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3:30Stars Remember The Late, Great John Witherspoon
Stars Remember The Late, Great John WitherspoonKo‘rishlar soni 434 ming13 kun oldin
10:36Ice Cube's Beautiful Speech At John Witherspoon's Funeral
2:27Must-Have Shoes For Sneakerheads
Must-Have Shoes For SneakerheadsKo‘rishlar soni 42718 kun oldin
2:19John Witherspoon Reflects On His Most Iconic Phrases
John Witherspoon Reflects On His Most Iconic PhrasesKo‘rishlar soni 73 ming20 kun oldin
1:30Tyrese Is Tired Of Hollywood Making Movies About Slavery
Tyrese Is Tired Of Hollywood Making Movies About SlaveryKo‘rishlar soni 1.6 ming22 kun oldin
1:51Naomie Harris On Police In The U.K. Vs. The U.S.
Naomie Harris On Police In The U.K. Vs. The U.S.Ko‘rishlar soni 58825 kun oldin
1:44DJ Envy Really Doesn’t Want This Smoke With Gucci Mane
DJ Envy Really Doesn’t Want This Smoke With Gucci ManeKo‘rishlar soni 3.1 ming28 kun oldin
1:34Cynthia Erivo Responds To Aretha Franklin Casting Controversy
3:06Stars Who Have Struggled With Sex Addiction
Stars Who Have Struggled With Sex AddictionKo‘rishlar soni 2.9 mingOy oldin
0:51Raven-Symoné Says She Never Really Watched 'The View'
2:16RIP, Queen: Diahann Carroll’s 5 Most Iconic Moments
2:06Our Last Interview With The Legendary Diahann Carroll
0:51Raven-Symoné's Rap Skills Are Still Fire!
Raven-Symoné's Rap Skills Are Still Fire!Ko‘rishlar soni 1.2 mingOy oldin
2:50Exclusive: Is Wale Ready To Date A White Girl?
Exclusive: Is Wale Ready To Date A White Girl?Ko‘rishlar soni 3542 oy oldin
3:26Never-Before-Seen Interview With Nipsey Hussle
Never-Before-Seen Interview With Nipsey HussleKo‘rishlar soni 123 ming2 oy oldin
2:37Bad Boys For Life - Official Red Band Trailer
Bad Boys For Life - Official Red Band TrailerKo‘rishlar soni 4 ming2 oy oldin
0:52The Rock Talks About His Intimate Wedding In Hawaii
1:50Marlon Wayans Admits Who's The Funniest In His Famous Family
2:10'Good Boys' Cast Talks About Kissing And Cussing
'Good Boys' Cast Talks About Kissing And CussingKo‘rishlar soni 1.5 ming3 oy oldin
1:46Wale Is Over Being Underrated
Wale Is Over Being UnderratedKo‘rishlar soni 8253 oy oldin


  • insure those knees

  • Beautiful 😔🙏🏻❤️

  • Did he ever win an award for the album? It’s still good in 2019

  • For anyone who hasn't read her book, please read it ! It is an amazingly beautiful read!

  • Prayers

  • It would be an honor to be slapped by him

  • $We'll miss you John safe journey!!!

  • Did anyone notice that sign he gave? Pointed straight to his eye tattoo. Eye of Providence search it up

  • Skai’s outfit is age appropriate but ugly. Tank looked horrible Luke James is always a hot mess,zesty & wtf 🤦🏽‍♀️👎🏽. The lady with the flat top haircut & purple sequin 2 pc fit tho🤡

  • The Chick interviewing good get it........ them boots tho ---zzler #HotlikeFire

  • I know he’s smiling listening to her

  • I love it

  • Jhene and Sade need to do a project together.

  • I love her. We share the same name. Tisha's are strong, resilient women. Keep your head up sis.

  • Man 🖕 R.Kelly 12 Play was about a 15 yr. old

  • 😍❤💗💖💝💞💜💕

  • Every time I come in the kitchen you in the kitchen.

  • The iron of what he just stated is, he should have taken this approach twenty years ago when he walk into that board room yelling and shouting at everyone.

  • Love me some Quad

  • Sacrifice for the upcoming movie peep

  • 💰👌👍💪👀🔥🙏 boss lady u going to keep winning u attitude is 💯

  • Just took notice!!!

