These Challenges Are SO Easy! - Roblox Paintball | JeromeASF Roblox

Joylandi 26-Yan, 2020
Today we play paintball in Roblox
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  • Am I the only one annoyed by the fact that jerome didn’t get the 3 kill streak

  • Dropsy: I think the M4 is too good People With Dark Matter gun: -_-

  • I got the m249 and it is gaarrerrbooooggggeee

  • Do paintball once a month or every couple weeks

  • He really edited out the one second when the countdown timer was at 4:20

  • Hey Jerome I em good at tower defence


  • hi

  • What is the actual name of this game on roblox

  • I dare you to buy the dark matter gun Btw it costs 99,999,999 credits 30,000 robux

  • Rip kobe :(

  • What is it called the game

  • The challenges dont always say something they just auto give you credits

  • Dropsys laugh is madddd

  • Didn't even knew steve was on this video until Jerome killed him.

  • jerome u dont know the pain when ur up levels and the cahllenges get 25k money get 50 kills and stuff ;-;

  • Chalanges give stars. Stars are used to level up. Levels give credits

  • Wow, you became trash at this game

  • Can you play arsenal please

  • Not good one XD XD

  • Me who likes the tommy: [sad burst noises]

  • The levels give you money not the challenges

  • 0:54 "It's too good" Tanqr: **Laughs in dark matter gun**

  • Jerome can you friend me my account name is killerbear7084

  • Dropsy: the mp4 is just too good. me: the MP4 is good? I like using the golden gun and golden deagle.

  • You should play with tanqr he would destroy you guys

  • I use dual deagle and I get 200 kills a game

  • You get credits for lvl up

  • You can tell Jerome doesn’t own a gun because he calls the magazines clips.

    • @Sean Fitch Ohh, got it! Thanks!

    • A clip is a device used to hold the bullets/rounds prior to loading the into a magazine

    • @Sean Fitch so then, what is a clip? And what is a magazine?

    • Not even close Liam lightwolf

    • Are they not basically the same thing?

  • This makes me wish for a first person mode in the next Splatoon game. Both first and third person mode each have their advantages, but it would be great to have a closer look at your weapon, and considering the love for fashion, having a first person view with the body still visible would make fans happy to see their clothes up close and more personal. With how quirky Splatoon is, and the advancement of technology and technique, Nintendo could really give a great first person experience, they could make the hair and headwear be a visible option. I personally have loved the idea of first person on third person, so the first person camera would be in the place of the eyes, and i just think that it can be possible to make it look great and not intrusive with how simple Splatoon design is.

  • The minigun is OP! I get 40 kills at minimum per round and about 6 killstreak per life.

  • jerome friend me in roblox me username is legoknightr i can give u op pets in ninja legends if u ever do a challenge in it :D

  • Jerome don't get the minigun it sucks

  • Jerome the m4 is so good dark matter Gun laughs

  • Vale: I want to get nuked me: this video has taken a dark turn

  • Once faught a guy with aim bot in this game it was the campsite map and he went out of spawn shot a bullet and killed someone on our side he rage quit when we said he had aim bot

  • the x/25 tag mean 25 tags in a row

  • Jrome play the conquers 3

  • Love your vids!

  • Jerome it registered AND YOU GOT IT AGAIN SO IT DID WORK

  • "Oh, the turd" xD

  • My best is 9 nukes in a game

  • Sorry but you were annoying me saying you get money from challenge

  • only people who really play roblox can like this comment

  • If you want you can go and get the dark mater gun for 30k robux but its a sniper and a mini gun at the same time PS did you see the joke

  • How love Jerome like me like to see

  • Jerome please do a live stream on Facebook for ROblox tower defense please tonight

  • 1,639th

  • Big fan

  • I played that. It’s fun but now I have a new account and iPad so I don’t have my good weapons

  • I have 100,050

  • I am level 23 and I play this game all the time

  • Hey Jerome you get credits from leveling up it also did give you them for doing the challenge just to let you know friend :)

  • Jerome play LAN party with call of duty modern warfare 2

  • Vale the roof gremlin Jerome the drone

  • Yes I'm 11 minutes late I beat my record

  • Anyone else when they get notification from Jerome it was funny

  • The challenges give you stars after enough stars you level up whenever you level up then that’s when you get credits the challenges aren’t broken

  • I ❤ your vids

  • 40th comment