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The multi-award-winning comedy series "The Office" presents a hilarious documentary-style look at the humorous, and sometimes poignant, foolishness that plagues the 9-to-5 world. Based on the award-winning BBC hit, "The Office" is a fly-on-the-wall "docu-reality" parody of modern American office life that delves into the lives of the workers at Dunder Mifflin, a paper supply company in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
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10:42Best of the Cold Opens - The Office
Best of the Cold Opens - The OfficeKo‘rishlar soni 11 mingKun oldin
5:46Michael's Business School Lesson - The Office
Michael's Business School Lesson - The OfficeKo‘rishlar soni 58 ming3 kun oldin
5:08Dwight's Acceptance Speech - The Office
Dwight's Acceptance Speech - The OfficeKo‘rishlar soni 134 ming6 kun oldin
2:00Dwight's Daycare - The Office
Dwight's Daycare - The OfficeKo‘rishlar soni 146 ming10 kun oldin
2:03Time Prank - The Office
Time Prank - The OfficeKo‘rishlar soni 2 mln13 kun oldin
1:04Dwight Gets His Head Stuck in a Pumpkin - The Office
Dwight Gets His Head Stuck in a Pumpkin - The OfficeKo‘rishlar soni 426 ming15 kun oldin
5:42Dwight the Vampire Slayer - The Office
Dwight the Vampire Slayer - The OfficeKo‘rishlar soni 699 ming17 kun oldin
1:27The Diwali Song - The Office
The Diwali Song - The OfficeKo‘rishlar soni 226 ming20 kun oldin
6:21The 25 Best Halloween Costumes - The Office (Mashup)
The 25 Best Halloween Costumes - The Office (Mashup)Ko‘rishlar soni 737 ming22 kun oldin
5:06Dunder Mifflin Plays Basketball - The Office
Dunder Mifflin Plays Basketball - The OfficeKo‘rishlar soni 813 ming24 kun oldin
1:43Jim Halpert's Many Faces - The Office (Mashup)
Jim Halpert's Many Faces - The Office (Mashup)Ko‘rishlar soni 30 ming27 kun oldin
2:18Jim Carrey Interviews for Regional Manager - The Office
Jim Carrey Interviews for Regional Manager - The OfficeKo‘rishlar soni 256 ming27 kun oldin
7:48Pam and Angela: Our Favorite Frenemies - The Office (Mashup)
1:22Did I Stutter? - The Office
Did I Stutter? - The OfficeKo‘rishlar soni 34 mingOy oldin
4:15The Office Wedding Dance - The Office
The Office Wedding Dance - The OfficeKo‘rishlar soni 710 mingOy oldin
1:50The Office Tries to Remember a Password - The Office
1:52Michael Loves His Speakerphone - The Office
Michael Loves His Speakerphone - The OfficeKo‘rishlar soni 202 mingOy oldin
4:04Sensitivity Training - The Office
Sensitivity Training - The OfficeKo‘rishlar soni 803 mingOy oldin
1:37Kevin Temps as Reception - The Office
Kevin Temps as Reception - The OfficeKo‘rishlar soni 302 mingOy oldin
1:32Hardcore Parkour - The Office
Hardcore Parkour - The OfficeKo‘rishlar soni 206 mingOy oldin
8:08Michael Scott Presents The Dundies - The Office
Michael Scott Presents The Dundies - The OfficeKo‘rishlar soni 137 mingOy oldin
2:33Best Intro Ever - The Office
Best Intro Ever - The OfficeKo‘rishlar soni 761 mingOy oldin
9:20The Best of Meredith Palmer - The Office (Digital Exclusive)
11:31The Best of Creed Bratton - The Office (Digital Exclusive)
1:43Asian Jim - The Office
Asian Jim - The OfficeKo‘rishlar soni 2.5 mln2 oy oldin
2:34CPR Fail - The Office
CPR Fail - The OfficeKo‘rishlar soni 22 ming2 oy oldin
9:21Jim's Most Brilliant Pranks on Dwight - The Office
Jim's Most Brilliant Pranks on Dwight - The OfficeKo‘rishlar soni 2.7 mln2 oy oldin
4:44Dwight's Fire Drill - The Office
Dwight's Fire Drill - The OfficeKo‘rishlar soni 1.1 mln2 oy oldin
5:44Michael Grills His Foot - The Office
Michael Grills His Foot - The OfficeKo‘rishlar soni 494 ming2 oy oldin
4:24Prison Mike - The Office
Prison Mike - The OfficeKo‘rishlar soni 245 ming3 oy oldin
1:20Whoever or Whomever? - The Office (Digital Exclusive)
Whoever or Whomever? - The Office (Digital Exclusive)Ko‘rishlar soni 32 ming10 oy oldin
1:01Show Me That Farm - The Office (Digital Exclusive)
Show Me That Farm - The Office (Digital Exclusive)Ko‘rishlar soni 24 ming10 oy oldin
1:17Welcome to the Hotel Hell - The Office (Digital Exclusive)
1:29The Office - Ben Franklin (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Ben Franklin (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 128 ming2 yil oldin
1:39The Office - Business School (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Business School (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 183 ming2 yil oldin
2:00The Office - Andy Burns the Boats (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Andy Burns the Boats (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 389 ming2 yil oldin
2:00The Office - Sit Up and Take Notice (Episode Highlight)
1:48The Office - Lice Lecture (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Lice Lecture (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 564 ming2 yil oldin
1:55The Office - Finding an Art Criminal (Episode Highlight)
1:38The Office - Hostile Treatment (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Hostile Treatment (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 836 ming2 yil oldin
2:30The Office - Stanley Knievel (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Stanley Knievel (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 66 ming2 yil oldin
2:22The Dunder Code Prank - The Office
The Dunder Code Prank - The OfficeKo‘rishlar soni 2.5 mln2 yil oldin
2:10The Office - The Alliance (Episode Highlight 2)
The Office - The Alliance (Episode Highlight 2)Ko‘rishlar soni 172 ming2 yil oldin
3:00The Office - Dwight in the Media (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Dwight in the Media (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 1.5 mln2 yil oldin
2:11The Office - Eyes on the Prize (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Eyes on the Prize (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 291 ming2 yil oldin
2:41The Office - Dwight's Job Candidates (Episode Highlight)
1:50The Office - Dwight Presents Belsnickel! (Episode Highlight)
5:44The Office - No Place Like The Office (Episode Highlight)
2:18The Office - There Can Only Be One (Episode Highlight)
The Office - There Can Only Be One (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 1.1 mln2 yil oldin
