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Welcome to my channel! I love playing Minecraft, Fortnite and a bunch of other games. My goal is to have as much fun as possible and provide entertaining videos for everyone! I hope you all enjoy!
My Minecraft Username is JeromeASF
- Jerome Aceti
Business email for serious inquires only - [email protected]


21:06Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player My Hero Academia Challenge | JeromeASF - 6-Player Max Snakes 100+ Game | JeromeASF - 6-Player Max Snakes 100+ Game | JeromeASFKo‘rishlar soni 14647 daqiqa oldin
20:37Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player ANTI MOAB Challenge | JeromeASF
24:44Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player Kaboomer Challenge | JeromeASF
15:08Minecraft - 4-Noobs VS Skyblock | JeromeASF
Minecraft - 4-Noobs VS Skyblock | JeromeASFKo‘rishlar soni 885 soat oldin
32:00Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player Slow Motion Challenge | JeromeASF
27:57Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player Helmets ONLY Challenge | JeromeASF
20:28Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player Sky High Challenge | JeromeASF
17:33Move Or Die - 4 Player Funniest Party Game | JeromeASF
23:34Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player Batman Challenge | JeromeASF
39:22Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player Nuclear Challenge | JeromeASF - 4-Player (MAX LVL) Pirate io game | JeromeASF
24:01Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player No Monkeys Challenge | JeromeASF
24:26Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player Nightmare Challenge | JeromeASF
Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player Nightmare Challenge | JeromeASFKo‘rishlar soni 35448 daqiqa oldin
21:35Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player Greek Gods Challenge | JeromeASF - 2-Player Desert Dragon Update | JeromeASF
38:30Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player Magic Season Challenge | JeromeASF - 2-Player All Evolutions (MAX Lvl) | JeromeASF
13:46Move Or Die - 4-Player Hilarious Party Game | JeromeASF


  • Crisis on infinite earths is the biggest crossover ever and its something dc has that marvel doesnt

  • I was sick when this came out

  • 1

  • Hi

  • All the upgrades for supermonkey is from dc

  • Every name is spelled backwards I noticed

  • Bru Jerome u cant go for iust one tower is screwed u over the first time so y keep doing it


  • Push challenge Only monkeys that push bloons and/or moabs. Super monkey(THE NIGHT!) Ninja(distraction) Druid(storm) Pat You can use multiple of the same monkeys(or if you have other monkeys that push bloons you can use those too)

  • Can u go play or atleast try to play growtopia and challenge first ot get a wl don't research what it is and play with tons of friends I doubt anyone knows what growtopia is

  • I think it would be could be cool if you did it completely half and half for split-screen

  • Can u go play or atleast try to play growtopia and challenge first ot get a wl don't research what it is and play with tons of friends I doubt anyone knows what growtopia is

  • Can u go play or atleast try to play growtopia and challenge first ot get a wl don't research what it is and play with tons of friends I doubt anyone knows what growtopia is

  • Captain amerika monkey is heart of oak druid

  • Same time

  • DC challenge:. All routes of Super monkey top superman middle cyborg bottom THE NIGHT and middle banana farm for lexcorp

  • New challenge:

  • I don’t like the extra screen part I can’t see the bottom row for upgrades

  • Marvel's is always the Best

  • Do the strange challenge: Potion monkey- down the middle row Wizard monkey- down the bottom row 2 players only

  • Someone make a challenge so Jerome has to get The Knight with super and epic range. He needs to understand that if he does that he would survive most dumb rounds

  • Archmage has shimmer so it doesn't matter to go bottom route for camo 🤷‍♀️

  • My dog

  • I really like when you can see both at the same time always

  • You supossed to be so big but you are so small

  • Why u no like spy class? :(

  • I like pan them over

  • Military battle 1v1v1 General Jerome Sniper Churchill Admiral Blade sub buccaneer top route only for buccaneer CAPTAINBLASTEM plane helicopter Spamming towers is aloud bananas top route and villages r aloud have fun

  • Yes he did

  • The tech terror could be bain dc

  • 2v2 superheros vs villians Superheros Quincy as Hawkeye The knight as batman Villains Captain boomerang as boomerang monkey Deadshot as sniper monkey

  • Do a every tower challenge You can use from every tower 1 tier 5 Challenge to 150

  • Mobile Legends Challenge (Pick Any Tower you want) Quincy(Miya) Gwendylin(Valir) Ice Monkey(Aurora)(All Paths) Sniper(Lesley)(Top And Mid Paths) Buccaneer(Bane)(Mid Path) Monkey apprentice(Vexana,Vale)(Bottom Path and Top Path) Ninja(Hanabi)(All Paths) Druid(Eudora,Belerick,Wan-wan)(All Paths) Engineer(Zhask)(Top Path) You can get banana farms. Get to round 80,but if u can get to round 100

  • You should of add spider men which should be the glue guner

  • Pan beweteen1

  • How about you just put two videos of balloons when you do the sound is the separate the video and put them as different videos when you do your two V2 County

  • Religion + book = THE BIBLE

  • Bog chankga

  • Anyone knows the time for the 4 horseman of the apocalypse?

