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1:31Ari Gold: What a Delightful Little Chip This Was
Ari Gold: What a Delightful Little Chip This WasKo‘rishlar soni 5 mingKun oldin
0:41This Is Your Interactive Football Adventure | Your Call
0:46How Did Chelsea Not Get a Penalty Against Barcelona in 2009
1:01Catch Liverpool If You Can
Catch Liverpool If You CanKo‘rishlar soni 34 ming4 kun oldin
27:12All Goals In The Europa League Today | 7 November 2019
All Goals In The Europa League Today | 7 November 2019Ko‘rishlar soni 106 ming7 kun oldin
3:14Rodrygo Perfect Hat-Trick: Real Madrid vs. Galatasaray
Rodrygo Perfect Hat-Trick: Real Madrid vs. GalatasarayKo‘rishlar soni 104 ming8 kun oldin
11:03All Goals In The Champions League Today | 06 November 2019
0:43Jorginho Penalties Are so Satisfying to Watch
Jorginho Penalties Are so Satisfying to WatchKo‘rishlar soni 21 ming9 kun oldin
1:16Ball Hits Kepa IN THE FACE to Gift Ajax a Goal vs. Chelsea
11:31All Goals In The Champions League Today | 05 November 2019
6:04The Champions: Season 3, Episode 3
The Champions: Season 3, Episode 3Ko‘rishlar soni 1.4 mln10 kun oldin
2:56Lionel Messi vs. Cristiano Ronaldo in Formula 1 🎮🏎
1:15The Build Up Play Was Nice, the Finish Was Exceptional
The Build Up Play Was Nice, the Finish Was ExceptionalKo‘rishlar soni 9 ming12 kun oldin
3:20Top 5 Champions League Finals | B/R Football Ranks
Top 5 Champions League Finals | B/R Football RanksKo‘rishlar soni 5 ming14 kun oldin
5:21Halloween Howlers: Some of the Worst Mistakes in Football
Halloween Howlers: Some of the Worst Mistakes in FootballKo‘rishlar soni 292 ming14 kun oldin
0:11The Most 🤢Act in European Football Last Season
The Most 🤢Act in European Football Last SeasonKo‘rishlar soni 12 ming15 kun oldin
2:07The Best Celebrations in PES 2020
The Best Celebrations in PES 2020Ko‘rishlar soni 43 ming15 kun oldin
0:32Is Lionel Messi Even Human? (A Stop Motion Animation)
Is Lionel Messi Even Human? (A Stop Motion Animation)Ko‘rishlar soni 25 ming16 kun oldin
20:24All Goals In The Europa League Today | 24 October 2019
All Goals In The Europa League Today | 24 October 2019Ko‘rishlar soni 138 ming21 kun oldin


  • How the heck did they get the Manchester United 2009 Jersey?!!?!?!😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • One day the pros are going to muck up

  • WOW! It's amazing! These goals look so similiar! This is world class! My favs are Neymar and Giroud ones

  • How do you make these so accurate? Like how?

  • There are no Messi goals that have been recreated...cuz they cant be loll😂 #GOAT #GOD

    • Or maybe they just weren't memorable enough? 🤔 Don't know the real reason why

  • How u get these retro kits?

    • Mods like fifer and the frosty engine

  • Yo

  • These are terrible lmao

  • Ummm what did I just watch?! Amazing

  • First

  • Recreate own goals and start with Vergini vs Southampton in 2014

  • Barcelona fans subsribe mee Force barce❤❤❤❤

  • Great keep it up

  • First


  • Part Chelsea

  • Love the inter part

  • Messi- I'll have the goat cr7: please don't eat me OMG

  • Great, now how's he going to get home?

  • The fan need to commit more. Fake run once or twice and go all in when the ball are on the way to the other one. Running around with only hoping they will slip up is a horrible strategy.

  • No Rob Green? What is this list even?

  • 15:32 that face ,lol 😂😂😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Such a quality series

  • i try to dig every possible option, but still cant get the part where jadon sancho call you and congratulate you for your scoring form

  • It's fake, it's an illusion. What's the problem

  • The "My ninth ab is gone" is a reference to the false nine messi used to play back when pep was still the Catalan coach. The hidden jokes are the best ones.

  • Chalalalalalala oh st etienne

  • Ty: we played Wolves last week and foxes this week, it's too many Animals"

  • By the end of that I would be so frustrated how about you guys

  • Call me, I have the habit of playing soccer, I play 2 or 3 times a week, I'm from São Paulo, Brazil!

  • 3nd comment

  • Search Slangen fra Harstad on UZtorrent

  • 2nd 😃

  • Hi guys

  • 1st

  • 2:39 what? Just start ngtAling That isn’t even remotely dutch Je zal nooit alleen lopen

  • 5:28 if you pause there Ronaldo's eyes were about to pop out when he got kicked 😂😂

  • 1:22 is that Ronaldo's drawing of himself? 😂

  • I can't stop laughing throughout the video 😂😂

  • Is it that realistic? I need to try lol.

  • Damn pes stepping up their game... at the same time tho fifa been lacking for some years now

  • uztorrent.info/watch/aKBw0mmJnaCY3Iw.html Whatever you do don’t click on it.

  • Ronaldo would have to retards one of these days 😢

  • I've done this it's fucking scary but I jumped off of it and jumped when I hit the floor

  • Diego simeone?

  • Where tf can I do this???

  • 1:56 I get that lol remember when Karius passed the Ball to benzema?

  • I had anxiety watching this

  • I felt him

  • that crystal palace part was insane

  • Song name at the end ??? Pls

  • Song?

  • When other translation ? I'm french and... Don't understand all 😭😭

  • They should’ve done everyone individually

  • Just a reminder of what happened to them last season

  • 3:29 hahahah

  • Good times boy.... damm

  • Shows how one's mind can get fooled easily. Sensory inputs can be real or virtual; mind doesn't know the difference.


  • Mi hija es mas talento y guerrera solo que no tiene la misma atencion y promotora que esta crak! De cualquier manera aplausos a esta niña

  • Stupid celebrations. Celebrate like a clown But 6 yo kids would like it

  • It’s actually an Italian song. Whole video is incorrect.

  • The most likeable and amazing manager at the same time

  • Where is Lewandowski idiots?

  • Could anyone tell me the first song which plays in this video ' wake up In the morning '

  • Easy to tie when u pay the ref! Bs that penalty n two red cards. Chelsea paid well.

  • 4v2 would have been perfect

  • 1st time i let my son play a game like this he almost fell over...thought it was real

  • You should do a arachnophobia VR

    • While you touch their bodies with sticks, feathers etc

    • In a pitch black room, and they have to lay down

  • Should use heart monitor

  • I’d just run towards the plank😂

  • Br do love Barcelona

  • BRAZILIANS & INTERNET HYPE....a never-ending love story between the two...

  • I wish they would remaster old fifa games because I preferred the players back then. I loved the early 2000s era

  • If yhis is how Liverpool really thinks about themselves, I can understand why they are hated.

  • Goalie is caught in NO-MANS land

  • Ya gotta love it

  • Better than messi

  • I don't usually play FIFA. Proceed to pull out a copy of FIFA from his pocket conveniently.

  • I would walk off just to see what would happen 😂

  • When people said pro evo instead of this dumbfuck "PEZ" nonsense.

  • I dont wanna be rude but she looks average for europe

  • Wtf? FNG?

  • 1:35 best shot =)

  • When u take the vr goggles off but your still on the pavement