1:13The Office - The Kneecapping (Episode Highlight)
The Office - The Kneecapping (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 277 ming2 yil oldin
3:07The Office - A Schrute Family Funeral (Episode Highlight)
2:20The Office - A Female-Friendly Dwight (Episode Highlight)
2:02The Office - No Knobbies No Probbies (Episode Highlight)
2:07The Office - Michael Scott Reincarnated (Episode Highlight)
1:15The Office - Nellie's Real Life Warning (Episode Highlight)
1:48The Office - That's not Coolio (Episode Highlight)
The Office - That's not Coolio (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 366 ming2 yil oldin
0:50The Office - Storming Florida (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Storming Florida (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 35 ming2 yil oldin
2:02The Office - Wheel of Chores (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Wheel of Chores (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 28 ming2 yil oldin
2:04The Office - Workout Buddies (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Workout Buddies (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 926 ming2 yil oldin
2:30The Office - Slacking Off (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Slacking Off (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 1.1 mln2 yil oldin
1:32The Office - New Parents (Episode Highlight)
The Office - New Parents (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 772 ming2 yil oldin
2:48The Office - Bidding Blunder (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Bidding Blunder (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 606 ming2 yil oldin
2:13The Office - Deafening Silence (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Deafening Silence (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 256 ming2 yil oldin
1:52The Office - Florida Orientation (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Florida Orientation (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 427 ming2 yil oldin
2:06The Office - Early Birds (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Early Birds (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 718 ming2 yil oldin
1:49The Office - Ryan's Last Stand (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Ryan's Last Stand (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 392 ming2 yil oldin
1:23The Office - Fun with Phyllis (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Fun with Phyllis (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 117 ming2 yil oldin
1:42The Office - Bursting Their Balloon (Episode Highlight)
2:09The Office - One Man's Treasure (Episode Highlight)
The Office - One Man's Treasure (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 923 ming2 yil oldin
1:52The Office - Delicious Prank (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Delicious Prank (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 75 ming2 yil oldin
0:50The Office - Party Ninja (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Party Ninja (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 62 ming2 yil oldin
1:57The Office - Dog Rescue (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Dog Rescue (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 451 ming2 yil oldin
0:41The Office - Now Arriving (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Now Arriving (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 49 ming2 yil oldin
1:48The Office - Who's Hot? (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Who's Hot? (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 710 ming2 yil oldin
2:34The Office - Hold My Calls (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Hold My Calls (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 103 ming2 yil oldin
1:33The Office - Altered Egos (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Altered Egos (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 377 ming2 yil oldin
1:33The Office - We're Number Two (Episode Highlight)
The Office - We're Number Two (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 90 ming2 yil oldin
1:54The Office - Pointed Prank (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Pointed Prank (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 1.1 mln2 yil oldin
3:57The Office - To Err is Human (Episode Highlight)
The Office - To Err is Human (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 2.2 mln2 yil oldin
0:37The Office - Power of The Pyramid (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Power of The Pyramid (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 63 ming2 yil oldin
1:46The Office - Larger Than Life (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Larger Than Life (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 277 ming2 yil oldin
0:57The Office - Where Is Everybody? (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Where Is Everybody? (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 119 ming2 yil oldin
1:17The Office - Ex Meet Sex (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Ex Meet Sex (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 24 ming2 yil oldin
1:11The Office - Preparing for War (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Preparing for War (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 74 ming2 yil oldin
2:09The Office - This Will Not Stand (Episode Highlight)
The Office - This Will Not Stand (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 525 ming2 yil oldin
1:03The Office - Skeleton Crew (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Skeleton Crew (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 13 ming2 yil oldin
1:47The Office - Happy or Sad? (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Happy or Sad? (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 482 ming2 yil oldin
2:08The Office - Get Him to the Dundies (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Get Him to the Dundies (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 256 ming2 yil oldin
1:12The Office - Funny Captions (Episode Highlight)
The Office - Funny Captions (Episode Highlight)Ko‘rishlar soni 160 ming2 yil oldin