  • John Witherspoon was a great man great career in movies 🎥 and comedy R.I.P John Witherspoon

  • Almost a year shesh

  • I wnana be petit

  • I whant her body

  • There's goes voice of Nick Person. 5:01

  • Merry New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Poor guy. Broke as a door nail and still hanging on to the hustler spirit .

  • She looks so amazing keep that head up

  • I remember that movie ride

  • "Dont get pussy whipped, whip dat pussy." Bang Bang Bang

  • Miss you lady R I P

  • Omarion wish you had a better outcome with her.

  • Rip John😎🙏🏾✊🏾

  • R.I.P. LEGEND 💯💯💯

  • A guy is in a restaurant so he tells the waiter "taste the soup"....the waiter asks: "what's wrong? Is it cold? is it too hot?" The guy asks him again: "Taste the soup". The waiter says: "Ok...Where's the spoon?" ......Aha.....Aha!!!

  • Cube loss 2 Johns within a year. Damn!

  • You should get with Martin lol

  • Dagnammit. I would've loved to have gone to that pop up restaurant. I hope they do more of them.

  • I love her. She’s so pretty n real.

  • Jhene is wondering why there is sad frequencies in her music and gucci mane's relationships.

  • I love her, 😍😍😍😍

  • It's almost like he knew he was bout to die so he did alot of interviews before he passed I just saw pops on Vlad TV just days or a week before he died

  • That is a phrase many young brothers need to live by . It's easier to to use your hands to fight and to use those same hands to handshake or hug at the end to squash it and the next day you could go outside without having to look over your shoulder . That's how real men handled it back in the day .

  • One of my favorite comedians

  • Ride was the shit

  • Surprised she didn't sing about how many times she came in one day

  • What kind of meds is she on? Anyways love her hair Much better

  • Big Ups to Tisha! 💚💜💛💙❣

  • Let's not 4get his very great role as granddad in the boondocks."where mi belt come here Whip yo ass boi" that damn Riley😂😂😂💜🙏💔

  • This hurts

  • "That's the problem with kids today. To scared to take an ass whoopin!".......Preach Pops, good journey xo

  • How does he have a bad memory but can do like 3 hour sets without missing a lyric

  • Hollywood belongs to the deceiver.

  • That's Yo A$$ Mr Postman RIP Mr. Witherspoon.

  • Jhené Aiko never fails to make me happy & uplifting. Sad moment but she does things with love

  • Stop acting and just do the damn interview, ugh She kills me

  • Is she hi???...no funny shit but this a new a voice from her

  • k michelle looks just like Keisha cole

  • Sorry she can rap and fuck the dance floor up

  • I didn't know she divorced.

  • Her face lights up when she smiles and takes me back to House Party...still looks gd as ah mf!!!

  • Put some hot sauce on my burrito 🌯 baby!!! Rip Mr John Witherspoon

  • Her Tshina impersonations reminded me of Angela Bassett impersonating Ike Turner lol

  • Ja Rule & 2pac could be the same spirit

  • Ride is a classic !

  • 🗣Shawn cuttin' Up fa' Pops lol nigga keep ya hands Up high LMFAO it's cool in here y'all got this on white people funeral 😂🤣😂he loved that man💙

  • “When the car crash you niggas gone be dead” 😭😂

  • Ummm at the end, did he just insinuate that John Witherspoon knew that Paul Mooney was gay and then slyly reference the claim that Mooney molested Pryor's son?

  • I love Tisha but her and he's different character voices

    • @daddyschoc oh boy

    • Professional, Acting, and Natural. Im sure u don't talk to ya friends in the voice u speak to ur boss and a bill collector.


  • All Love to my bro JOHN WITHER SPOON for the love and the fun and the knowledge! Rick Brennan from Change and BB&Q North Philly Love Peace thank for the FUN BIG BRO! 333.

  • I've got ride on DVD. I love this movie. Especially the singing part. In the midnight hour!!!

  • She reminds me of Angela Bofill...

  • She would be toughest woman to have as a wife! She played so many wives on different sitcoms that every season she was lying in bed kissing co-stars. I'm sure every man would have An issue with that for a wife.

