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I am a 5th generation family farmer from West-Central Minnesota. The recent interest in food, combined with a large amount of 'misinformation' has driven me to start this channel. I hope to be someone people can relate to and trust when they question how their food is grown and raised. I also hope to become a 'smarter' farmer through my experiences with this channel. I strongly believe we must have an open mind and a willingness to learn about others, or we cannot move forward as one. My goal is to build the connection between farmers and consumers by facilitating a collaborative conversation amongst everyone. I do this by sharing my day-to-day farming experiences, my opinions on certain topics, and occasionally visiting other farms and businesses to help better understand other farming and business practices. There is no limit to where this channel may go, so please join me!!


13:20Harvest 2019 Got Us Down
Harvest 2019 Got Us DownKo‘rishlar soni 220 mingKun oldin
14:40How to Lose a Tire in 10 Acres
How to Lose a Tire in 10 AcresKo‘rishlar soni 307 ming3 kun oldin
13:47Harvesting Corn in the Snow is Problematic
Harvesting Corn in the Snow is ProblematicKo‘rishlar soni 371 ming7 kun oldin
12:17Implement Rollover
Implement RolloverKo‘rishlar soni 536 ming8 kun oldin
18:27Harvesting Corn
Harvesting CornKo‘rishlar soni 461 ming11 kun oldin
16:24Tilling with the new 2680H Disk
Tilling with the new 2680H DiskKo‘rishlar soni 374 ming13 kun oldin
StuckKo‘rishlar soni 155 ming14 kun oldin
18:18Farm Communities Come Together
Farm Communities Come TogetherKo‘rishlar soni 368 ming14 kun oldin
18:46I got the Combine Stuck on a Hill
I got the Combine Stuck on a HillKo‘rishlar soni 425 ming16 kun oldin
17:20Our Pets Heads are Falling Off!
Our Pets Heads are Falling Off!Ko‘rishlar soni 332 ming16 kun oldin
17:30Activating Millennial Mode
Activating Millennial ModeKo‘rishlar soni 293 ming17 kun oldin
13:30Our First Day of Corn Harvest with the S780
Our First Day of Corn Harvest with the S780Ko‘rishlar soni 404 ming20 kun oldin
26:05John Deere S780 Harvest Debut
John Deere S780 Harvest DebutKo‘rishlar soni 424 ming20 kun oldin
19:33EVERYTHING is getting STUCK!
EVERYTHING is getting STUCK!Ko‘rishlar soni 396 ming21 kun oldin
19:38Our First Day of Harvest 2019!
Our First Day of Harvest 2019!Ko‘rishlar soni 353 ming23 kun oldin
15:23Early Harvest Problems-BUT RAIN AIN'T ONE
Early Harvest Problems-BUT RAIN AIN'T ONEKo‘rishlar soni 364 ming26 kun oldin
18:00302 Bushels Per Acre
302 Bushels Per AcreKo‘rishlar soni 328 ming29 kun oldin
WILL WE EVER HARVEST?!?!Ko‘rishlar soni 330 mingOy oldin
We ACTUALLY got a NEW COMBINE!!Ko‘rishlar soni 430 mingOy oldin
WE GOT A NEW COMBINE!Ko‘rishlar soni 625 mingOy oldin
18:47We Millennialized the John Deere Ripper
We Millennialized the John Deere RipperKo‘rishlar soni 335 mingOy oldin
20:34Randy's Harvesting Soybeans!
Randy's Harvesting Soybeans!Ko‘rishlar soni 409 mingOy oldin
12:28Our MASSIVE American Grain Cart is here!
Our MASSIVE American Grain Cart is here!Ko‘rishlar soni 494 mingOy oldin
20:55Stainless Steel Upgrades For The Deep Bander
Stainless Steel Upgrades For The Deep BanderKo‘rishlar soni 284 mingOy oldin
18:33Cleaning the Grain Pits
Cleaning the Grain PitsKo‘rishlar soni 293 mingOy oldin
3:29Millennials Trying To Farm
Millennials Trying To FarmKo‘rishlar soni 307 mingOy oldin
13:42Hauling Corn in Miserable Conditions
