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13:40There Are More Than Two Human Sexes
There Are More Than Two Human SexesKo‘rishlar soni 215 mingKun oldin
3:20Why Don't All Birds Fly in V Shapes?
Why Don't All Birds Fly in V Shapes?Ko‘rishlar soni 88 ming3 kun oldin
6:41What Your Family History Can’t Tell You
What Your Family History Can’t Tell YouKo‘rishlar soni 90 ming3 kun oldin
13:156 of the Coolest Things We've Found in Amber
6 of the Coolest Things We've Found in AmberKo‘rishlar soni 389 ming4 kun oldin
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6:14New Cystic Fibrosis Treatment a "Game-Changer" | SciShow News
6:13The Freezing Dunes of Northern Canada
The Freezing Dunes of Northern CanadaKo‘rishlar soni 157 ming8 kun oldin
9:27We're Running Out of These Elements - Here's How
We're Running Out of These Elements - Here's HowKo‘rishlar soni 395 ming8 kun oldin
5:04What If Earth Picked Up a Second Moon?
What If Earth Picked Up a Second Moon?Ko‘rishlar soni 165 ming9 kun oldin
4:21Poor, Misunderstood Poison Ivy
Poor, Misunderstood Poison IvyKo‘rishlar soni 246 ming13 kun oldin
9:545 Things We Still Get Wrong About Human Reproduction
5 Things We Still Get Wrong About Human ReproductionKo‘rishlar soni 361 ming13 kun oldin
4:17How Much Data Can Our Brains Store?
How Much Data Can Our Brains Store?Ko‘rishlar soni 146 ming13 kun oldin
6:32New Cancer Drug Results and Vampire Bat Friendships
New Cancer Drug Results and Vampire Bat FriendshipsKo‘rishlar soni 74 ming14 kun oldin
5:21That’s Probably Not a Spider Bite
That’s Probably Not a Spider BiteKo‘rishlar soni 232 ming14 kun oldin
25:12Your Cat Questions Answered! | Compilation
Your Cat Questions Answered! | CompilationKo‘rishlar soni 228 ming17 kun oldin
4:07Carcolepsy: Why Do We Get Sleepy in Cars?
Carcolepsy: Why Do We Get Sleepy in Cars?Ko‘rishlar soni 169 ming16 kun oldin
4:44Could a Vaccine Prevent Type 1 Diabetes?
Could a Vaccine Prevent Type 1 Diabetes?Ko‘rishlar soni 84 ming23 kun oldin
9:396 Reasons We Have to Say a Study Was "In Mice"
6 Reasons We Have to Say a Study Was "In Mice"Ko‘rishlar soni 143 ming20 kun oldin
4:33Why Do Corgi Mixes Always Look Like Corgis?
Why Do Corgi Mixes Always Look Like Corgis?Ko‘rishlar soni 177 ming19 kun oldin
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20:29Terrific Trees: A SciShow #TeamTrees Compilation
Terrific Trees: A SciShow #TeamTrees CompilationKo‘rishlar soni 103 ming20 kun oldin
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I Can't Believe It's Not WoodKo‘rishlar soni 167 ming21 kun oldin
13:21Why Do Humans Like to Get High?
Why Do Humans Like to Get High?Ko‘rishlar soni 560 ming22 kun oldin
5:10How Big Can Black Holes Grow?
How Big Can Black Holes Grow?Ko‘rishlar soni 195 ming23 kun oldin
6:06How We Could Prevent a Global Rice Shortage
How We Could Prevent a Global Rice ShortageKo‘rishlar soni 142 ming27 kun oldin
9:016 Seriously Impressive Animal Migrations
6 Seriously Impressive Animal MigrationsKo‘rishlar soni 83 mingOy oldin
3:48Firehawks: Nature's Arsonists
Firehawks: Nature's ArsonistsKo‘rishlar soni 206 ming27 kun oldin
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Robots Can Have Skin Now | SciShow NewsKo‘rishlar soni 135 ming28 kun oldin
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19:30Hank vs Aranda: The FINAL FACE-OFF | SciShow Quiz Show
Hank vs Aranda: The FINAL FACE-OFF | SciShow Quiz ShowKo‘rishlar soni 73 ming29 kun oldin
3:31Your Appendix Isn't Useless, After All
Your Appendix Isn't Useless, After AllKo‘rishlar soni 534 mingOy oldin
13:068 More Terrible Names for Living Things
8 More Terrible Names for Living ThingsKo‘rishlar soni 179 mingOy oldin
2:59The Rainbow Gem Made from Ancient Sea Creatures
The Rainbow Gem Made from Ancient Sea CreaturesKo‘rishlar soni 96 mingOy oldin
5:40The Real Story of John Snow
The Real Story of John SnowKo‘rishlar soni 108 mingOy oldin
3:32Do You Need 10,000 Steps a Day?
Do You Need 10,000 Steps a Day?Ko‘rishlar soni 142 mingOy oldin
5:54Why People are Always Fighting Over the Thermostat
Why People are Always Fighting Over the ThermostatKo‘rishlar soni 171 mingOy oldin
3:52Are Soft Cheeses Dangerous During Pregnancy?
Are Soft Cheeses Dangerous During Pregnancy?Ko‘rishlar soni 121 mingOy oldin
6:23Our Oceans Aren’t Doomed… Yet? | SciShow News
Our Oceans Aren’t Doomed… Yet? | SciShow NewsKo‘rishlar soni 110 mingOy oldin
18:226ish of Your Everyday Actions, Explained | Compilations
6:31Are Antioxidants Actually Good for Anything?
Are Antioxidants Actually Good for Anything?Ko‘rishlar soni 132 mingOy oldin
5:58These Smart Roads Could Change the Future of Driving
