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5:39Donald Trump has had a VERY good 2020
Donald Trump has had a VERY good 2020Ko‘rishlar soni 69Kun oldin
4:01Jake Tapper: Trump focused on rewarding loyalists
2:29The Fox News pattern behind Trump's pardons
The Fox News pattern behind Trump's pardonsKo‘rishlar soni 1093 kun oldin
7:29Warren insults Bloomberg after Nevada caucuses
Warren insults Bloomberg after Nevada caucusesKo‘rishlar soni 9084 kun oldin
21:51Watch Sanders' reaction to projected win in Nevada
7:51Buttigieg targets Sanders as Nevada results come in
5:15CNN projects Bernie Sanders will win Nevada caucuses
2:17Man builds shrine to Trump for his visit
Man builds shrine to Trump for his visitKo‘rishlar soni 2484 kun oldin
10:42Smerconish:  'Are superdelegates really undemocratic?'
5:18Week in review: Nevada caucus edition
Week in review: Nevada caucus editionKo‘rishlar soni 594 kun oldin
4:20'Parasite' distributor claps back at Trump's criticism
11:02Anderson Cooper on Rod Blagojevich claim: Just nuts
8:28Bloomberg offers to release women from 3 NDAs
Bloomberg offers to release women from 3 NDAsKo‘rishlar soni 945 kun oldin
10:59Keilar: It's 2016 all over again
Keilar: It's 2016 all over againKo‘rishlar soni 1775 kun oldin
9:16Watch Trump's reaction to Stone's sentencing
Watch Trump's reaction to Stone's sentencingKo‘rishlar soni 6526 kun oldin
7:16Roger Stone sentenced to 40 months in prison
Roger Stone sentenced to 40 months in prisonKo‘rishlar soni 2606 kun oldin
6:20What’s so ‘super’ about Super Tuesday?
What’s so ‘super’ about Super Tuesday?Ko‘rishlar soni 446 kun oldin
4:12CNN goes to scene of shooting in Hanau, Germany
CNN goes to scene of shooting in Hanau, GermanyKo‘rishlar soni 1136 kun oldin
8:36Legendary news anchor endorses Michael Bloomberg
3:12Jury hears evidence in Harvey Weinstein rape trial
3:55Woman at center of airplane recline debate speaks out
4:08Don’t look now, but there goes the deficit
Don’t look now, but there goes the deficitKo‘rishlar soni 1798 kun oldin
6:49See Nancy Pelosi's 2020 warning to Democrats
See Nancy Pelosi's 2020 warning to DemocratsKo‘rishlar soni 7519 kun oldin
8:43Mike Bloomberg under fire for past comments on race
8:56Sen. Amy Klobuchar: People want plans not pipedreams
10:23SE Cupp offers a word of caution for Democrats
SE Cupp offers a word of caution for DemocratsKo‘rishlar soni 27011 kun oldin
46:59CITIZEN BY CNN: Chicago
CITIZEN BY CNN: ChicagoKo‘rishlar soni 4011 kun oldin


  • We hate pete cnn! Will be happy when you figure this out *eyeroll*

  • Bloomberg ads during the breaks.....something stupid like this can only happend in the undemocratic USA. Shame on your system, USA. Greetings from europe.

  • No one talks about reducing crime by reducing healthcare and paying a living wage.

  • Fast and Pray

  • The personification of an empty suit. Have you ever come across anyone who can talk so much without saying anything?

  • Bernie Sanders is surely a risk. Better choose the guy that has no minority support and has no problem digging his ratlike hands deep into his superpack filled pockets and paying for a voting app. I would be surprised if any other candidate on this stage has the ability to get out independents. There are less democrats than republicans.

  • “That is not me...” the most overrated line

  • CNN should hang it's head in shame - tickets for elite and the worst moderators (that's saying something). Keep donating to Bernie - show that people aren't stupid. 'Clowns and jokers' are the only true part of this commentary. #OnlyBernie

  • i know im late but why wont they use the news paper, do forensic, AND GET THE DNA FROM THE PERSON THAT PUT THE NEWSPAPER IN, and track the guys.


  • He smashed it

  • Rat rat rat!

  • How the fuck can normal average citizens attend the debate with a ticket over $3000. A bought and staged crowd! CNN BS!

  • Five minutes ago, Bernie was unelectable. Now he is electable, but somehow makes all other Democrats unelectable. Pick a bullshit story and stick to it. Or, even better, shut up.

  • "2nd in Iowa", let me just drop this in here even though you won the most votes, you see why people think CNN is complete garbage yet? Bernie is too smart, too nice and too tired to even deal with your idiotic reporting anymore.