  • All i know im 52 own my on and owe no one shit . i give her a shot she a STRONG BLACK WOMEN. . MAKE ME A STRONGER BLACKMAN. ? SHE GOT HER OWN MONEY. SHE AINT LYIN AND BEGGIN.

  • Yes Gawd Tisha Life goes on

  • Thank God for real support systems

  • It hit home with Shawn he had to get off that stage it was very emotional for him. I love the Wayne’s Brother I wasn’t even watching the Bernie Mac show or Martin Lawrence show I always loved Wayne’s Brothers and others like Jamie Fox show, Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

  • What's that sound that you hear at night. Sound of me when I'm holding you tight. That's my love going bang bang bang.

  • She always looked better when she lost weight

  • Hard core music and funny movies..I never looked at it like that..love it .. RIP John Witherspoon never forgotten !💞

  • Should never had to burry him 💔

  • This is a reminder that we are here just for a moment. How many people do we spend time on our knees praying for? How many people we fed? How many people we fought for to gain justice for them? What laws have we influenced to change for Black Americans to receive equality, saved from police brutality? How are we living on Earth today? Is our Father in Heaven Who died on the cross 2 thousands years ago pleased with our life today? We have much to think about? Much to consider. Time is rapidly cutting short. Let's care, love and pray for one another each day.

  • Yaaaa yaaaaa yaaaaa. Wuuulleeepppu gasssssh whatever.

  • One of Nigeria's icons of the last century, the revered writer Chinua Achebe, responding to the critics of his story said, "if you don't like my story, write your own" Why do you, ADOS wait until people of other backgrounds, quite notably, Nigerians, begin to tell the stories of your heroes before you wake up to scream blue murder!!. Why don't you take the initiative so that you can cast yourselves and whoever you choose for the roles? If you don't like Cynthia Erivo playing Harriet Tubman or Aretha Franklin, is there a rule that says you cannot make your own movie of these same persons? f you don't like Cynthia Erivo's Harriet make your own!

  • Tisha "Fine" Campbell

  • Man damn.. I felt that

  • He gay as hell. That’s why he fought sisco, they were lovers

  • Very classy guy,nothing bad to say about bill,you can tell him and John were real good friend outside of the cameras

  • Canada gangs are smarter than U.S gangs I mean did you see the man wipe is prints 😐😐

  • Shawn is not funny. Glad he came to honor JW. JW was a funny and talented man. He deserves more credit than what he receives.

  • There is a pattern of blatant DISRESPECT of ADOS when it comes to this actress. 1st, Viola Davis was in the process of her biopic on Harriet back in 2016-2017 then she found out about this current one. Now, JENNIFER HUDSON was PERSONALLY SELECTED and it was made clear by Ms. Franklin that SHE was to portray her in this biopic. Also, Ms Franklin was very involved in the development of this, her own biopic, up until the time of her death 2018, aka the truth will be told in this one. Ref. BET.com news. The level of disrespect! Cynthia's research of Aretha Franklin includes a documentary, Amazing Grace, that Ms. Franklin SUED to prevent it's release. Apparently it was released and Cynthia wants everyone to see a film that she knows Aretha Franklin did not want shown. Wow! Cynthia also did not attend Ms Franklin's funeral. Ref. ENews, Nov. 9, 2019. Btw, the movie starring Jennifer Hudson will be released in August 2020...the other one, a Mini series will be released in the spring of 2020 in 172 countries and 43 languages. Catch that ? Cynthia playing a part in Rip Van Winkle is more her speed cause that chile needs a loooonnng nap! Now she's pushing out tears for the next Color Purple production by Oprah.

  • They were 1 of the FEW BLACK COUPLES left in this industry, I hate to hear this. I hope he don't go get a WHITE woman now.

  • “You Got To Coordinate !”

  • *Dana Glover - "Start all over again."* uztorrent.info/watch/mZaLuq1tfqvcsaI.html

  • is it her real hair?

  • LUV U TISHA!! STAY BEAUTIFUL & SAFE!!!! 🥀💜🥀💜🥀💜💐💜💐💜💐💜🌹💜🌹💜🌹💜

  • Clint is the MAN