Hauling Corn in Miserable ConditionsKo‘rishlar soni 299 mingOy oldin
18:07Combine Improvements
Combine ImprovementsKo‘rishlar soni 353 mingOy oldin
14:43The NEW Sukup Grain Bin is Built!!
The NEW Sukup Grain Bin is Built!!Ko‘rishlar soni 271 mingOy oldin
11:45Combine Work Before Harvest
Combine Work Before HarvestKo‘rishlar soni 275 ming2 oy oldin
32:12Farm Tour
Farm TourKo‘rishlar soni 290 ming3 oy oldin
17:58Farm Equipment at Farm Fest
Farm Equipment at Farm FestKo‘rishlar soni 228 ming3 oy oldin
18:45Grain Leg Trick Shot-Fun On The Farm
Grain Leg Trick Shot-Fun On The FarmKo‘rishlar soni 235 ming3 oy oldin
17:42Farm Work
Farm WorkKo‘rishlar soni 307 ming3 oy oldin
10:28We're Building a New Grain Bin
We're Building a New Grain BinKo‘rishlar soni 289 ming3 oy oldin
13:20Field Work in Iowa
Field Work in IowaKo‘rishlar soni 215 ming3 oy oldin
35:39We Toured a Hog Farm!
We Toured a Hog Farm!Ko‘rishlar soni 276 ming3 oy oldin
22:26Laying Pipe with Master Pipe Layer Randy
Laying Pipe with Master Pipe Layer RandyKo‘rishlar soni 370 ming3 oy oldin
13:54Millennial Farmer Visits Pelosi's Office
Millennial Farmer Visits Pelosi's OfficeKo‘rishlar soni 232 ming4 oy oldin
13:34Just in CASE
Just in CASEKo‘rishlar soni 330 ming4 oy oldin
21:49Millennial Farmer Gets Schooled By Case
Millennial Farmer Gets Schooled By CaseKo‘rishlar soni 420 ming4 oy oldin
10:38Seed Tender Review
Seed Tender ReviewKo‘rishlar soni 165 ming4 oy oldin
16:04Planting Green
Planting GreenKo‘rishlar soni 319 ming4 oy oldin
23:17Farm Kid Takes out The Trash
Farm Kid Takes out The TrashKo‘rishlar soni 444 ming5 oy oldin
4:21Planting Non GMO Soybeans
Planting Non GMO SoybeansKo‘rishlar soni 180 ming5 oy oldin
13:369520RX John Deere-2660VT Vertical Tillage Demo
9520RX John Deere-2660VT Vertical Tillage DemoKo‘rishlar soni 514 ming5 oy oldin
13:37What should we do with our last 40 Acres of Mud?
What should we do with our last 40 Acres of Mud?Ko‘rishlar soni 410 ming5 oy oldin
13:02My First Experience With No-Till
My First Experience With No-TillKo‘rishlar soni 385 ming5 oy oldin
11:22Tractor Stuck in the MUD
Tractor Stuck in the MUDKo‘rishlar soni 1.6 mln5 oy oldin
40:51Millennial Farmer Merchandise Giveaway
Millennial Farmer Merchandise GiveawayKo‘rishlar soni 87 ming5 oy oldin
12:54Never Climb in Grain Bins
Never Climb in Grain BinsKo‘rishlar soni 494 ming5 oy oldin
21:07Excavators and Chainsaws
Excavators and ChainsawsKo‘rishlar soni 467 ming5 oy oldin
16:22Trigger Warning
Trigger WarningKo‘rishlar soni 349 ming5 oy oldin
14:28Farming VS Rain
Farming VS RainKo‘rishlar soni 250 ming5 oy oldin
11:35Switching from Corn to Beans
Switching from Corn to BeansKo‘rishlar soni 210 ming6 oy oldin
FarmingKo‘rishlar soni 250 ming6 oy oldin
1:35:46Happy Hour
Happy HourKo‘rishlar soni 110 ming6 oy oldin
9:45Planting Our Corn Test Plots
Planting Our Corn Test PlotsKo‘rishlar soni 200 ming6 oy oldin
17:29Spring Corn Planting 2019
Spring Corn Planting 2019Ko‘rishlar soni 362 ming6 oy oldin
12:48How Not to Change an Oil Filter
How Not to Change an Oil FilterKo‘rishlar soni 468 ming6 oy oldin
13:01125 Acres in the Ground
125 Acres in the GroundKo‘rishlar soni 282 ming6 oy oldin
23:05The Work Continues
The Work ContinuesKo‘rishlar soni 330 ming6 oy oldin
16:48John Deere Planter Preparations 2019
John Deere Planter Preparations 2019Ko‘rishlar soni 220 ming6 oy oldin
6:57A Brief Announcement!
A Brief Announcement!Ko‘rishlar soni 158 ming6 oy oldin
19:59It Snowed.
It Snowed.Ko‘rishlar soni 226 ming7 oy oldin