9:20Seriously, None of These Are Ants | 8 Ant Mimics
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The Mystery of the Black DiamondKo‘rishlar soni 230 mingOy oldin
5:06North America's 3 Billion Lost Birds | SciShow News
5:20The Woman Who Changed Drug Development
The Woman Who Changed Drug DevelopmentKo‘rishlar soni 72 mingOy oldin
10:40How Movies and TV Get Radiation Sickness Wrong
How Movies and TV Get Radiation Sickness WrongKo‘rishlar soni 357 mingOy oldin
3:20Why Can't I Wear My Dog's Flea and Tick Collars?
Why Can't I Wear My Dog's Flea and Tick Collars?Ko‘rishlar soni 248 mingOy oldin
4:32The Deep-Sea Snail with an Iron Shell
The Deep-Sea Snail with an Iron ShellKo‘rishlar soni 324 mingOy oldin
6:29Symbioses Are Way More Complex Than You Think!
Symbioses Are Way More Complex Than You Think!Ko‘rishlar soni 130 mingOy oldin
4:34How Tall Can Mountains Get?
How Tall Can Mountains Get?Ko‘rishlar soni 223 mingOy oldin
7:26Why Can't We Farm These Foods Yet?
Why Can't We Farm These Foods Yet?Ko‘rishlar soni 879 mingOy oldin
10:485 Types of Awesome Glass Made by Nature
5 Types of Awesome Glass Made by NatureKo‘rishlar soni 271 ming2 oy oldin
3:11Your Muscles Do Remember... But Not The Way You Think
Your Muscles Do Remember... But Not The Way You ThinkKo‘rishlar soni 372 ming2 oy oldin
6:06The Only Radiation Units You Need to Know
The Only Radiation Units You Need to KnowKo‘rishlar soni 218 ming2 oy oldin
10:40P-values Broke Scientific Statistics-Can We Fix Them?
P-values Broke Scientific Statistics-Can We Fix Them?Ko‘rishlar soni 262 ming2 oy oldin
2:46Why Do Pineapple and Kiwi Ruin Gelatin?
Why Do Pineapple and Kiwi Ruin Gelatin?Ko‘rishlar soni 138 ming2 oy oldin
5:35Scientists Just Figured Out How Washing Machines Work?!
14:075 Times People Gave Animals Diseases | Reverse Zoonotics
3:35Why Lizards Don't Run Marathons
Why Lizards Don't Run MarathonsKo‘rishlar soni 146 ming2 oy oldin
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The Tiny Experiment That Transformed PhysicsKo‘rishlar soni 230 ming2 oy oldin
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These Wasps Throw Awesome PartiesKo‘rishlar soni 123 ming2 oy oldin
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12:076 Parasites That Live INSIDE Cells
6 Parasites That Live INSIDE CellsKo‘rishlar soni 157 ming2 oy oldin
4:21Are Electric Cars Really More Environmentally Friendly?
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How Living on Mars Would Make Life Better on EarthKo‘rishlar soni 145 ming2 oy oldin
14:10Science to Watch Poolside: A Swimming Summer Compilation
4:15What’s the Deal with Antibiotics and Birth Control?
What’s the Deal with Antibiotics and Birth Control?Ko‘rishlar soni 148 ming2 oy oldin
4:25Having Six Fingers Is a Dominant Trait
Having Six Fingers Is a Dominant TraitKo‘rishlar soni 164 ming2 oy oldin
12:53From Hognoses to Spider Tails: 6 Sublime Snakes
From Hognoses to Spider Tails: 6 Sublime SnakesKo‘rishlar soni 226 ming2 oy oldin
4:23Why You Should Never Put Tomatoes in the Fridge!
Why You Should Never Put Tomatoes in the Fridge!Ko‘rishlar soni 238 ming2 oy oldin
6:33Why Don't We Have Cancer-Sniffing Dogs?
Why Don't We Have Cancer-Sniffing Dogs?Ko‘rishlar soni 85 ming2 oy oldin
3:18Can a Hot Drink Cool You Down?
Can a Hot Drink Cool You Down?Ko‘rishlar soni 206 ming2 oy oldin
5:44There Are Millions of Blood Types
There Are Millions of Blood TypesKo‘rishlar soni 377 ming3 oy oldin
10:505 Delightful Color-Changing Minerals
5 Delightful Color-Changing MineralsKo‘rishlar soni 197 ming3 oy oldin
3:54Why Do Fevers Get Worse at Night?
Why Do Fevers Get Worse at Night?Ko‘rishlar soni 169 ming3 oy oldin
7:24How Cells Got Their Membranes (Maybe) | SciShow News
How Cells Got Their Membranes (Maybe) | SciShow NewsKo‘rishlar soni 145 ming3 oy oldin
6:123 of the World's Most Intensely Colored Living Things
3 of the World's Most Intensely Colored Living ThingsKo‘rishlar soni 199 ming3 oy oldin
12:06Most Metabolism Boosters Are BS
Most Metabolism Boosters Are BSKo‘rishlar soni 231 ming3 oy oldin
4:21Why Are There No Sea Snakes in the Atlantic?
Why Are There No Sea Snakes in the Atlantic?Ko‘rishlar soni 242 ming3 oy oldin
5:46Why Scurvy Shouldn't Exist
Why Scurvy Shouldn't ExistKo‘rishlar soni 431 ming3 oy oldin
13:254 Parasites Too Creepy to Exist
4 Parasites Too Creepy to ExistKo‘rishlar soni 998 ming3 oy oldin
3:28The Terrifying Fish with Transparent Teeth
The Terrifying Fish with Transparent TeethKo‘rishlar soni 138 ming3 oy oldin
29:38Hydrology and Huckleberry The Beaver | SciShow Talk Show
2:51Why Is Being Underwater So Peaceful?
Why Is Being Underwater So Peaceful?Ko‘rishlar soni 219 ming3 oy oldin


