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1:12:28Fantasy Focus Live! Week 11 Preview
Fantasy Focus Live! Week 11 PreviewKo‘rishlar soni 28 ming2 kun oldin
3:18Myles Garrett went too far - Mike Golic | Golic and Wingo
5:05Cody Bellinger reacts to winning 2019 NL MVP | SportsCenter
1:00:12Fantasy Focus Live! TNF Preview
Fantasy Focus Live! TNF PreviewKo‘rishlar soni 28 ming3 kun oldin


  • Yall are just alike you both just wanna make noise.

  • #1. Hes not American. #2. Hes is a Muslim. #3. He doesn't respect our country.

  • All this time I've been trying to tell you...

  • You can lead a horse to the water but you cannot make him drink Kaepernick is a joke I told you that along time ago the the brother is washed up bro hit me up anytime Bill 818-667-8071

  • Stephen A. Rukas got his tap shoes out 🤓🤓🤓

  • You a dickhead dawg

  • We've seen defenders hit Quarterbacks late. We've seen defenders hit Quarterbacks, and take them down with a two touchdown lead. I HAVE NEVER SEEN A QB TRY TO TAKE THE HELMET OFF OF A DEFENDER. If I'm wrong, please someone cite the incident and I'll change my stance. Garrett deserved the rest of year suspension, but Rudolph deserves at least two games for being an absolute moronic QB who repeatedly asked for what he got.

  • “Georger”

  • random man on street: hello stephen a my name is wrong f. johnson. how are you today? stephen a: you are wrong and im going to tell you why....

  • Stephen A. Loves Dallas cowboys? Then let Colin Kaepernick take New QB Cowboy soon ?

  • I agree that was so garbage and a turn off and a slap in the face of the NFL , the 25 or so teams that showed up and everyone who supported the idea he should have another shot at being in the NFL. Not only that but the high school was 57 miles away on top of that. What kind of injury was he scared of for throwing a ball and no physical contact involved where he wouldn't sign a standard waiver?

  • He don't care because people know he a bluff. He always answering interviews like he got it together but really in the game he over hyped. Jus like he over hyping AD. LeBron a bandwagoner. He never supports rookies.

  • Some times I don’t agree with Max, but 100% on his side with this.

  • The greatest all time trio: Micheal Jordan Scottie Pippin Phil Jackson

  • Stephen doesn't want to be an announcer, he wants to be a colostomy bag.

  • They stole signs since the World Series against the dodgers !!!!!! How can you just blow out the dodgers game 7 with Yu Darvish???? There’s one single article in the entire internet about the astros stealing signs off Yu Darvish. What a joke team.

  • Jordan, Pippen and Rodman beats all of them because they have won 3 straight titles in the 3 years they been together whereas all those other guys have been together in the same team for a long time. Even Curry, Thompson and Durant only be able to pull 2 championships together but not 3 in a row. They should rank the big 3 base on length of time been together and how many championships they have won and not base on how many games they have won

  • This man can't keep his head steady I don't trust him 🙄😂

  • Excellent take. I didn’t know he was responsible for moving the venue. Thanks.

  • Myles is way bigger and stronger than Rudolph, so it looks worse for him. If he hit him right he could have knocked him out, or literally broke his face.

  • He wanted to make sure he can have that on video just in case the NFL try to say he didn't do good ..the NFL didn't want camera's..shut up Steven a u a uncle tom

  • Agreed...

  • Welp I hear the xfl starts in February

  • Stephen the most basic looking famous person ever

  • Anybody ever thought “man Collin would make the XFL blow up.”

  • The big 3 + Rondo n Perkins still hasn't lost a playoff series

  • Kappernick more interested in making a Nike video at his workout than playing football

  • Stop working for the man and be your own boss, hats off to Mr. Kaepernick.

  • Bro @Stephen. Stop hating kid. That man deserves to have it his way and he deserves the NFL to bow to him. He has a statement to make. Not just sneak back in through the side door. He needs to come in the front. I'm still with Kap n havent watched an NFL game since they did him dirty. Still wont.

  • That’s what I’ve been saying!!!!!

  • Don't let this distract you from the fact that Damarious Randall headshot Diontae Johnson so hard that Johnson was bleeding out his ears and there was no suspension. ... and Epstein didn't kill himself

  • Colon K is a drama queen 👸 he adds no value to NFL


  • Colin isn’t good enough to warrant the distractions he brings. A player like AB for instance is a mad man but his talent will have him back on the field. Colin just isn’t that good.

  • he's a primadonna

  • Colin a typical safe space mentality leftist, teamwork what’s that? Me me me me ,I’m somebody, me me me only

  • Stephen A is just loud. He talks too much, no good analysis! I’m surprised players don’t tell him to shut up.

  • TNS ------ ," TYPICAI ,,, ,,,,",,, , , IET U FIGURE THE REST

  • He is currently 16/16 and leads all kickers in the country. Lol

  • Players need to stay in their place. Don't try and make yo own, masters tell u what to do where to go who to pass to how to pass, players don't think. (Sarcasm)

  • Fake news.

  • Stfu

  • COLIN K IS JUST LOOKING TO BE A VICTIM SO HE CAN SUE SOMEONE HE’s WORKING with commie companies like nike- it’s all a set up for him & nike etc...

  • All the Browns need is Incognito and they will be the complete package.

  • SAS conducting Tiny Desktop broadcast...

  • Kap probably suffering from CT.