  • Michael deserved an Emmy for his performance as Michael. He was robbed!


  • I clicked to read these comments. I don’t dare watch the video

  • This interaction is always a great pick me up

  • Dwight yawned then I yawned

  • I'm going to put these videos on my channel.

  • Someone please define “DOMESTIC BLISS” for me. I hope it prevents you from running over a coworker in the parking lot

  • Erm, where is the fire drill?????!

  • “🥩!!”

  • repost #284

  • Don't beat yourself up

  • Jeez this is actually the best

  • I'm surprised that Toby hasn't strangled Michael

  • When life gave you michael scott, you became toby.

  • Wow even this video of cold opens has a cold open.

  • Asian Jim should’ve been in here.

  • Jan made me breakfast this morning ...well, she bought the’s soy🤣 Looks likes she put a lot of effort into it 🤣

  • The best cold opens, for me, is in the season 5

  • 3:26 That grin from Erin. She's precious!

  • im sure that book was Principles of Economics and i got it for free from the internet. i dont understand why yankees buy books even when they are expensive

  • If u reading this follow my page on Instagram @x_t_photography

  • No Phyllis on a rainy day? I'm done with this show.

  • 3:39 love Stanley's confusion

  • 1:49 i was thinking of this scene not sure why though

  • Next time I want someone to stop talking or I'm mad at them, I'll put their tie in their coffee.

  • Brrr God damn it's cold 🥶

  • could you not laugh?

  • I like to think Stanley was actually noticing everything they were doing, but 1. didn't care because it didn't interfere with his crossword, or 2. Was pulling a prank on them to see how far they would go to make fools of themselves. or 3. Just a normal day at the office

  • Dare I??

  • Ahhh nice to seen the channel is still alive and posting

  • When you find Toby in the annex after believing he was in Costa Rica the whole time 1:23

  • To this day I can't figure out why people like this show! It has incredibly bad acting! Horrible not funny scripts. I have never once even cracked a smile watching this junk of a showe to heck with actually laughing!!!! One of the worst TV shows of all time!

  • The No and it’s true gif hahaha I finally see a full video of it LMFAOOO

  • Smart choice saving the best opening for last

  • I wuphf watching The Office

  • Disliked ones are vampires.

  • That KGB joke was hilarious in the show.. but if it happened in real life, fists would fly.

  • Day 6 of asking for a "The Best of Toby".

  • 1:22-1:35 my fav part😂😂

  • Stanley noticed everything just didn’t care enough to make an acknowledgement

  • I think Stanley notices everything. He just doesn’t care enough to react!

    • He gave up on caring many years ago

    • I said the same thing! He notices he just don’t care! 😂

    • Was just going to comment this Haha

  • the way pam says "no, go ahead" always cracks me up

  • "Hey Mi-" "No! God! No God. Please No! No. No! Noooooooo!"

  • I just saw the first clip and closed it.... I had it enough for today 😂😂😂

  • great practical joke Jim

  • Creed Rocks!!!