  • I feel so bad for children that were forced to have surgery at an early age, just to realize later that the doctors made a mistake. You can have corrective surgery, later in life, but what is gone will be gone forever. If gonads were removed, they will never come back.

  • Next: Why races are real.

  • 16,000 transphobes scared to go pee pee near the scary person.

  • So many millions of years of evolution, and life forms are still a total mess. :D

  • I don't understand how any of this implies that sex is a spectrum. Having abnormal set of chromosomes seems to be just a genetic anomally that applies for less than half a percent of population. I don't understand how can you make the claim that schools teach it wrong since these conditions are just a rare genetic abnormality. It seems to me that you claiming that sex is a spectrum is mostly ideologically driven. That being said I do think we could be handling gender dysphoria inssues better and there needs to be a discussion about that but bending these findings of science to advance you cultural position will make more harm than good.

  • These are disorders and anomalies, not 'new' or different sexes!

  • Race is also a spectrum?

  • if you ask 50 people in a room to split up by gender and went by the 2% of the pop with DSD you would have 25 males 24 females (or vise versa) with 1 person standing alone. that isnt a spectrum, thats two categories with an outlier. do you see why some people might be disagreeing with your statement that its a spectrum when put in that perspective?

  • I strongly urge SciShow to lock down the comments and likes on this video. The radioactivity otherwise is going to instantly give anyone terminal radiation poisoning.