  • This us what makes me cringe as a Democrat.... these shitheads are in full blown shithead mode

  • Why is it a good idea to pay for people to go to college when most dont work in the field they study for. It's not a good idea to encourage general public to go to college.

  • Winning is winning but not when it comes to Bernie Sanders according to the corporate media. When Bernie one New Hampshire they spun it as he lost support from 2016 comparing 3 other moderate candidates combined vote totals against his winning numbers there. Smh.

  • What a dishonest slezzball!!!

  • But Mr Sanders, it is hard, you have no idea, when you are down to only a couple of hundred of billions, you have no idea how hard it is. We need these tax breaks, the people were happy with these wages 45 years ago, so why not now, bread and water not good enough anymore? WTF?

  • The attacks by the democrats on Sanders should be seen as the democratic billionaires, who are closet Republicans, are worried about the fat donations they receive from the health insurance and drug companies. This election should be a walk over for Sanders, as its between an honest man and Trump. If sanders is not elected, it will be an indictment of all those who vote for Trump, as they will be complicit in his crimes. It says something when it is admitted that Putin wants Trump in the Whitehouse. It's like the plot of a Hollywood movie, where the president is a Russian agent. I am sure I have seen that one.

  • Why are we listening to the woman that is wasting millions of dollars on a campaign to nowhere? Don't want to tear the party apart? Drop out of the race, Klob.

  • Amy. We'll promise to miss you...if you would just go away. Quit splintering the party . 70+ % of Americans support Bernie's health care plan.


  • I'd boo for 3grand and still vote Bernie

  • This is a dirty cop just murdered him for standing up for his rights and kills him over a phone please fire this btch please make sure he can never be a cop again send him to prison fire the chief what a moron bad cop giving good cops a bad name wow sennd him to prison for murder he had a phone

  • "Wish it had more diversity" qualifications arent based on skin color ffs. The dems wont win playing the "vote for me I'm black or a woman"

  • Didn't Obama and Democrats promise Obama care was going to cover everyone? They lied to you

  • All the thumbs down, twice as many as up, this must be an anti Bernie video, I'm out, laterz

  • i no longer even listen just down vote this idiocy

  • who the fuck is she honestly. who has ever voted for her outside of minnesota?

  • Sanders answers are not self centered like most of the others. He never loses sight of what a president is actually supposed to DO.

  • Thanks a lot, I am a big fan and I am glad to be here.... Well Ben, you just pissed away about 30 million viewers on your next movie. It must be sickening to have so much money that you can commit Financial suicide and it's perfectly okay doesn't even have an effect on you financially.

  • They never get curious enough to ask what this movement is all about and go find out. Go Bernie!

  • if Bernie wins South Carolina, it will be coffin of Joe Biden's campaign !!!

  • The most powerful hand gun in the world lmfao

  • The Democrats are trying to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders again..!!!

  • Can’t believe people trying to get rid of him and make him down. Where was the same energy when a racist,sexist, stupid clown became a president? CNN get the fuck out of here!

  • Trump will pounce on Medicare for All with... what? What's Trump's plan again? "I'll tell you after the election." As in, nothing.

  • Look at all the pedophiles. Bunch of cowards and rapist

  • Feel the Bern!!

  • CNN, you are pathetic. Listen to the voice of the people. We want Bernie for President.

  • Low energy. Weird.

  • CNN probably didn't intend to do this but they just gave him a chance to really get the message out about himself and what he stands for and has always stood for, and he did a fantastic job in very little time afforded to him to put out his message very loudly and clearly. Thank you CNN even if you didn't mean it and are probably regretting having this interview. Bernie is not an autocrat, even as he most certainly is a socialist. He would work an agenda which serves the interest of the working people. That is his only agenda. He truly represents what the world needs as a President of the US right now more than ever.

  • This man has spent his whole life fighting for the same things and honestly cares about people, he will be a great President. It's a shame that all of the greedy, shameless, corporate grubs do nothing but aggressively smear this guy when he's devoted his whole life to try and make people's lives better.

