommended list even though we don’t play soccer 👋

  • What you SHOULD do is build a big air cannon to fit the balls in so that you can launch all three balls at the same pressure. That would be a better test.

  • Ok boomer

  • A soccer player would make it better

  • I'd like to see the same tests but with gymnastic balls instead

  • A super ball bounces higher than a regular rubber ball because of the density. I believe that's why the SFO went farther than the air ball. Just a thought.

  • Horrible location, and bad kicking

  • There's no way any of this is proper science. I would really like to see Mark Rober or somebody do this properly.

  • AUS call it soccer to

  • why did he say "nipple" he could have said "nozzle"

  • guys maybe they’re trying:(


  • It doesn't, that's my guess.

  • Cant believe yall cant kick

  • Did you shoot a pellet gun with ear protection

  • I call it soccer to I pretend to say football though

  • you need to use something bigger, like a beach ball, or a blowup doll, Airmattress, Christmas inflatable. like if you want to see that too!

  • Helium could make it float to victory. SF6 could make it heavier to force through wind resistence and maybe receive more energy from the initial kick. Normal air might have just failed because it had neither of those advantages... but we may never know

  • Is that a pellet gun or a Rugar 10/22? Should try shooting it with a shotgun slug or a big cartridge like 30-30. But hey, I understand, that was just a bonus, and if y'all had all the time in the world you probably would have been more scientific about the kicking method ^^'

  • Kick like you mean it

  • There's a lot of room for human error. Maybe you should do something like drop tests

  • In a “sports ball”

  • Hermes belt

  • Footballs are not rated by PSI, but rather by weight (410-450 grams, acording to rule 2 of the game), so that's not a reasonable comparison

  • Kicking the balls Sony prove nothing if u hit it diferent every Time whats the point

  • That drone footage gave me vertigo

  • I don't need sleep. I need answers at 3am

  • GO SOCCER/ USA!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is my first comment I got to talk in the comment bye a glitch

  • Should’ve used a large potato gun type of launcher that uses compressed air so that you could keep the psi on each one the same having it air powered

  • The force required to kick sf6 is greater than air and will kick farther by force alone

  • Was genuinely painful to watch you guys kick the footballs.

  • Omg your doing something really weird with your foot when you hit the ball 😂 any soccer freaks here 🙋🏽‍♀️ ⚽️

  • You should try with liquid nitrogen

  • Lol I’am British and I like your vids

  • Bro, you drop kick a ball on the top of your foot.....


  • Sfx wins

  • Hey look it's a video about a soccfoooterball

  • Can you lift yourself in a lawn chair with helium balloons ?🎈

  • The real question is how you managed to stretch this video to 10 minutes

  • This should be done again with someone that can kick a ball...lol!

  • Well, based off of my limited science knowledge, if they all launched off at the same speed, SF6 should go the furthest and helium the shortest because of inertia. But because of inertia the helium can get launched faster than the others meaning it can travel further. I hope that makes sense

  • Theres no experiment here? Just watching someone feel how heavy they are, & then kick them randomly.. No scale to show different weights. No water to show density. Could've built an extremely simple rig to "kick" the ball with at least some consistency. Maybe at least in an open feild? Idk, complete fail in my opinion. Video was just thrown together

  • This guy is so smart yet he can’t kick a soccer ball correct or even kick it far...

  • You should take the soccer balls and drop them from the roof and see which one bounces more.

  • What happened to the other guy?

  • "high speed projectile launcher." -UZtorrent censorship, everybody.

  • I think you guys felt that it was heavier so you subconsciously kicked them a little harder

  • I heard they use half air half helium in pro soccer.

  • I'm pretty sure that inhaling helium can be bad for you. I would look that up to be sure. Be careful.

  • Anyone else notice his d*** in the first part of the video 😂

  • How about contacting Mark Rober about making such a perfect kicking machine, and test it on something flatter like a football field. What do you think?

  • Prediction- Sulfur Hexafluoride will go the furthest

  • Releases the worst of all the greenhouse gasses straight into the atmosphere like it is nothing, SMH.

  • Love the hermes belt nate

  • Since you have a king and a queen, you should make it the royalty of random😂