  • Yes, a spectrum with two real values and a beautiful raindow of HORRIBLE LIFE-DESTROYING MUTATIONS.

  • See's title Oh the comments are gonna be this format

  • The like-dislike ratio is indication that the bar is a spectrum and not just binary.

  • Someone’s gonna get triggered...

  • Headline: There Are More Than Two Human Sexes, therefore: Syndromes and birth defects are a unique sex?!

  • Before you soy powered losers say anything,I watched the video,it’s wrong.You’re either a boy,a girl,or mentally challenged.

  • I was so excited when I found a trusted source that might actually say there are more than 2 biological sexes(which I didn’t and still don’t) so maybe I could show this to my somewhat transphobic dad. I watched the video. I’m disappointed scishow

  • This hasn't been a daunting societal problem for thousands of years. WHY now all of a sudden we need to bend over and cater to a small percentage anomaly of society in EVERYTHING? It's nice to know about but not something that needs laws made to cater to them. A doctors note for any 1 person with a condition should suffice in most settings if it is of any concern in a matter.

  • Basically you’re describing rare genetic conditions. These are not “normal” developmental processes, and should not be considered just as “differences” in the politically correct sense. Although of course people should always be treated with respect as human beings.

    • It’s a misleading argument to use rare genetic conditions as evidence that “biological sex isn’t binary”. Yes. It is binary in any definition of normal healthy development.

  • Summary: if you are non-binary you are not normal and have mutation

  • "Throughout history, every mystery ever solved turned out to be: not magic." - Tim Minchin

  • Coming back to check if my dislike is still there... it is, thanks youtube

  • Strange, why the Archeologists only find man or woman from the dead? Where were all these sexes in the past? Why Animals are only Male and Female?

  • Can somebody explain to me the difference between binary and spectrum?

  • What's next furries are going to be a gender?

  • The like/dislike ratio proves that people don't care about facts and science as much as they care about their own biases.

    • How do you know why people disliked the video?

  • I don't get why people have disliked the video. Most of these things are basic high-school biology.

  • Facts don't care about your feelings, boomers. Scishow DESTROYS the alt right. Poor butthurt snowflakes. (I can't think of more but feel free to add your own! We have a lot of bootybothered boomers clinging to their government issued 60's textbooks, rip for triggering.)

  • You only named 2 sexes, and then just pointed out anomalies to those 2. According to this video there are only 2 sexes, but a lot of deformities and defects that can screw with those 2. There are still only 2 though.That's literally all you said, not once did you even approach the statement "There are more then two human sexes" in this video. You just turned it into a medical sideshow act I never heard a 3rd or 4th sex get named, just defective versions of sex A or B. And a defective (congenital defect) version of sex A or B doesn't make it now sex C.

  • What about the people that fall somewhere between "like" and "dislike" for this video?

  • Who came here after watching The Doctors?

  • Well if the science says so I guess it’s ok

  • Well..that title is just wrong

  • Do these defects really mean that biological sex is a spectrum? This is a genuine question. I’m just not sure that a bunch of different possible defects make a strong enough case to say that sex is a spectrum. Because 98% of the time, it’s not. It kind of feels like saying blood types are a spectrum even thought there are 4 possible blood types.

    • It doesn't, a man with an extra X chromosome is still a man, the sources in the description seem to agree with that notion, unlike what SciShow presents in the video.

  • So as far as biological growth, the gonadal ridges can only fall along binary lines during development, be that testes or ovaries. The two ducts that form with it however can both independently form both oviducts and vas deferens, while the external genitalia folds inward or outwards. And this is all carried out by the genetic landscape of the tissue and hormones present during development. However, regardless of the landscape of chromosomes, only one functional pair of sexual organs can form, which is by definition a persons sex in biology. Intersex, or this spectrum between the two, means infertility and is thus classified appropriately as a disorder. Growths of the opposite sexual ducts is interesting, but hardly important as it’s the equivalence of your third eyelid in terms of function. Gender dysphoria and expression don’t appear to be linked to these anomalies, so it would be dishonest to correlate biological sex and gender by calling it a spectrum. Disagreements are highly encouraged.

  • oh no......not this channel too.....

  • Birth defects you mean?

  • HAHAHHAHA HANK YOU FCKED UP THIS TIME BUDDY xD There is only 2 sexes There is only 2 genders (unless you have a rare genetic disorder like klinefelter syndrom). Who ever says otherwise clearly doesn't understand how science works.