  • I think that what the media doesn't understand is that comparing someone like Bernie who has spent his entire life fighting for the people to a racist, fascist, fraud like Trump is actually quite offensive to the people who support him. Bernie has decades of receipts to show that he is gonna fight for us no matter what. He is nothing like Trump and just because Trump tricked a bunch of people into believing that he cares doesn't mean the Dem base is stupid enough to fall into the same trap. Bernie has fought against people like Trump his entire life he's ready for this fight and can school Trump on just about every issue. Also, Bernie upposed autocratic regimes his entire life and the way the media is framing the Cuban and Nicaraguan conflicts is completely ahistorical. You can't on one hand say that everything America did in those countries was above board and on the other hand bring up Barr's disgusting actions during the Iran contra affair. America armed contra death squads with illegal weapons payed for by the drug trade. The reason why Bernie has so much support from the youth is because most of us are aware of what actually happened during the " red scare" and we're mad as hell that older generations think that American foreign policy is something to behold. We don't actually think that way and we're alot more informed about foreign conflicts then previous generations. If you still want to paint Bernie as a villain for telling the truth then y'all need to also condemn previous administrations for propping up facist dictators like Pinochet. Almost every administration has South American's blood on their hands dating back to the 30s because of american owned private companies financial interests. One last thing, quit calling the Trump presidency a banana republic. It's not and it's super offensive that you would use a term for how your government subjugated an entire country and forced them to live in poverty or exile because of some fcuking fruit. Here are some more accurate options that you can use to describe the Trump presidency, Mussolini, Caligula, Saddam Hussein, Pinochet, Bolsonaro and MBS. yes they might seem a bit extreme but they all share the same egomaniacal rage, xenophobia, sense of entitlement and agreivment. Lucky for us, Trump is just too stupid to actually plan out most of the human atrocities he dreams about.

  • As a black man, why is the media acting like we’re still not minorities in that state? Winning across all demographics is important too not just black voters. Bernie will win S.C.

  • Bloomberg would welcome Russian help at this point cuz hes bleeding millions and getting nowhere

  • funny how bernie had so many BOOOOs i think tom almost got 1 booo. i dont think any of them cant win against trump but 70% of america closes their eyes and ears when they hear theres a hugs and kisses socialist. warren doesnt identify as same party as bernie but they have and share the same stances swimming in the same spa. like me others dont put alot of confidence in pete, such a young inexperienced candidate. i think it leaves bloomberg the best option if winning is the soul purpose. i think if we act so radical as to humor the concept of undermining the foundation of america and the system that made us the youngest nation to become the most powerful most favored location on planet to elect a puppy's and bunnies socialist then not only will trump win but by a number so large it may stain the democratic side so badly the republicans will walk into office in 2024

  • I am woman hear me roar, I'm too stupid to ignore!

  • MSNBC are finally realising there mistake, it"s time CNN joined them.

  • None of the candidates was outstandingly stupid this night but Pocahontas distinguished herself as a liar, as usual.


  • these "journalists" are paid to put Bernie down, so that corporations keep using people. But hey as long as they can be at the rich club.

  • Hey, she's absolutely right, Dotard definitely will pounce. And Bernie will calmly explain it, and defend it like he has done from all of the corporate backed dem candidate clowns that continue to claim universal health care it's a pipe dream, and the effect will be the same. His numbers will only rise. People can plainly see that, if nothing else, Bernie is a genuine guy that truly want's what's best for his people, not whats best for wall street thugs. Bernie will win over Trump BECAUSE of Medicare for All, not IN SPITE of it. FEEL THE BEEERN PEOPLE!!!

  • 8:29 Maybe instead of criticising him for using the government health plan, he should have asked why every American can't have the same plan. Hmmm, a single government run health plan for everybody... Sounds familiar.

  • I'm a Trump voter but Bernie deserves to win the nomination. One of the main reasons I became a Trump supporter was the OBVIOUS corruption in the DNC trying to force Hillary down our throats. They cheated Bernie once before. If they cheat him again I will vote Trump without hesitation. If Bernie becomes the final candidate then I'll start to believe that DNC corruption can be stopped and not necessarily feel a strong need to go out and vote Trump again. Sanders voters: if Sanders isn't the final nominee, you can't just buy into the media's propaganda that you HAVE to vote for their bought candidates just so Trump can't win. That's how their corruption wins. For the future of democracy, we can't let the corrupt DNC keep getting their way.

  • Wrong again lady

  • Bernie’s response is so genuine and honest! I know Bernie is good person and will change U.S drastically in a good way!!

  • yes, calling Sanders a socialist is a clear sign that she stopped believing in herself. There's only one good way to win: is to prove your ideas are great and let the lesser candidates attack you. The result is that everybody talks about your ideas no matter pro or contra...they talk about you. Sanders is doing great, they are all talking about him, about his policy....and not about them self... because the media will bring them attacking Sanders....Sanders...who is attacking him? who cares! as long as they talk about stupid what you're doing....however, some of the ideas of Sanders are good.. and he got so much free publicity....all the candidates are talking about Sanders...

