Jam Jam meets Seventeen! [The Return of Superman/2019.11.10]

Joylandi 11-Noy, 2019
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  • 귀여워

  • y’all- “she’s only 30 months old” LMFAO REALLY??? JUST SAY 3

  • Jam jam look like haru 😔Miss haru..💔😭

  • Jam Jam is a smart girl❤

  • Idk who I am more jealous of here 😂

  • Who is Jam Jam

  • I'm jealous of that child

  • This kid was so freaking adorable

  • I wish I had a daughter like Jam jam❤❤❤

  • I envy the 🐱

  • When the dad standed from his seat to do the dance I literally screamed

  • Seokmin samchon. I am soft inside

  • look at her smilee, she's so cute ):

  • Real life situation. When we all stan an oppa but the oppa stan a baby .. And the baby stan a cat.

  • Seventeen tittle song Jam jam

  • The seal wants a baby like jam jam and I know people that would die to give him one... it's me. I'm people. DK LET'S HAVE A BABY SEAL TOGETHER.


  • '' the seal looking crazy '' LOL the captions

  • go? go. so cute omg heeyul is so lovely

  • Happy birthday Abbygail Lillian Rose Skon age 10 . . Missing children Alexander and Abbygail Skon Tampa Florida area rotbake UZtorrent channels please watch and subscribe 6053766199

  • That moment when seventeen has a song called jam jam 😩💕

  • Who is the guy with grey shirt and a middle parting

  • Okay but why the whole time I was thinking of their song jam jam.

  • Me: poor Dino is stuck with the gag trio 😂😂

  • She's so beautiful.. I cry...

  • lmao i thought the pink haired guy was in seventeen at first

  • Why tf is Jam Jam so cute

  • jam jam is so pretty

  • (*>_

  • ❤️