  • Fails to include outside factors like confusing moments in child psychology

    • I fail to see how these would affect your genitals/chromosomes

  • what if you had ovaries and testicles and after puberty, you start fertilizing yourself, and every 9 months you give birth to a clone of yourself?

  • As a biologist (with multiple degrees), this video is pretty loose with some facts and implies ambiguity where typically hasn’t been in the past. Not technically wrong but does what it’s designed to do, muddy the facts surrounding the issue. That being said, do what you want people. Don’t rely on any group or agenda (left or right) dictate your views/opinions. Do your own research. Step one, realize everyone in these videos and on TV has an agenda.

  • Thanks for this brilliant video!

  • Hank is telling the truth. He has made this as simple as possible. I am a retired Psychiatrist and I am a developmental expert. I have spent my all my adult life studying this.

  • This is a very well put together video, I have to say! It was clean and understandable, with good, logically founded explanations. I also don't feel like you tried to branch out into more emotional and subjective topics. I feel sorry for everyone who probably just slammed the dislike button without looking at what this video is saying: Nothing but simple facts and the truth.

  • Hi all, looking for some clarification. Maybe someone here can help me out. I'm not questioning the Info in the video but some of its conclusions (or what I perceive to be the conclusions). Question 1: How is that a spectrum? You said, that the percentage of people, who do not fall into one of the two sex categories, is roughly 2%. So, you have an interpretive structure that works 98% of the time and doesn't work 2% of the time. Is that not just the "exception that proves the rule"? Apart from making people feel comfortable, what is to be gained in reconceptualizing this? Especially since it has a 98% "success rate". Question 2: These categories we use OBVIOUSLY are not "firm" like definitions are ... right?. I always believed (and I think, I learned this in school too) that any categorization, we as humans impose upon the world, is imperfect. Even the hardest, biological "rules" (like the sex binary) have exceptions. I mean even the laws of Physics and Nature seem to stop applying when we consider the realm of quantum mechanics. These "rules" that we create are not perfect representations of how the world is and they were never meant to be. They were meant to be useful categories to reduce the complexity of the world to a level that enabled us as humans to act and to survive. Was that different in the US? Am I misinterpreting or misunderstanding something? lemme know

  • The ratio isnt as bad as I was expecting

  • Ok. But what about snakes with human traits

  • There's still transphobic people? Mamma mia....

  • Why this doesn't apply to animals?

  • @7:27 he claims recycling the metals will help stop climate can't stop the climate, brother.

  • I love SciShow and they are usually so skillfull and neutral in dealing with touchy subjects, but I have to point out a couple of things: First, the title is wrong, there aren't more than two human sexes, there isn't a third one, or any other number of sexes, it's just that, like in every category, there are edge cases. Second, I fear they didn't really put enough emphasis that these edge cases are (almost) all pathological, and more often than not have serious life threatening consequences or at least significantly decrease life quality. I've read comments with people who seemed to take the 2% figure to mean maybe 2% of the population is chimeric or with some other barely irrelevant form of deviation from the physiological norm. That is FAR from the truth. I would suggest changing the title to something more accurate like "There aren't SIMPLY just two human sexes". We must remember that we live in a time where there are teams of people, even doctors, who recommend hormonal or surgical therapy to 13 or 14 year old teens, and we have a herd of people who regret these therapies but can't do anything about it now. Even though it seems to me everything in this video is true (except the title), it still could be more carefully presented.

    • There aren't SIMPLY just two human sexes There Are More Than Two Human Sexes wow such difference... The title summarizes it all good. No need to twist words.

  • DSD is nature's way of saying "oops, I f**ked up"

  • D12 assume the position and get back down on ya knees

  • "ThEre aRe 2 gENdeRs BecAuSE ScIEncE aNd LOgiC"

    • There are though. Check any of the sources in the description, they seem to agree with that

  • Wierd... sex transition surgery only has 2 choices.

    • That's... not how that works, friend.

  • Is there any way to "measure" gender precise?

  • I shower every day, sometimes two times a day if I've gotten sweaty during the day, but I rarely use any soap. Water alone removes dirt and sweat quite well, and those are the things I shower to get rid of, so I see no reason to use soap. I do use shampoo 1-2 times a week though

  • So..... What if you somehow are able to get two Y chromosomes?