15:40Truck work, hauling, and New Row Cleaners
Truck work, hauling, and New Row CleanersKo‘rishlar soni 278 ming7 oy oldin
8:02Planting Preparations
Planting PreparationsKo‘rishlar soni 260 ming7 oy oldin
11:52Goodbye to Our John Deere Combine
Goodbye to Our John Deere CombineKo‘rishlar soni 742 ming7 oy oldin
14:22Getting Closer to Spring!
Getting Closer to Spring!Ko‘rishlar soni 228 ming7 oy oldin
11:24Helping out Farm Families and a Quick Update on Things
Helping out Farm Families and a Quick Update on ThingsKo‘rishlar soni 193 ming7 oy oldin
9:16More Snow Removal and a NEW Tractor
More Snow Removal and a NEW TractorKo‘rishlar soni 294 ming8 oy oldin
24:59Animated Podcast -  An Interview with RDO Equipment
Animated Podcast - An Interview with RDO EquipmentKo‘rishlar soni 75 ming8 oy oldin
23:19The History of Our Farm - Part 2 - A Talk With Dad
The History of Our Farm - Part 2 - A Talk With DadKo‘rishlar soni 179 ming8 oy oldin
23:19The History of Our Farm - Part 1 - A Talk With Dad
The History of Our Farm - Part 1 - A Talk With DadKo‘rishlar soni 308 ming8 oy oldin
5:55The Truth About Where I've Been.... (CLICKBAIT)
The Truth About Where I've Been.... (CLICKBAIT)Ko‘rishlar soni 159 ming9 oy oldin
16:57Hauling corn to the Ethanol Plant
Hauling corn to the Ethanol PlantKo‘rishlar soni 433 ming9 oy oldin
22:48Moving Snow as Slowly as Possible
Moving Snow as Slowly as PossibleKo‘rishlar soni 738 ming10 oy oldin
8:21I Destroyed My Silver Play Button (Clickbait)
I Destroyed My Silver Play Button (Clickbait)Ko‘rishlar soni 191 ming10 oy oldin
11:58Pheasant Hunting and Trick Shots With the Gould Brothers
13:45Fixing Stuff and Tillage - The Lost Harvest Video!
Fixing Stuff and Tillage - The Lost Harvest Video!Ko‘rishlar soni 275 ming10 oy oldin
17:43Equipment Envy!!!
Equipment Envy!!!Ko‘rishlar soni 758 ming11 oy oldin
25:04Challenger VS Deere
Challenger VS DeereKo‘rishlar soni 706 ming11 oy oldin
16:06Farm Wash Day!
Farm Wash Day!Ko‘rishlar soni 359 ming11 oy oldin
21:54Cleaning Some Things Up
Cleaning Some Things UpKo‘rishlar soni 283 ming11 oy oldin
25:24MN Millennial Farmer Farm Flix
MN Millennial Farmer Farm FlixKo‘rishlar soni 260 ming11 oy oldin
19:31The John Deere Shuffle
The John Deere ShuffleKo‘rishlar soni 472 ming11 oy oldin
3:10A Few Quick Things: Apparel, FS19, and I'm going to Omaha!
30:18Visiting a Turkey Farm!
Visiting a Turkey Farm!Ko‘rishlar soni 178 ming11 oy oldin
12:22Wrapping up Harvest!
Wrapping up Harvest!Ko‘rishlar soni 232 ming11 oy oldin
11:28It's all Frozen!
It's all Frozen!Ko‘rishlar soni 341 mingYil oldin
11:37Bonus Tillage Vlog
Bonus Tillage VlogKo‘rishlar soni 270 mingYil oldin
8:01Rushing Tillage Before the Ground Freezes
Rushing Tillage Before the Ground FreezesKo‘rishlar soni 244 mingYil oldin
11:12A Long Day of Farming in the Snow
A Long Day of Farming in the SnowKo‘rishlar soni 1.1 mlnYil oldin
19:06Teaching Her to Drive the Challenger
Teaching Her to Drive the ChallengerKo‘rishlar soni 540 mingYil oldin
9:51Farmer gets Bean Boozled
Farmer gets Bean BoozledKo‘rishlar soni 451 mingYil oldin
4:32Working Hard or Hardly Working?
Working Hard or Hardly Working?Ko‘rishlar soni 636 mingYil oldin
6:36Last Day of Harvest 2018
Last Day of Harvest 2018Ko‘rishlar soni 195 mingYil oldin
12:51NFL Superstar Makes Vodka using our Corn!
NFL Superstar Makes Vodka using our Corn!Ko‘rishlar soni 215 mingYil oldin
13:31Isn't it Pretty?!
Isn't it Pretty?!Ko‘rishlar soni 803 mingYil oldin


