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  • This song is bomb 🔥🤪

  • Lauren looks more beautiful with less make up on no offense it’s just that when she was alot younger back then she didn’t wear make up that much and she really like really look beatiful i mean she looks amzing now it’s just that she looks more amazingly beautiful back then

  • Cobertura

  • Plz be bi or something🥺

  • You know all these niggas hopped on carti’s shit after he signed with AWGE and Interscope records

  • 500 people know nothing bout real music fr

  • Are we going to ignore how cute Doja looks?

  • Infinity888 by X and Joey that hoe fya 🔥

  • Hands up for the purple dude😂😂🔥

  • So sad

  • 5:47 whoa there... how bout ya slow down for us


  • Stupidity always catches up to you

  • Why he sound like Gunna?

  • “Ive heard boo’s that’s loud enough to cause earfquakes, I guess waves turn to oceans when you 1st place”

  • This song was made 8 months ago

  • In this your voice so deep but in the real music video it's high what in the world

  • breath man

  • Sometimes people that deserve things never have them and the ones who don't deserve them do

  • *_bruh_*

  • i know more than they do ! lol

  • Not gonna watch the video but playboi carti has one of the most die-hard fan base I’ve ever seen.

  • "so let me tell u what happened...lit, movie, viral, poww"

  • Exchange definitely has a unique feel.

  • ROSALÍA 💕💕💖

  • sheon need no auto tune .😍😭


  • Cant wait for Eternal Atakay

  • He used a type beat 😂


  • Shine! That song BOPS

  • 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • We really not going to talk about how he did jimmy dumb hat dirty like that??

  • he was too big of a clown not to fuck up

  • does anyone else think that this song reminds of another when she hittin the high notes. need some help ^^ ive searched for a few hours now ._.

  • this is amazing🥺

  • All producers and artist send emails lets work

  • Ngl I’d accept y2k as my gf

  • Rod Wave, Kevin Gates, Roddy Rich and NBA all I listen to. Some of last niggas left that make music with substance

  • The 500 people dis liked are crying and they accidentally hit dis like

  • When will the English interview drop?

  • Skies is one of the best rappers out there, genuinely talented

  • I should partner with Royce

  • This song could of been better he kept saying that 2019 shit

  • She is not like other girls 😂😂😂

  • I like it🇯🇵

  • she said she a player 😭🥺 woooow

  • I have the exact same jacket!

  • these aren’t real Cole fans 😂 if you haven’t been to 2014 forest hill dr in Nc

  • Sza beyonce and that other bitch noones ever heard shouldnt even be in the top 100 nonetheless top fucking teb

  • People are so overreacting over like a few comments saying she sounds like Billie, it’s just a damn voice dude

  • Not to compare Tate with Billie Eilish, but when Tate talks she sounds exactly like Bille, not on the singing the lol.

  • He doing way to much in this video😂😂😂😂

  • Not ONE j Cole album 😕😕.

  • If they gave me the melody I could play it on my tuba 😂😤😤

  • She souns sooo good

  • 🥺😩!

  • Rod Wave the best rapper out🤙🏾💯🥶

  • Ugh he's a emo

  • 🗑

  • Got that same feeling like post Malone fall apart 🔥🔥

  • doesn’t both goosebumps and pick up the phone have the name in the title

  • Aye 💫 Big Drip

  • Yo i would smashed this test

  • All that potential in that beat and it went to Kodak black. 😞

  • The thing is it's not blaze it FaZe Blaze used to be FaZe Blaziken

  • this song fire asf 🔥

  • I love how he is honest

  • She could like... *get it*

  • This song is so horrible

  • my dawg get out of prison and he went right back 💀


  • This is how many times she said like . ☟

  • I don’t know if there any other musicians here, but the song changes a bit without the auto tune Teccas in the background.

  • Reputation - Taylor Swift Witness - Katy Perry

  • No auto tune required

  • No autotune needed


  • He looked so drugged up.

  • I have a question, am I dull or he talks really bad, I mean I just wanna know if I have ear issues 🤷‍♀️😬😂am I only one who thinks that

  • I just love the why she says smileeee

  • Finally

  • I like how he said I thought he was fire😂

  • Where’s Ferb?

  • song fire tho 🔥

  • Favvv 😭❤️❤️

  • So they got mad because of their own speculation 😂

  • Bruh the fact that drake said “it’s been love, thank you for having me” makes this so much worse

  • Drake is the shan tsung of cultures..

  • Where the fuck is astroworld?? Yall really fucked up, this list trashh

  • This made me cringe soooooo much she was just screaming it is too loud🔊😭

  • i died at 3:15

  • Lil tecca: i got black i got white what you want? Lil mosey parents : both

  • I appreciate the xxx reference in this, from #bitchimsippinteainyohood

  • First things first I papa freaks all the honeys dummies

  • Dude sound better tbh without the mixed🔥🔥💯

  • Dude was so ashamed of himself that he had to wear a mask even before the interview began 🤣🤣

  • Dieuson.. Is pronounced as jayson, that dooson shit irks my ear

  • BRO THESE DUDES DUMB AF i woulda got all these right 🤣🤣🤣

  • Oloff - Doing lt SteaIthy please subscribe to my channel #IsiProm thank you