    • The X chromosome might have other information that is needed to survive.

  • SciShow: Does research, cites sources, has a take backed by science People in the comments section: nu-uh! I wonder which side has the more compelling arguments

    • The issue is the only numbers they quoted were 1 in 600 being the most common case. If you're going to say sex isn't binary because 1 out of 600 people aren't binary that's not good science. He listed off a bunch of mutations that are harmful in most cases and used them as evidence to say we aren't either a man or woman. With that reasoning we aren't bipedal animals as many of us are born without legs, or with legs that don't work or maybe even 3 legs.

    • but the sources suggest them as birth defects while the video suggests them as a sex spectrum which confuses me.

    • Sounds like someone didn't actually check the sources.

    • You're in for a surprise if you check these sources, none of them mentions that there are more than 2 biological sexes.

  • So intersex! We just call it something else now. More informative than news really. If one possesses a Y chromosome they are genotypically male. If not than the person is genotypically female.

  • Personally I don't see mutations or special cases as 'another sex'. Yeah sure there's more to sex than XX and XY but for the average person XX means female and XY means male. The people with XXX chromosomes still appear female for example, not some new sex with different sex organs. It's like saying 'oh, this person has a special chromosome, therefore they're another species'. Like no, it's just a mutation. It's interesting to learn about these mutations though.

  • Slightly out of date now BTW, since it's a 2012 vid. Scientists now think human females also mated with multiple males so there is paternal uncertainty, to get multiple pools of resources for childcare since it's good for a male to raise the child in case it is their own. This has been evidenced by female sexual behaviours (being louder, having longer multiple orgasms and not sleeping after sex), pack dynamics with multiple mating males and 'it takes a village to raise a child' caregiving, and the potential existence of 2 types of sperm, with 1 type to fertilise an egg and 1 to block another male's sperm.

  • We're all made of ... matter?atoms?carbon? Nah. We're a bunch of X's and Y's going crazy

  • People are mad at science and fact...whats new. Good job guys :) keep it up x

  • the wokeness is real

  • Oh lord here we go

  • lmao why people are so triggered? He just said that there's a spectrum of males and females, that's not news

  • Despite the clear attempt to dodge the sociopolitical-bullet, a very informative and well made video discussing a difficult and complex topic that affects many people. And in pours the hate-bombs from people who didn't bother watching it at all for the sake of confirmation bias, among other thing. :/

  • Imagine disliking science. Great video!

  • People need to stop with the dislikes. Whenever there is any talk about gender/sex/whatever, they insist on hearing scientific arguments. This is as scientific as it can be, so calm down.

  • So how many sexes are there

  • Honestly, I enjoy it for some reason. Like that feeling when I lay down and all my blood is slowly coming back to me.

    • I feel my weight more than ever before, and it is SO relaxing. Makes me feel like I could sleep forever.


  • All the dislikes are from angry and confused gaybois

  • If your "spectrum" of sexes have the name "syndrome" in it, then it isn't healthy. If these people can't reproduce then they aren't a functional gender. Gender is just humans that love to label things anyway, while biology couldn't care what your gender is as long as you can reproduce. That's like saying that 1% of people with club foot means that feet are a spectrum, when in reality it's a medical condition. This isn't science, this is just a strawman argument. Going around and saying that these mutations are a spectrum of gender that effects 2% of population is just misleading.

  • If I have lower testosterone and incomplete testicular development does it mean I'm a girl?

    • @shammy I watched the video, I also read the sources, which don't classify disorders as new sexes. I genuinly recommed you read some of them too, perhaps you'll see the video in a different light

    • @maixmm778 Watch the video again, but this time at 0.75 speed.

    • @shammy Nonsense, if you have male parts and can reproduce, you're a male, if you can't you're a male with a defect.

    • No, it means that you are living evidence that sex is a bimodal distribution that is not as simple as "boy" or "girl".

    • I wouldn't know because I am not schooled in this field but I wouldn't say you're a biological female or girl but you should talk about this with your doctor :)

  • because the ones who don't were out drinking last night.


  • Came for the comments

  • 16K triggered conservatives disliked this video.

    • 24k ignorant liberals.

  • There are always differences with biology, because of evolution. What really matters is which ones stick around, and which ones have the majority. Technically It might be not binary, but practically only two of them has an effect on human race.

  • Why does her face look so wet? Is it sweat?