  • Think of all that you could accomplish if you didn't waste that 4 hours a day asleep.....

  • corn whiskey belongs in a bottle.. not in our fuel supply. It destroys everyone elses machines so these guys can get rich.

  • The sign i saw is True...With out Farmers i Wud be Hungry,Naked And Sober....

  • At 0:39 apparently even the 9870 is noticing this is a tough year and has taken up drinking!

  • Years ago I had seen a farmer that posted a video of how he dealt with his down corn on his farm. I believe he was running a Gleaner. He said he had a simple solution and low and behold he did it with a bean head. I believe it was a old school augur head. I had no clue to that point that it would work that well and never really even thought about it. Most would just rough it to get it out.

  • That header looks like it does a pretty good job considering the corn is pretty much laying completely down. 👍🏼

  • Looks a lot like Northern Illinois corn. Had terrible winds and rain this past summer and it did some significant damage to a lot of crop here.

  • call it stuck Saturday

  • Awesome 😄👍

  • Very interesting harvest, of course interesting isn't a nice word in this instance :( Have you considered making another 'Talk with Dad' video? Maybe this video could be about the difficulties he's faced in the past. This seems a good harvest season to remember other difficult harvests. Love the video!

  • Super Mario Bros!!!!!!!

  • Do you guys use a corn reel at all? We bought one back when Pioneer was falling down all the time

  • Where was the "hey...are you ok?" with the lollipop? :)

  • Could you explain to those of us that know absolutely nothing about farming other than what you've shown us, how does crop insurance work, for all the loss you're dealing with?

  • Mamma said there’d be days like this.

  • I sure hope you guys get to test out the new John Deere X9 Combine they reviled in Germany this week !!!!

  • Morning Zach,Just wanted to give you a thumbs up on your Jim Varney impressions! Brings back good memories. Farm on!

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  • You call it "doing donuts"...I call it "cleaning the mud off the treads". Work smarter, not harder.