  • So which one do you think is the best!?

  • *insert random funny quote here*

  • Jack ryan in ordinary Office

  • "There were these huge bins of clothes and everybody was rifling through them like crazy. And I grabbed one and it fit! So I don't think that this is totally just a woman's suit. At the very least it's bisexual."

  • G O O D B Y E

  • Nothing can beat this sitcom❤️

  • Best Boss in the world: Michael Scott , Hands down 🙌🏼

  • It’s funny how much Michael hates Toby but for what reason😂

    • because toby is toby and he hates him

    • Because everytime Michael tries to do something fun or exciting, Toby makes it not that way.

    • Toby is in HR, which technically means he works for corporate, so he's really not a part of our family. Also, he's divorced, so he's really not a part of his family.

    • Also he's not Holly.

    • Because Toby works in hr so he doesn't let Michael do anything fun. Also, since he works in hr, it means he works for corporate so Michael can't fire him

  • Best Show If All Time

    • If all time would do what?

  • I saw all of these cold opens at least 40 times. Why couldn't we get something new

  • 2:14 close your eyes and listen. You can hear Gru

  • The best

  • The best way to start any day is with a The Office post. Lip Dub is my personal favorite always.

  • Last time I was this early Michael was still eating breakfast.

  • I used to be Stanley😂😂 clock in & wait for 3🤣🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Cold Opens is my favorite character

  • This may be my favorite TV show

  • "No! God! No god! Please! No! " That was me when Micheal scott left the office 😢

    • adibhatla vivek teja me too! Best character ever! Dwight too.

  • Lmao😂👏👍

  • lip dub is the best, obviously

  • I went as Dwight for a costume party

    • Same here but for Halloween.

  • Hahahahs

  • I love Michael sooo much but I hate him when he does thoses things to Toby, it's just so annoying

    • @Jake Sanders no I love it too its hilarious

    • Am I bad for loving it?

    • It's overboard, but Toby represents everything Michael hates. Toby is the opposite of fun.

  • Identity theft is not a joke, Jim! Millions of families suffer every year.

    • Says Dwight who has a wig for every person in the office 😂😂

    • @Anthony Dwight said that when Jim was "stealing his identity"

    • chadcj1 I didn’t get that line, can you explain it to me

    • Maybe Stanley was just so uses to their weirdness he didnt question it

  • Love Andy, "That doesnt sound right..."

  • omg just a minute ago. hurry up ideas, hurry up phyllis.

  • I forgot how uncomfortable that show was . . . now i'm uncomfortable.

  • Chris Brown is an American Icon - just for this song alone

  • Dwight I am the Senate!!

  • Isn’t creed an actual musician?

  • Did anyone get the reference of “dead poets society”?

  • You may or may not know the password to all of my media accounts...

  • 816 80085

  • *Violently throws chocolate into the audience*

  • I've watched this series multiple times, and do love the show, but Jim is kinda a piece of crap..

  • Sometimes I feel sorry for him. *Sometimes*.

  • So this is what people watch

  • I miss you

  • Dwight..? Raiin....? Emotional...

  • *DID I STUTTER* Stanley using 1% of his power

  • Jim's character is a 19-year-old guy's idea of a "cool" 28-year-old guy

  • They forgot: “BEARS, BEETS, BATTLESTAR GALATICA.” “Identity theft is not a joke Jim!! Millions suffer EVERY YEAR!”

  • “..and now youre locked in a prison bus and your woman drips with beverage” 😂😂😂😂

  • Damn... I was waiting for the boss to realize that he was pranked.

  • Hey he wasnt wrong on 1 point Real buisness (the most important and official documents) ARE actually still done in paper. I'll give him credit for that... but ONLY that😂😂😂

  • alcaida, Global Warming, Sex Predators!😂😭😭

  • Well, Ryan wasn't wrong when he said Dunder Mifflin would be obsolete 🤷

  • Great prank, but... wouldn't corporate call the next day asking why every single employee clocked out at the same time AND super early, including the manager? ^^;;; I know it's a comedy show not meant to be taken seriously, but that's all I could think about, lol. In a real world setting, there would be some not-so-pleasant consequences. But I guess shows like this are for us to live vicariously through. :P I used to love watching this show.

  • dwight is stupid

  • jim is awesome

  • 0:48 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • lol that is the asian guy that played Kim Jong Un in that one movie with James Franco.

  • Aston Kutcher has a good memory

  • Dwight was like wtf when Pam kissed him...... nah what ever Jim does he’s like wtf 😂😂