  • Infertility, learning and speaking difficulties, webbed neck (Turner syndrome), etc. Are these really other human sexes or medical conditions? Following your logic, are people with Down Syndrome another type of human?

    • That's exactly the problem with the video, shame so many people would be misled by it

  • I work in SE Australia and always wondered how it was possible for drossera (carnivorous plants) to catch enough insects to make the investment in sticky leaves and such viable (the water loss alone!). Then one day I was out in the bush during a regional termite flight event. Probably millions of male termites taking to the air to mate with the odd female. Every drosera (sundew?) i came across was was absolutely caked in wing bits and struggling termites... it was incredible. Those plants must wait for that event every year.

  • Does birds have VTOL capability?

  • Dislike ratio clearly shows how people dont understand the difference between sex and gender.

  • However what percentage of the lgbtq have dsd

    • doesn't matter. sex is completely different from gender

  • "Chosen gender" rubbed me the wrong way, but other than that I enjoyed this video.

  • The average Joe doesn't care about this stuff.

  • Two words: *asteroid mining*

  • Should we really change the concept of a two-sex-society because a very small percentage of people has a problematic DSD? I think it would be easier if this small percentage would adapt rather than the whole rest.

  • Thank you, Scishow, for that summary - it is very informative. I had no idea how complex the problem is on the biology side, not to mention the cultural one.

  • The caption of "biological sex is a spectrum" is misleading as it infers that that's the case 100% of the time for everyone on Earth when the video then goes on to outline biological events that are more rare then common and usually cause some sort of problem for the individual. So, not a fan of click bait and expect a little more from Sci show.

  • Dislike it all you want, doesn't make it not true!

    • That’s where you’re wrong kiddo

    • None of the sources listed proclaim a spectrum. These are birth defects.

  • I've seen suggestions for a bi-modal sex model in the past, and I think that makes a lot of sense. Like whats shown in this video around the 3:00 mark, there are two common sex groups (phenotypes), but there's *more* than just those two phenotypes, and there's variation within those phenotypes too. To me, it doesn't seem like a compromise, it just seems like the most accurate descriptor. TL;DR "bi-modal" describes the human sex spectrum pretty well

  • Why do people even watch the video if they don't believe in science? Great video guys, teaching me new things every week!

  • Why is this not a SciShow Psych video ?! Also, I understand what you tried to do with this video and it's nice but damn... Wrong channel.

    • I thought the vid was a good fit. I figured they only mentioned gender temporarily to note that the video is /not/ about Gender or Gender expressions, but to flesh out a false dichotomy imposed on sex.

  • So to be clear, perhaps "There *Is* More Than Two Human Sexes" would probably have been a more accurate title, considering that those other examples are clearly just subtypes or blends of either of the primary ones, or have I misunderstood everything? Great video btw, I see no reason beyond superficiality to dislike this....goddamn pedantics.....

    • There are two base human sexes. The graph at 3:21, even when merged, has two symbols.

  • As someone deeply opposed to gender-fluid nonsense, this video is science based. It discusses genetic defects and isn't pushing an agenda. Calm down and maybe watch a video before judging.

    • i dont think thats what people are disagreeing with. if you look at other comments people are taking issue with them calling it a spectrum, when they clearly admit DSD affects only 2% of the pop max that is not large enough to be signifigant. someone used a very good anaology. if 2% of the population is born with either 4 or 6 fingers on each hand we arnt going to start claiming that "the number of fingers on a persons hand is a spectrum" that would be using these words' terminology incorrectly. we would consider people with 5 to be normal and those born with more or less to be abnormal resulting from a defect. basically these people are accepting the science but are saying its not a spectrum, its a defect.

  • Why so many dislikes? They're right

    • Try reading the sources they cite and what they take away from those sources (and what they purposefully omit to fit the narrative)

  • Funny how science changes depending on who's offended. You made that 2% sound like a group of people that had an unidentifiable sex. This is very misleading, and I'm sad that you said it this way. It's only about 2% of that 2% that "may" be able to be in that category. The vast majority of even these 2%, that you mentioned, are still able to have children as a man or as a woman. You're discussion on hormones and genes are not the same as sex. That is why we never have this conversation about animals in the wild. It's a nonsense argument. The problem is that what I'm saying is confused as "hate," and I definitely do not hate anyone who identifies as a gender other than the sex they were born with