  • Where is the s780 combine

  • Are you going this year

  • Set the auto steer and hammer down we have had problems like that in popcorn. We have also resorted to the old flex head for the stuff that if flat as a pancake. Mother Nature sure has been a pain in the a$$ this year.

  • That looks tough. Get plenty of rest and don’t forget to eat properly. Also try to remember as tough as it is, be grateful you have a crop to harvest and some awesome tools to get the job done. I bet some of previous generations struggled even more and with those conditions may have lost a whole harvest. Keep up the good work.

  • Hey I have a sound that I make when I’m told to go get another socket, or told to go clean the mud off the cutter bar. Some other random jobs too. It goes like this, Tsssssssss.

  • Is it the hybrids fault or just because of to much rain and late harvest because of the wet spring?

  • Ahh man, I feel for you. Life isn't ment to be easy and unfortunately the corn gods aren't on your side atm.

  • My dad always referred to corn in this situation as "sexy corn". That's because it lays down for anything! A little dad farmer humor.

  • There’s a name for people who climb around on corn heads, at night, out in a field all by themselves.....”Statistics”

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  • RIP Floater.. 11/2019

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  • Down corn, we had an ENTIRY FIELD like this 2 years ago, it's sad, but dont give up!

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  • Quick uninformed, uneducated question... did he ever pull his new guidance system off the agco before returning it??

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  • You have my sympathy Zach, we’re currently experiencing one of the wettest autumns in the UK, only got 20% of our sowing done where as normally we’d be completed by now


  • Cut to emotional music and acting...CLASSIC!!!

  • Good News Today: Eh. USDA screwed up and everything in your bins is worth more than you thought. @2:45 You ever drive a two row corn picker on a `Super-M'? It never beeps at ya, but they cost an arm or a leg.

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  • He said sensitive, a millennial concerned about sensitivity. Sorry, couldn't resist. Awesome video, I really enjoyed the honest side by side comparison, wish more industries would do these to this level.

  • That corn must have been hit hard with the wind. I’ve never seen any corn lay over that bad down here in South Carolina.

  • I call shenanigans! A millennial who recognizes that a being in a crappy mood no matter how well deserved doesn’t solve any problems. Don’t believe it. You worked on getting over it and focus on the solution instead of dwelling on the problem? So naive, I thought we were supposed to quit, go eat a veggie burger and Waite for somebody else to fix it.

  • Do yourself a favor and plant pioneer👍

  • 2:23 the hose is leaking i see it

  • Where does the unit of "acre" come from? Just curious

  • i'm your biggest FAN, can you give my YT channel a shoutout? haha :)

  • 'Dealing with Mother Nature, paying the bank for very Expensive equipment, dealing with Breakdowns, and everything else... IT AIN'T EASY BEING A FARMER....' …… just sayin'

  • “The wheels look fine” 2 minutes later wheel falls off! 😂

  • When you are clearing the header, PLEASE kill the engine, it is NOT worth the small risk, because the unthinkable could happen. I have personally seen where someone has tried clearing a round baler and not killed the engine, they did not go home.


  • I suffer from Beepophobia and that is an intense dislike of technology beeping when you turn a device on, a machine on, select a function, shut something down, something runs low (like fuel) when you already have a gauge, don't engage a seat belt just to move a vehicle 5yards and many more beeping situations. Beeps should be banned!

  • Some of my best days have been spent behind the wheel of a combine. Did I mention some of my worst, too?

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  • You are struggling because of all that green paint on your farm

  • Wow! theres a machine for everything. Tractors are like grown up toys! so many accesories

  • Ever heard of DEKALB?

  • Go home zack and get some. timeout

  • Sorry reposting didn’t realize was on sons account lol. Also some editing Hang in there Zach and everyone else on the farm. What makes your channel so great is that it helps a person like me who has never farmed realize how hard it can be. I always new farmers were hard working people but until I started watching your channel I never knew what a farmer went through to get their harvest in. You have opened the eyes of a none farmer from Michigan. Thanks to all the farmers everywhere

  • Sweetie is falling asleep! Nap time!