  • I would still take my boy jackson over anybody

  • Me: Colin had a workout at high school in Atlanta 🏈 Stephen A. Smith: I agree with everything you said but here's why you're wrong.


  • If they don’t let him try out, he’ll sue them. If they let him try out and don’t pick him up, he’ll sue them. It’s win-win for him.

  • More money for him being the spokes pearson for the woke people and he doesn't even have to give speeches just has to like tweets of other people.

  • All he wanted was transparency so the NFL couldn't lie about what really went on & reports are saying that he looked good so whats the problem

  • Facts.

  • Stephen a u is dead wrong this was not your beef this has nothing to do with u it was between Colin & the NFL

  • Hahaha. Max got schooled by Woody.

  • Georger.

  • nahhh he will carve his own name

  • We all know espn higher ups told Stephen A. Smith to be on the NFL side. ESPN wants to have a better relationship with the NFL . Stephen A. Smith is sell out. We the people are not going to let this go Stephen A. Smith!

  • Kaepernick is a SJW boot licker. Any team that hires him will lose attendance etc.

  • Maybe he’s trying to protect himself 🙄 This whole situation is fishy

  • Did mason Rudolph throw a punch? Running up to someone to get in there face doesn’t excuse anything

  • Hold up! So Kaepernick just wanted to be a martyr all along??? Everything he does is to further his brand??? NOOOO WAY!!! IT CANT BE!!! 😂😂😂 To all of the morons that have supported that clown...THE JOKE IS ON YOU!

    • Nike: best sweatshop labor in the world. Promise.

  • I want to believe Brian windhorst gets laid but I can’t

  • On behalf of the African American race we would like the trade Stephen a smith for max kellerman

  • Stephen A Smith trying not to wake his boyfriend. 🌈

  • That is like the first time I seen Max absolutely right. If a person tried to stab me and I some how wrestles the knife away from and now I have it but he is still coming a me angrily. What should I do drop the knife and fight fair?

  • I wish back then, Melo would attack immediately during ISOs, instead of doing all kinds of fakes, jabsteps, and other very unnecessary moves.

  • He’s being quiet or else he gets the slipper to the head.

  • Marcus Morris is trash when compared to a real NBA player with intelligence. Like my pa said, "if you had brains you'd be dangerous"

  • The NFL is some racist trash!

  • I agree Myles should be suspended for 30 days... he may return after the next brown v Pittsburgh at Pitt. Rudolph one to three game suspension.

  • Stephen can be corny at times but he's right here. Colin is a joke. I was all for him kneeling, but then the fool went out on a field with a Fidel Castro shirt. Then the pig socks. Now this.... GTFOH.

  • Why did you think I was going to the knicks- KD 😭😭 still hurting

  • Doesn't matter who started it the violent act in the 1950's Garrett would be thrown out of football!

  • He was starting to slide anyway. The guy had a horrific 2015, was simply a catastrophe, and while he played better his final year in '16, he was still inconsistent, his mechanics unreliable, and he regularly fumbled the ball and made some terrible throws and decisions. His ability to read defenses was always an issue. So this guy, who stunk it up in '15 and had won one game his entire final year in the league, is somehow going to jump up and after three years of rust and three years to slow those legs down (which were always his only real go-to weapon) is going to be a good NFL quarterback? He wasn't a very good NFL quarterback when he left, why would anyone think he'd be now?

  • 🤣 Any louder big fella and you asz sleeping outside 🤣🤣🤣..... Those WR where trash tho!

  • Kaepernick's white privilege card has been maxed out for some time now

  • People like him will always be a baby. His style is to cry and sue. This man needs to just go away. He is a walking lawsuit

  • You just came to this conclusion? Jesus.

  • Kap was smart he did exactly what he was supposed to do.

  • Guess you ain't never heard of CR7 if you calling lebron the greatest athlete ever now i see y u always regressed with the celtics

  • The law was pass by on June the 14 you don't have to stand for that satan lie

  • It was either Melo or Popeyes Chicken Sandwich 🏀 or 🍗

  • Stephen A = Hater

  • I’m upset cause Kaep basically just proved everyone who didn’t like him right smh

  • distractions

  • Flip flop

  • Did he just say Georger

  • Tua is just too good of a young man for this to keep him down. The Father knows this and will bless him. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Sportscasters, writers, coaches, players and fans from across the country have been waiting to chop up Coach Saban because of their jealousy. Main cause of jealousy; lack of self confidence, a poor self image, a lot of fear. Let the person without sin cast the first stone. None of you can. God bless Tua Tagovailoa!!!

  • Smith's a joke...

  • Everyone kno steven A an uncle he just an entertaining one , hes lost his plight a few years ago

  • People only hate Brady because it's boring watching 1 QB win 6 superbowls. Sometimes, it's boring to watch people win and win over and over again. It's why people hate the NFL. Same thing every year. I'm not saying he's bad, because he's one of the best, it's just boring watching him win and win.

  • You sure this guy is washed?! 🤣🤣...Still the best in the business 🔥🔥


  • The biggest uncle Tom in history....

  • The nfl is entertainment that’s all

  • Ain't nobody taking orders from the NFL like Toby. You doggin brothers on social media and National TV. How dare you

  • Colin Kaepernick not doing thing's on your time sir... he's doing things in his reality .. that's the thing we need more empathy and not narcissism

  • Did anyone ask for this clown opinion

  • Perkins smokes alot of weed. Good weed