  • Matt cheated, he upgraded his druid to ball lightning in the first round even though it was supposed to only be heart of lightning (EDIT) Challenge:Try Chimps mode

  • Pan between two

  • Split screen

  • The anime challenge Bloon master alchemist Dr stone

  • Jerome stop playing with your viewer's feelings cripple moab without faster firing

  • Air vs Water 2v2 Ace and Helicopter Buccaneer and Submarine As many as you want Banana Farms allowed

  • it was the map

  • Ant man and the wasp film is with ghost

  • challenge only 8 Sniper 2 Helis 4Mörser 1Uboot

  • Ninja star challenge boomerang ninja super monkey bottom route and you can use banana farms and farmers monkey village aloud

  • You should make this streams so we can type in chat 1 for player 1 and 2 and 2 for player 3 and 4

  • So we not gonna talk about how jerome got 300million monkey money right

  • The hole multivers got destroyed

  • There is only one now because arrow /supergirl/dc legends of tomorrow /the flash destroyed all earth's but one earth prime

  • 1 tower challenge You can have 1 village

  • No

  • Down anyone else have 15 adverts or is that just me but either way I love this series and I'd love to see more lol

  • MOAB challenge use suff that has MOAB in it like MOAB shove

  • Do a prank, where you will play split screen, and can use cash drop and farm, and can use all towers you want to use. And the other team have to use only 4 towers and no banana farm. You can decide those 4 towers. Like so Jerome can see this

  • The result really makes sense Marvel is just 1 million times better

  • I think that having the split screen where we can see both parts is better! 😀

  • I like it more as the splitscreen

  • 2 screens are better

  • I feel like Captain America would be the Boomerang monkey since he throws his shield around and it comes back. (Of course Captain, bounces it off walls, but still)

  • marvel is king

  • I say yes

  • I like both perspectives at the same time

  • side by side is better

  • Why did you say DC is better than Marvel even though Marvel makes better movies than DC

  • Use the multi cam you used with the hypixel tournament

  • marvel for life

  • “Well cut it there” Uh

  • Bat man knows bat fu so ha Steven libby

  • I like the two screens :D anyone agree with me?

  • Jerome if you can could you do a series about the new ark genesis

  • Both at the same time

  • 2020 squad

  • I like it like split screen constantly

  • Now don't get the night is powerful, but Jerome is starting to overrate it. Who else agrees?

  • banana farm allowed

  • thank you

  • i gonna se the video if you do my challenge

  • The Greek Gods CHALLENGE Zeus: Superstorm Ares: Avatar of wrath (you can use 1 poplust: Kratos (I googled it and he is real)) Hades: I think THE KNIGHT can be him cause......... dark. And a dark portal at the end Poseidon: Absolute Zero (cause ice is hard water. And he can make giant waves and the snow storm is like a wave but it's...............snow) If you don't choose mine it's ok. I will just spam it on every single video. Every single video

  • Jerome plz do this challenge it is the star wars challenge Jerome: Super Monkey: Robo monkey= AT-AT Blade: Airplane: Sky Shredder= X wing Steve: Druid: Avatar of wrath= Darth Vader Dropzy: Ice Monkey: Icecle impale=Stormtrooper Plz Jerome do my challenge

  • Those challenges have no competition in them. Both teams should have the same towers ,to show which team has the better strategy by using the same towers but more efficiently.

  • The Knockback challenge: Any tower that knockbacks balloons. Druid of the storm Wizard monkey lightning route The Night Helicopter Pat Futsy Banana farms and 5 cashdrops are allowed

  • Middle route super monkey is like iron man. Why did they not add him

  • why is there an add every 2.5 minutes

  • I like it how it is now

  • Its best if you swith betwin etc other i have a 2 v 2 challeng to Night and light vs element Night and light team The night Dark adora Sun avatar Solar adora Element team Wizard monkey Ice monkey Druid Just any monkey that has a element bass attack And farm is allowd

  • I like the split screen, but I think it would be cooler if they swapped like every minute or two, like have one bigger and the other smaller (like in the video already) but then swap (making the big one small and the small one big)

  • Vale out here getting yelled at for having multiple towers while Jerome and Blade do the exact same thing

  • I thought your favorite hero was flash!!

  • I like when you switch between perspectives.

  • Two at once and also dc is not better than marvel and dc is for deadcarcass

  • Dogs see Black and white things when they Watch TV cause they can see 70-80 images Per Second while us humas only see 60-70

  • I want Jerome and Steve to be on a team

  • 100

  • Pls do the master challenge Crossbow master Bloon master alcamist Grandmaster ninja Master bomber

  • Star wars challenge Anti ballon=darth vader(only one) Special poperations=clone trooper gun ship (only one) Grand master (ninja)=grand master Yoda (only one) 0,3,0 ninjas =jedi (as many as you want) Operation dart storm=star destroyers (as may their 4 as you like)

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