  • you know he’s frustrated when he cusses on camera 😂in all of his videos that i’ve been watching for almost 2 years this is the first time i have ever heard him cuss on camera.

  • Thank you allowing me in on your day. Watching you harvest in water and ice was fascinating to me. I had no idea of what farmers face during harvest. I feel more connected to the world of farmers through your videos. I truly hope for you and your crew through the remainder of the season. And I am a bit wondering... whether your filming for this channel is helping or hindering you.

    • I was going to comment along the same lines about how interesting the videos are, but this post is so much more eloquent than what I had in mind. But I agree 100%

    • Thank you for watching and for the kind words! There are definitely times when dealing with the camera is an additional pain, which is why there are not quite as many videos this harvest. Overall though, this channel has been a great thing for us so I certainly can't complain about it!

  • Awesome vids 👍

  • Hang in there Zack i love your videos so let me ask you this once u finish harvest how do u get it to market

  • Thank you for all u do to feed us silly city folk. Also an additional thx for showing us how things work on a real farm.

    • demanding on equipment. You would think the manufacturers would make their parts last a lot longer. But then their parts department would go out of business so I get it.

  • Man i know your pain... We're in the midst of our bushfire prevention slashing, so running two tractors with 8' HD slasher decks behind em all across our national parks doing fire breaks and track edges. Its absolutely brutal work on the machines and we've been plagued with problems this year. Started 4 weeks late because the weather wouldnt cooperate and the grass didnt start to cure on time, now its gone the other way and everything's crispy and dry and we're working around fireban days and shitting ourselves every time we hit a rock in case we start a fire. We've been going two weeks, had one slasher shred its PTO shaft clutch and had to rebuild that, then the trailing wheel let go. Then a sensor on the clutch pedal of our Massey failed and locked the transmission into limp mode. Fixed that and the tractor died halfway up a hill on a two lane highway because a decade of slashing has build up enough chaff in the fuel tank that its being picked up by the intake and blocking up the lift pump strainer, so now we're playing a game of chicken with the fuel gauge to get it as low as possible to flush the tank out, without running out of fuel halfway up a hill offroad! And just to complete our week this week, I flicked a rock forwards with the slasher, bounced it off the front tyre and shot it into the side door of our New Holland and shattered it. $1200 for a window and at least a week and a half before it gets here because its gotta come from Sydney and you cant get freight in and out of Sydney easily at the moment because of the bushfires! I dont think its ANYONES year this year if you drive tractors!

  • Sorry about bad grammar!!

  • Hang in there Zach and everyone what makes your channel so great is that it helps a person like me how has never farmed how hard it can be. I always new farmers are hard working people but until I started watching your channel I never knew what a farmer went through to get their harvest in. You have opened the eyes of a none farmer from Michigan. Thanks to all the farmers everywhere.

  • Can you use your bean header on that corn ? It looks like that’s wind damage by the way all the stalks are facing the same way more or less ! Truth be told ! I told Jim NOT to have a kegger in that field last summer but he went and had one and that’s why the corns laying down , sorry Jim about throwing you under the bus but when you invite 200 fairly large people to a field party and not invite me , well that’s what you get ! Lol

  • People that are not into farming will never understand how it feels seeing your hard work in such bad shape. It's mentally challenging to cope with that because in the end it all comes to $$$ and how to go again next season. I've been there, done that, know the feeling. Good luck mate, keep it up we all have bad years and less bad years :)

  • Forrest Gump!!! Great reference!

  • Never seen corn down like that ever??? It's not even uniform like blown down corn! How many rocks have picked up so far? Do you figure it's a fungus on the root or is it the stalk breaking?

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  • Hi thought we had poor conditions this harvest very wet at least we didn’t have any frost enjoy the videos keep up the good work

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