  • Really sad how the democrates are smearing each other while calling out the orange guy for doing the same . It's going to be a free win for trump if things continue

  • South Carolina unemployment rate is 2.6 Democrats can't win with the way things are. That's why they are promising FREE health care,FREE college, FREE housing. Funny part is Democrats believe it's going to be free and they could do it. Just free health care cost alone would threaten America economy. Wasn't Obama care promised to cover everyone? See how they lie

  • Love Bernie Sanders.. CNN should have backed a winner last election..

  • Sanders is a socialist POS and so are you CNN! TRUMP 2020!

  • The only strategy USA has had is coverup 😡

  • Michael Bloomberg = Bought Audience in Debate, Bought Moderators, Bought Black Support! Bloomberg = Racist Policies, Status Quo, 1%,

  • This dude will feel dumb when Biden loses to Bernie in SC.

  • Dirty old man he should rot in it’s time to go for prince Andrew 👑 ,the law should apply for everyone equally

  • Anyone notice that the only cases in America are in Democratic shitholes with thousands of homeless

  • The fact is, there were plants in that audience. That's just the way it is.

  • Bloomberg has dumped huge sums of money to buy the election instead of using that money to help people he is using it to elevate himself this is the problem with politics billionaires attempting pay to play.

  • This was a shit show

  • i noticed for the first time there was a loud anti-Bernie group in the audience. were they bloomberg "employees"?

  • PRESIDENT BERNIE SANDERS 2020 :) :) :) !!! Bernie / Nina 2020 2024 :) :) :) !!!

  • Joe Biden said he will win S.C. We’ll see...

  • That was oretty much your only deity

  • Bloomberg could have built a new school or wing of a hospital with the money he’s spent on this election alone.

  • Give them all knives. I'd pay large.

  • Stop CALLING Bernie Radical you fools, he is the only one who is not licking the status quo ass

  • Anyone else have trouble understanding what Pete was saying here? He appears to not be speaking english, rather some kind of rat dialect. #MayorCheat

  • Hey senator, what are you going to do about the myon burrell case?

  • president, prime minister... Just another title for King.

  • Bernie is great. The most integrity of any candidate. The others change their message and lie at the drop of a hat.

  • Yeah cause he’s a fucking fool

  • If they’ve known that along why haven’t they started to respond and prepare? I’ve been following this outbreak going on 2 months, as have many. Where is our containment and treatment preparation and plans? This is nuts

  • Mortality in metro areas with international travel to Europe and Asia will suffer greatly among low income and none insured.. Universal health care, thanx Trump

  • the sad part about all of this is all these weasels taken aim at Bernie, is that the such big weasels and they shouldn't be pointing the fingers at anybody

  • That was a bought crowd. Amazing just a few bucks is all it take for some to sell their values. Russia is not the threat to your democracy, your billionaires are.

  • The ''I'll just be nasty and hope it sticks'' argument. No facts, no alternatives, no nothing.

  • Judge Amy Berman Jackson is colluding with Russia. Putin favors her. The fbi should immediately wire tap her and interrogate her family. Does she have children? The fbi could threaten to arrest them in order to get her to plead guilty

  • so should we still be nice and respect their Culture? when we KNOW that the only reason Corona is a thing is cause the people i WuHan literally have no idea what Germ Theory is? they fucking slaughter chickens in the pavement and don't clean their hands in the open markets i've been to WuHan i've seen this years ago and they never changed it why do you think EVERY FUCKING PLAGUE STARTS IN CHINA

  • Since 2916 Bernie still hasn't answered how he is going to pay for all his policies. And no taxing the billionaires won't come close.

  • Please vote to make sure this buffoon is not running against Trump. Republicans would never vote for his whoville ass.

  • Wait, what cnn positive about Trump, no way

  • You’re already a sell out. He gets his money from high dollar donors and had his average donation at over $2400 and had a “contest” to see who could donate the least to get that average down, did he think we wouldn’t notice that? And that’s not to mention working at McKinsey where he basically learned to lie and cut people’s jobs cut for “efficiency.” He’s bad news and needs to drop out because he isn’t going to make it you Obama wanna be.

  • 🇺🇸=third world country medical health care system. get with the program . Just for once show that you have the intelligence to look after your people and be like the rest of the worlds best mfa systems for all

  • Very good better than death sentence .

  • "Let me frame every question using RNC talking you still beat Jane?"

  • The only way to beat Trump is with "TRUTH." Lies will be the only thing , Donald J Trump have on his side and nothing else. These CNN News reporters, are trying to cock block, Bernie Sanders mainly the one in the white dress...

  • The abilities of the American police in public must be restricted to simply serve the community and uphold the law. This so called officer is geared to battle to death in a residential environment, something bad will inevitably happen which often does.